kleines bad mit dusche einrichten

kleines bad mit dusche einrichten

welcome to the first google hangout with conchita that we have today. we’ve got six winners with us who have participated on social media channels in order to be part this hangout. so congratulations you for being here and for being here representing the unstoppables! we would like to cover as many questions as possible in today’s hangout, so what we are going to do is taking turns, having one question and one answer for each and so we hope to highlight the maximum of answers and questions. and before we start of, i think we just do a little presentation. my name is andr㩠karsai, i work in conchita’s communications team for social media. i have the honour today to host this google hangout with conchita.

i'm based in vienna, pretty much next to conchita’s room right now and i’d like to start you off with paulina. little presentation… ok. so, my name is paulina... - hi :-)... - hi! ... i’m 22 and i come from poland. hi, paulina, nice to meet you! it’s nice to meet you too. i’m so honored to talk to you. oh no, it’s just me, darling :-) kathryn!

hello! i’m kathryn, i’m 25 and i live in london. hello, kathryn, i love your setting with all your bras… i’m in my friend’s room and i didn’t get time to clean. i think it looks fabulous! :-) very good. than we have miguel in our chat. hello, my name is miguel, i’m 19 and i’m from portugal. and i’m social worker student, i’m still in college. and i love you so much and thank you for inviting me. oh, good to have you, miguel. nice to meet you!

nice to meet you too. and we have anna. hi everyone here, hi andrã©, hello conchita. hi! my name is anna c. nova, i’m from russia, i’m songwriter and music producer. - oh, great!- and it's fantastic to have you here. oh good to have you, anna, nice to meet you. nice to meet you too! we have david!

hi, i’m david, i’m 21, i live in the uk. it’s absolutely amazing to meet you. oh, nice to meet you too, david, and you are a miss fame fan... i am. - it’s right... mmm.. :-)- that’s absolutely great! and last but not least in today chat we’ve got ellie. hi guys, so i’m eleanor, i’m 17 years old student living in britain. and at the moment it’s so good to be here. my heart is jumping so hard...

oh god... other people could hear it in the next room. hi ellie, nice to meet you. ellie, since your heart is beating so hard, would you like to start with the first question?- yes! yes, i will start. i have a few questions, so i will start with the first one. your album is mainly themed around of the theme of love, but i find it touches other aspects and things in my life i can relate to, such as struggles and being yourself in society. is that what you want to put across in your album? oh yes, definitely, these songs are basically topics that surround me as well.

and i like to sing songs where you get the chance to cheer you up. we all have a heartache at one point, so this is obviously something that i wanna sing as well. and yeah, it’s very personal. watching the track list i recognized that i ended up singing either about finding yourself or sleeping with someone, which is in a weird way kind of the same… is that understandable? :-) - yeah...- no, it’s not… anyhow, exactly, that’s just almost every mood that i have is on this record. whether it’s going to the club and have a party or just sitting on a rainy day and crying because i’m listening to a ballad

and that’s what you do once you listen to a ballad: you cry. what am i talking? :-) david, what’s your first question? my first question is – where does this strong belief of being unstoppable come from? well, for me this is a decision that i made years ago. i concentrated on what i want the most and i stopped listening to those rules that society puts on us. and i think if you are authentic and if you do what you love truly, you kind of start being unstoppable because once you feel comfortable, everything just happens so naturally in such a beautiful way.

and this is what happened to me once i decided to live my life in simple rules: be respectful and don’t hurt anybody. and this is basically what i would go for, and the rest is just our imagination of our life. anna! and first of all, i would like to congratulate you on your release of your new album and with getting the platinum award, and that your album was released with one of the biggest majors in the world, sony music, that’s very great news.

and first of all i would like to talk about your voice, your music and your album of course. tell me please, did you choose songs for your album yourself or you were advised by your a&r managers? i chose them myself, but definitely as you know there are a&r managers, they give their opinions as my… the whole team did. but at the end of the day it’s me who is like "yes" or "no". i mean i’m not resisting if they insist me to think about this and that decision i will do. but at the end of the day it’s basically my choice, because i wanted this record to be as personal as possible and now each and every song is dripping out of my heart.

