kleines bad mit waschmaschine einrichten

kleines bad mit waschmaschine einrichten

ok so right before you are all the tools iused to replace the bearings in the whirlpool cabrio washer i think maytag has bearing thatneed to be replaced as well but here is the shaft that i pulled out that things all rustyand nasty here's the top seal that seals everything that makes it waterproof here's the bottombearing totally shot this is actually the top bearing sorry about that totally shothere's the bottom bearing that's totally shot as well here's the sleeve what happens isso this shaft sits all the why through the tub right and then this waterproof seal actuallycomes down there and sits into a hole there's um a sealant that you i guess that they domaytag or whirlpool or wherever they assemble this washer actually goes around the sideand gets placed into gets placed into the

hole it makes a water tight seal if this sealis compromised in any way or the sealant leaks it's going to fill with water as it fillswith water it gets everything rusty right eventually that water sits there so long andit destroys the bearing and the bearing leaks that's when you start seeing like grease ormud or oil come from the bottom of your washer cause this seal has failed i'll put a linkin the description below but that's what happened to ours it's a video of where i show you whatit looks like when it fails and it sounds horrible with the washer spinning it justsounds very very bad it sounds like a plane it taking off in your laundry room so my wifecommented to me today she couldn't believe how quiet the washer was after replacing thewhirlpool bearing so this job is not for the

faint of heart if you probably takes a littlemore still level than changing you engine oil if you could possibly do your brakes anddo a rear axle bearing then you could probably do this job um you have to make sure all thecomponents are put in at the correct time some tips and pointers i have for you um youcan actually do the job without the whirlpool maytag cabrio bearing tool you can do thejob without the bearing tool i actually made this um this is about a foot long maybe alittle bit longer have 2 5/8ths nuts here and then i get washers and i'll show you inthe video but you basically imagine i can show you right here i have the 2 nuts up herethat i tighten together they are locked in so i can't move these i have the washer hereyou want the washer i actually got the wrong

washer but you want the washer to be justa just sit on inside on right on the outside of the outer race of the bearing you don'twant to be pushing on the inner race of the bearing if you do you run the risk of poppingit out so you want a washer that goes all the way to the edge of the outer edge alrightand then you bring all this stuff up so you get the point i actually got these washerswrong so the larger one would go on top cause that's where the larger bearing is you placethe bearing in you place the top bearing in then you place the tool in this is all threadactually by the way the reason i have 2 washers on each side is you want it to be able toslip past each other as your tightening everything down this top one or the bottom bearing willstart slipping that way you can actually start

craning everything down so the top bearinggoes in then you take this sleeve the crush washer and then the bottom bearing in fromthe bottom and you'll see in the video as i progress through this this is the homemadetool that i made to get the whirlpool bearings in so you do not have to have the bearingthe bearing tool to put the bearings into the cabrio washer or a maytag if you wantto spend the $100 dollars it will make life a lot easier um i actually ended up havingto use a socket and a hammer to get the bearing to seat correctly a one thing to note is thebottom bearing will sit a little bit out past the tub you'll see it when you get in thereand then the top bearing has to be all the way pushed down flush because this seal actuallysits on top of that on the shaft right here

it will make more sense once you get in therehalf inch impact gun to get out this to get out t he nut on the bottom of the shaft thisnut is one and a quarter i has to get a one and a quarter 1/2 inch deep socket to be ableto get it out this will also work with a 32mm socket just fits a little bit better witha one inch and a quarter socket so that how you get that out i had to use the gun to getthe nut off the bottom of the shaft cause it was so stuck on there it was all rustedand nasty ok so i needed a 3/8 7/16 socket a 3/8 a 2/8ths 3/8ths socket a ratchet anextension ended up using a 32mm so yeah here's a 32mm it does fit i just didn't have a deepsocket this is a shallow little bit more play in there so a 32mm deep socket is what youneed for this nut also ended up using a 36mm

socket to push the bottom bearing on thisis a 1 pound 2 pound sledge hammer its a 3 pound sledge hammer for tapping in the bearingsum at one point i tried getting the nut off the shaft by holding with a pair of vice gripsdown here onto the splines right here so that was crimped on there and then i got a bigcrescent wrench right here and i tried to break the nut loose but it was just too tighti tried free all penetrating oil but that didn't do anything thats when i went to ummy gun and a 1 and 1 quarter half inch deep socket this was used to install the new nuti used this this is actually part on the inside of a shock a but i used this to press outthe or to knock out the maytag bearings so i took off the stator and the rotor from thebottom got the got the nut loose took the