and that’s just beautiful that i achieved that with my musical team. do you have a special songwriting team who is composing for you or you just pick up the demos? both, actually. i have received many songs from all around the world. and some songs were written by one of my producers. he is co-writer. so it’s kind of the same, i would call it – some songs are made “in house”, and the others are like from somebody else. so it means generally that everyone, every composer in the world can send you a song for the pre-listening, that would be considerate by you?

exactly, definitely. once i listen to a song, you know i’m very strict when it comes to do i like and do i don’t. so i don’t really focus on who wrote it. i focus on what do i feel listening to that song. so, yes, i listen to every song that i get. okay miguel, what is your first question? my first question is while you were recording this album, did you add a primary message to it like something that you wanted to come across on the song selection?

things that i want to deliver were definitely... just as i said before my true self. i created this record in a very selfish way because i wanted to have a track list for my everyday life. and i think it’s the most authentic way that i could possibly do it. i think the first person that i wanted to please was myself. something that you would like sing over and over in your shows that you love forever, right? well, exactly, i think because i picked the songs myself and i love them so much, i’m able to sing them for the next three hundred years.

kathryn, what is your first question you would like to ask? allright, of all the songs you have performed to date on the album or otherwise, what would you say is your favorite? well, i’m actually not able to rank my own songs, but because you ask me of all the songs i sang to this date, i think it will be “goldfinger”, that’s one of my all-time favorites to sing and listen to. nice way to not answer which is your favorite song in your album :-) thank you! :-) paulina, what is your question?

hey, my question is: which song from your album are you the most proud of? ha! now you’ve got this question! oh my god, which song i’m the most proud of… well, i’m quite proud of my range in “where have all the good men gone?” because this was a moment and i sang this very high note and… that was such a weird situation because my producer david turned to me and he said: “well, you know we need really a high note there, like this… this orchestra, big band stuff many songs have, and he sang the note to me and i was like “ok, should i sing it like full power or just, you know, just to get the note?”

and he was like “well, i don’t think that you can sing it full power, but try”. and i tried, and it worked. so, that was… you know, i was standing there and he was like... “wow… at the end of the day you’re still a man, so this is basically…” and that was the conversation. so, yeah. i’m very proud of that part, if i’m honest. i have a question from lindsey, who sent questions, but didn’t make it to the google hangout after all, and she asks “will each song on the album have its own music video?” well, unfortunately, not each song, but we’re planning on doing a few more, which i won’t say because this will be a surprise. but yeah, we are planning on doing some more videos and i’m very excited about that, because

i love coming up with the concept of the videos, i’m really enjoy it, but no, not for all the songs. ellie, here you go. ok, so, when you first performed on eurovision in denmark, which was amazing by the way. it’s such an achievement, it’s not a thing that i’d like to do, and it’s wow for britain ever comes up. but how did you feel when you were singing that song on stage, because it’s so powerful and so emotional, you must have been in very strong emotions. yes, yes. oh my god, i’m getting chills right now. i remember the first rehearsal of the song contest

and i was standing on this stage and… imagine you are in this arena, and everything is black, and you see this huge hall and this huge stage, and i said to myself “well, this is a place where you always wanted to be”. and i started crying so hard, and i had put it together, because obviously i was on stage to rehearse and not to cry, and so… but it was a constant situation of being so thankful and being able to sing this song, which i love so-so much, and yeah, it was every time a very intense moment, and it is! you know? i mean... i have to be completely honest, there were situations where i think, “ok, now rise like a phoenix, ok, let’s go”. and then i may be start in a way that i could like “ok, now i’m gonna sing this song again”, but after a few words i’m totally in, and i feel the lyrics and music,

and so yeah, it’s till this day a very emotional song to me. david what was the inspiration for the album? how did it influence you? my inspiration was… yeah, as i said, i really created something i would enjoy listening to. and i’m happy that i actually managed that, so that was a nice thing. but when it comes to several songs, there were definitely some… when it comes to “out of body experience”, that song was completely different one, actually, at the demo-version. and i wanted to create it in a more oriental way. and with that twist it just became my song. and that was really beautiful,