3 pound sledge this will all make more senseonce you guys get in there took the 3 pound sledge hit it from the bottom into the tubknocked that loose thats the only way you want to knock it loose because you have thisring right here that's presses onto the shaft and you won't be albe to get that out so youwant to press the shaft from the bottom up yeah from the bottom yeah into the tub andonce i had access there i tapped out got onto the edge of the bearing so the bearing wouldbe sitting in here like this on the shaft and i would hit the edge of the bearing fromthe bottom to the top hit this bearing out and then from the inside of the tub knockedthe bottom bearing out and that's when all this stuff the sleeve the crush washer andthe bearing all came out at the same time

hitting it from the tub out pair of dikesanother pair of dikes screwdrivers philips and standard i'll put a link in the descriptionbelow of the kit that i bought from amazon just make sure you get your model number ofthe washer before you buy the kit just to make sure you get the right one so this camewith metal adhesive this actually smells like old old testors model glue smells exactlylike that that's what it reminded me of but then stuff seems to be some kind of seemedto be like grease so what i did when i was installing the new one i took this greaseput it on the inside here right and then you got to make sure the water proof seal on theoutside cause this has to be water proof so then i went to o'reilly auto parts i pickedup myself some water pump and thermostat housing

rtv silicone this is from permatex part numberis 22071 22071 for this permatex rtv silicone and with that i just went around put a smallbead on the outside here and then spread it around all the way around made it a good thicklayer then i went to me local hardware store and got a what is this 2 inch pipe this isa foot long this cost me a dollar then i went down in there this will all make more senseonce you get down there so the new shaft will be there the bearing will be there and yougotta seal this right so you gotta push this down cause you have the tub right here rightand then you come in here like this you push it down into place make sure the seal is pushedinto place and then the tub will be right here you'll have the seal right here and theni took some more rtv and you'll see it here

in the video and just coat it there and thereall along make sure it's good sealed nice and tight cause you don't want it leakingwater that's what caused the first failure then i let it sit for about 10 hours don'tput any water into the washer don't fill it up don't try to use it until that rtv hastome to set up correctly this is a jack out of a honda honda accord you can find thesejacks anywhere i used this and a piece of wood let me see if i have that piece of woodstill you could use a 2 x 4 but this was all i had was a i want to say a 4 x 4 and i usedthis to get the tub out i could not get the tub out for the life of me this is the lodshaft right this is right at the top this is where the agitator sits into so you takethe jack so you take the jack you put the

jack on top of the shaft and then once that'sin place you take the wood and you put it in there and you put this on the sides ofthe tub and then you just put the jack on the bottom of that and then you start crankingit up that's what allowed me to pop the tub open or get the tub out measure it for yourselfbut the measurement i had that i had most success with was 21 and 3/4 inches but likei said measure the top of your tub before you cut whenever you cut wood measure twicecut once 409 multi purpose cleaner to clean to outside of the tub the stator the rotorcause in my case the seal failed and it shot rust everywhere it was all over the placealso you need to take out the tub you might you may or may not see a bunch of mold i actuallytipped mine over in the street and shot a

hose into it cleaned it all out um it wasreally really bad it stunk very bad as well um what else what else on this cabrio on thewasher bearing replacement what else on the bearing washer replacement i can tell youabout um a apologize for the choppy camera work coming up i had to shoot it with 2 camerasone was with my iphone and the other one was with a gopro so you might have some voiceover work coming up as well but this job took me about 8 hours got it done in one day butit saved me from buying a new washer it was to the point where the cabrio washer wouldn'tfinish the spin cycle and would just leave our clothes sopping wet with soap in themit did fix the problem i was getting a ul code uneven load on the washer at about 11minutes and it would never finish the cycle

and my mom my mom my wife was getting prettyticked off about it so was i $76 dollars from amazon like i said i will put a link in thedescription below just know you can make our own bearing tool for the bearings on thiswasher i did it right here this was about $11 dollars if you want to make your lifea little bit easier go ahead and buy the tool and then find a post it on craigslist onceyour done with and get your money back cause i tried searching on craigslist for the toolin my area but nothing came up just people selling their washers cause the bearings werebad i appologize for ranting on so much um i hope this helps you out if you can subscribeto my channel i know this isn't my standard automotive video but it is a diy and it doessave you a lot of money it saved me from having

to buy a new washer i don't know what washersare going for what $600 $700 $800 dollars you also need a quarter inch hex to get thestator off to get the rotor off and then get the stator off um various nut drivers here3/16ths 1/4 inch crescent wrench so this plastic piece sits on top of the sits at the bottomof the tub it the the stator and the rotor are right here so it actually goes like thisthis is the very bottom you'll see it when you get in there i couldn't get this thingto stay up so i just left it off but there are some a wiring harness that actually haslittle plastic clips that gets put onto here so what i did just got some zip ties and ziptied it to the to a motor think it's the motor that pumps the water out and left it thatway i just left this off i could not get it

back on theres no clips it just kind of pushesinto place and every time i pushed it into place it would just fall down so i said idon't need it and ah we were behind on laundry so we've been washing we've been washing clothesall day long and it seems to do fine without that plastic piece without further ado i willshow you the video on how i did this if you have any questions comments on how to do thisjob just leave it in the comments below or you can always shoot me an email at bundysgarageat gmail dot com and yeah i will shut up now

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