i have some things in mind, some songs that i love, some artists that i would go for. i mean, i used to term “give me more woodkid! a lot.“ you know? so this is the kind of way that i talked to my producers: “do a little bit more mariah here! here we need more woodkid! give me some gaga! whatever”, you know? so this is the way i talked to my produces, and they understand it. i don’t know how they manage that, but yeah. anna, your next question. conchita, tell me please, do you have enough time to train your vocal every day? yes, i do have my vocal routine that i do every day. but this is basically included in my wake-up routine. shower, doing my face, you know,

i’m doing my exercises all the time also during the day. but i do have several dates with my vocal coach monica, where i do refreshments, you know, singing the songs bit by bit and almost word by word to get it set in the best way. so yes, i do that constantly. and how long does it take you to prepare a new song for the final recording voice session? how long does it take… well, it depends. because some songs are more difficult, and some are like totally understandable. sometimes it’s really like listening to the song the day before, looking through the lyrics and then going to the recording studio and doing it bit by bit. as you obviously know, anna, it’s really bit by bit work at the studio.

but there are some songs, where there is a melody… let’s say quite interesting and challenging and i have to rehearse them a bit more. so that really depends on the song. how it difficult, yeah... yeah, exactly miguel, what is your next question? do you have any new surprises like new music video soon, and i will love if you'd do music video for “up for air”, i love this song. well, yes, exactly. i’m planning on doing new music videos and i have some ideas. but, you know, they are in such a raw stadium, that i don’t really want to talk about it,

because otherwise it would end up completely different way and everybody will be like “what did she say back then?” and so, this is why i keep my… but yeah, i do have some ideas, and thanks for “up for air”! also it is a song that i loved from the very first moment that i’ve heard it. so you know, maybe there is a video for “up for air” as well... maybe… i don’t know... i hope so. thank you, conchita! for reminding everyone, this video is going to be online on conchita’s youtube channel forever. oops! :-d

so, kathryn, what is your next question? it’s been such awowing so far from the very beginning of...well the...even before... the song contest your career so far. and you’ve been sort of catapulted to the public eye because of that. and you are now becoming like a global presence. i was just wondering – of all of that things you’ve managed to accomplish so far what would be the most humbling or emotional experience of that? well, i get that question a lot and that’s truly hard to say whether this event or that situation would be more outstanding than the other. but there was a situation, it was, i think, after two weeks that i won the eurovision,

i was sitting in the car and going to the airplane, and my dad called me. my parents - they have a little hotel on the countryside in austria. my dad called me up and he said: "i can't talk to you too long, but i just wanted to say "thank you" because the hotel is doing so well” and so many people are showing up and visiting my parents. and he hung up and i thought - that is so beautiful! because i know it myself, if you're able to do what you love the most, to make a living out of that - that's a huge privilege. but if this is topped with success - that's just a feeling that i can't describe. and so my parents felt that way because they love doing what they do.

and now it's so successful, that my dad was just so happy and just said "thank you" for that. and i think that was one of the most beautiful moments that i had last year. yeah. paulina. ok, so my next question is - what are you planning to do after promoting your cd? oh, what will i... well, obviously there will be things that i don't know yet because, you know, this is the beautiful thing in my life that each and every day something can happen that i didn't expect at all.

so i'm sure that there will be many surprises for you and for me as well. but i'm... you know, i'm looking forward to think about my second album. so... yeah, this is what i would... what i'm planning to do. we've got a question that came in on twitter. that's from @madelenwurst. and she's asking you: conchita, what's the best way to relax after a long and stressful day? after a long and stressful day - it's basically a shower and going to bed. really, that's quite simple i guess. and, you know, taking off the wig, get rid of the make-up and stuff, kicking your heels into the corner - so that's really a huge relief. i think everybody of us - we know that, right after long day kicking of your shoes is the best feeling ever. so, yeah, that's basically it.

perfect. so before we starting to the next round i know that you had sending questions and of course we have still review them, but don't feel forced to stick to your questions. or if there are any questions that you want to come up with - we still have a couple of minutes left, feel free to ask whatever you want to ask. so, ellie, do you want to start? ellie? i think ellie... where are you? that's were bad connection here, sorry, because i can't hear you...

so, i just want to ask you, conchita, you said about your second album, new album. and i would like to ask you what kind of music you plan to record, what your future music style? probably rock music, or gospel, or classical? i have no idea! i have no idea. you know, now i came up with my debut album and i wanted to do everything that i like, so there are many different music styles. and i don't know if i would go with the next album in a more specific direction or do like... something like this mixture again.

i don't really... you know, i'm collecting my inspirations, we are looking for songs, and so... yeah, this is what i do, so it's really in a very-very little stadium... the second album. it's basically just thinking about it and imagining what i could do. yeah. ellie, we just saw that you were gone for a couple of seconds, so you can think about any question and ask any question you want to. and we will start off with david asking his question now. what i want to ask is how you look absolutely amazing in whatever you wear? do you have a specific design team that create clothes for you? you look amazing in jean paul gaultier wearing as well.

well. i do have a stylist, i'm a very lucky girl. he is collecting all these fabulous clothing for me. and i mean, yeah, that's not a secret, i love to wear jean paul gaultier. oh god,i just love fashion, you know. i wouldn't say this is better than the others. but i have an austrian designer, his name is jchoerl, and he did most of the dresses for eurovision. and he is just a genius. i mean my stylist tom and him - they are such an amazing team together by creating my looks.

he is my number one. i mean if you get something custom-made, you know what i mean, that's really something completely different, so that's always very special to me. kathryn, the next question. what is the best piece of advice you can give to any of your unstoppables who are looking to break into the music industry or perhaps your pr-team? well, i think you should really just love what you do. i think being authentic is the first step to every success in every way you can imagine - whether it's personal success or in business.

i think you really have to find what are your talents, what do you want to achieve in life, and then go and get it! so this is the way i roll. you know i don't really think that i have the wisdom in me, but for me it just worked - being authentic and being really... i always went forward to get what i want. always. brilliant. and on the topic of doing what you love - outside of music endeavors is there anything that you would like to do on the side like fashion lines or... definitely, i would love to do something in fashion, i would love to host some shows

because that was fun. i would love... maybe, you know, i'm not an actress, but you know... i mean if quentin tarantino says, well, we need to kill a bearded lady in my movie - i mean i would, i would. miguel. ok, i remember something i wanted to ask you. when you were hosting in the eurovision this year there were some parts of the show when russian contestant... i don't remember her name right now... polina. polina, right. she was like booed, right? and i remember seeing your reaction, and you were very angry about it,

and i was too because i don't believe that's right thing to do because politics and music are separate. and i noted when you were there asking for applause because she deserved it and she did a great job. she was unbelievable and outstanding singer. beautiful and such a lovely person! and the reaction of the audience was just awful. i was so angry and so mad because this was not the right moment to do that. polina is an artist and not a politician, you know. i think if mr. putin would have been on that stage and people would have booed - well, you know... i mean i wouldn't boo, i would talk to him.

but he said "yes" to this ridiculous laws, so that would be another thing. but here with polina i just thought that i should say something and i did and... well, you know, for me she deserved to be in the lead because she was outstandingly great. talking about polina being in the lead let's have our paulina in the chat ask her next question. - yes! so, my question is - are you planning to sing any songs in your native language in the near future? well, i used to sing in german, and never say never, but back then until now

i don't really like my voice in the german language, singing in the german language. so... actually that's quite hard. english is easier. ellie. you've done a lot already, but is there anything that you would like to achieve maybe next year or in the future? well, you know, my goal as a singer is definitely receiving a grammy one day. this is the goal that i'm going for. i don't know if i ever get a grammy, but i'm sure that on this way that i will go i will receive and experience so many things that... maybe all of these that i was able to collect will be worth way more than a grammy. you know what i mean?

so this is my goal and the rest is everything that happens - it's just gift. we've got another question that came in on twitter, from your big fan charlie ramsden, and she is asking: conchita, do you think that it's more important to have fun with music or to show emotions through music? i think just feeling it. you know, there are songs that are funny and there are songs which are sad, i think it's basically about what is the song about. yeah. there are songs like "where have all the good men gone", i think it's a very humoristic song and it's quite fun to sing and tell the story

and also the lines are kinda ridiculous what i love. but there are songs like... i don't know... like "the other side of me", it's very emotional, so i wouldn't... so it's really depends on the situation. very good. so, we only have couple of minutes left, because we are already overtime and miss wurst needs to leave. i would suggest if it possible just to have one very quick answer… question and a short answer after that. so, ellie, if you want to start. yes, of course. i would like to ask you, conchita, if you have an idea to sing a duet with any other singer – i don’t mean famous , i just mean not famous artist, but probably who like to sing with.

you mean… you ask me with whom i want to sing? but i don’t know them? that’s a tough question. just an idea! just an idea. if you want to sing a duet with any singers or you just feel alone on the stage or you want to sing with someone else on the stage but not famous? ok. well, you know i love to meet other artists in general, because i think you can learn so much from each other. but i can’t really answer this question because obviously i don’t know the person that i would sing a duet with because he or she is not famous. but basically if it’s a match like meeting someone in the process of creating, for example, album

and i would have met like a singer who features like my backing vocals or something and this would turn in to like: “oh we should do something together!”, i definitely would do it, you know what i mean? i don’t really care. i mean, of course i want to sing with my idols, don’t get me wrong. but on the other hand, i think – if it’s a match, it’s a match. ok, thank you for the short answer. oh, i’m sorry. david!

are you planning a tour at all? well, i’m not planning a tour in this traditional way, because i’m not madonna. you know, not that many people would show up. i’m planning on doing little club gigs in little venues . that’s definitely planned. kathryn, your quick question. it’s not so much the question, but ... it’s my friend’s 21st birthday today and all she's been asking is a shout-out from you.

twenty one? yeah, her name is jyllian. hey, jyllian, congratulation! where are you? she missed it, right? yeah, inopportune in a shower unfortunately. in tradition she will be able to watch it afterwords. polina, do you have another question, a quick one? well, i know that a lot of people in poland love your music. so could you say hi to a fanclub please? of course! hello to my unstoppables in poland. i will be in poland quite soon.

so i hope that we can arrange a meet & greet, that will be really nice. and thank you for your support. i have a question. would you like collaborate with loreen, 2012 eurovision winner? she‘s recently been asked about someone to collaborate, she mentioned you from this eurovision team. oh! she said she wanna sing a duet with me? that’s nice. i mean i love loreen, we met several times, the last time at the life ball. and she is just outstanding, i mean she is so talented that i listened to her singing and i thought “oh my god! she is like a real singer!”

but i would love to sing with her, definitely, i would love to. very good. so, we have one last question that came in on twitter. it’s denise roudny who’s asking: “conchita, do you already have ideas of how you will perform that amazing instrumental part in “colors of your love”? yes! yes, i do have an idea. this is the moment when i walk to the corner of the stage, grab my drink and have a sip. very good. so, i think that we’ve arrived at the end of our time that we had today for the google hangout.

thank you very much everyone who joined us, thank for participating and do it again in the future, because i think conchita will probably want to repeat it. i love it! i think the last word to you, conchita. well, thank you so much, thank you to you and thank you for taking part and now we had a chance to talk to each other. thank you for everyone watching us live. oh i feel like a talk-show host right now. and enjoy this video on my youtube channel, thank you for that.

thanks so much for your support, guys. i’m so happy to hear that you like the album and that really means a lot to me. hope that i’m gonna meet you soon one day. have a fabulous day and enjoy. thank you! thank you very much! thank you very much and thank you also to whatchado for having us with a technical setup for this google hangout. yes, thank you! enjoy later. ok, andrã©, can you just come over and turn it off?

yes, sure! i don’t know what is it... here we are... goodbye! bye-bye! where is the button? you must stuck with us forever. well... i don't...

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