kleines bad ohne fenster dekorieren

kleines bad ohne fenster dekorieren

listen, we are notso lazy with you. [♪ music ♪] where did i climb? .. and for what?.. i've never beeninside that pipe. [echo] as you know, i, fordiversity and experiments. and today i invite you totake a walk with me... on abandoned industrialsites and waste.

here we go? :-) the idea to take a walk along thisinteresting route came from alexei arigato. canal "wild tourist". it is with him, early in the morning, weare going to conquer old waste tanks. and inspect the abandonedbuildings of the mines. and also the building oftsof (central concentrator). so, i here decided to tormentalexei a little bit with questions. basically, i havesuch a question. i, as a local resident, do not care about thetopic of waste. and alexey is interesting.

today we go on waste heapsfrom his easy pitch. why are you interesting? >> alexei: for me it is the sametourist object as the mountains. that is, it's the same mountain. especially the previous waste tank.this smaller one. it was interesting. have risen. there at the top and the viewsare beautiful. and the wind, it's cold. still, it's interesting thatthis is an industrial facility. >> tatiana: whatare waste heaps?

these are waste rock piles. which comes from the bowels of theearth during the extraction of coal. terrics can be dangerous. sometimes, in their depth,chemical reactions are triggered. and these artificialmountains begin to burn. burning waste can berecognized by smoke. which will beginto flow over it. and such a heap becomeslike a volcano. terrics fall.

they often form voids. so, there is adanger of failures. therefore, do not walk onthe young unstable heaps. however, we are climbingvery old waste tanks. some of them were overgrownwith trees and shrubs. by the way, a lot of damagefrom the waste heaps. this, and possible fires. this is dust, filledwith harmful elements. blown away by the wind around.

therefore, one of the ways... somehow neutralize the unpleasantconsequences of creating waste heaps... is the planting of treeson their surface. what are interesting potholes. they can climb absolutelyin any weather. it's not dirty here. because it is a rock. there is no mud here. now we want to climba small waste tank.

>> alexei: pretty big. >> tatiana: yes, he's small. but, of those that we planto visit, the biggest. yes. alexey. and this, you cansay, is the tip. now we'll go up there. >> alexei: an interestinghistorical building. it is made of stone.

this slate (stone) minedhere in the mines. that is, they built themselves.these are not bricks. these are the brick ones. this is new already. >> tatiana: and here, by the way, thereare a lot of buildings from this stone. fences, houses. yes, very much. >> alexei: that is, the mine was developed,and the same material was built. >> tatiana: very sensible.

>> alexei: i like that,the stone is shapeless... and which building was built. smooth walls,everything, windows. >> tatiana: the first abandonedbuilding in which we will enter. rarely do i have a collision(industrial tourism). but, today is such a topic. wow! and there it is far. alexei, are you going? >> alexei: i'm coming.

>> tatiana: wow, whatinteresting things are here. not in vain we climbed here. [steps] >> tatiana: listen, what doyou think it was? why such... >> alexei: it's like ashower room, i think. >> tatiana: yes, yes, it seems. >> alexei: look, twoholes in each... the miners were washed aftertheir recovery from the mine. >> tatiana: after themine, this is a must.

>> tatiana: but, we areunlikely to get it. it can be seen that the stapleswere cut at the bottom. to get up, on those braces... >> alexei: msh (andrei nyashny)on wood it would be useful. you can climbpeacefully on the tree. the msh would surely be useful. >> tatiana: well,we're not the ms. :-) we'll look from the bottom. >> alexei: look, the top of the head bentdown. she now does not collapse? :-)

>> tatiana: no, it's a specialluck that needs to fall on us. [♪ music ♪] [voice] >> tatiana: it was decided here,again to climb the waste tank. here is a small gorge. between two peaks. even a pretty place. and all this, we cansay, in the city. inside the city, such places. here we go from there now.

and a little moreremains to rise. >> alexei: it turns outalmost a mountain pass. >> tatiana: yes. andnotice, in the city! pass inside the city. :-) how cool we are! :-) >> tatiana: yes, which is the highestpoint here? which conquer? :-) >> alexei: right above. on theleft it's easier, i think tan. >> tatiana: yes, i suppose. butit will be necessary to climb. beautiful, by the way,against the sky looks.

everything is like inthe mountains. :-) >> alexei: the mainthing is not to fail. >> tatiana: oh, it's cool here! i do not even know if we're going up here.but we will try. yes, it's like a volcano! look,the muzzle of the volcano. such a thing... well, yes, it is notenough, it will fail... >> alexei: do you feelthere is a burning smell? >> tatiana: yes,there is a smell.

here the wind immediately. but the neighboring peak. we are in the city practically. we want to climb up hereon that waste tank. they walked, walked, andfound a watermelon! :-) a normal whole watermelon.but, he's probably green. watermelon. :-( it's frozen. >> alexei: and let's split it?

>> tatiana: well, let's split. >> alexei: no, it'scompletely soft. >> tatiana: we will not stab. it wasnecessary to try with a finger. he is bad. on the way to the next waste. they saw an abandonedlittle house. with a chic tree nearby. well, and here 2 bloggerstake pictures, of course. :-) we are not waitingfor each other.

therefore, in theframe will be alexei. here is a rural house. it looks like it was burning. yes, it's a fire. and it burned strongly. and gloomy. this is how it all burned down. here is such a small house. the seeds are stuck.

they do not stickto their clothes. but the whole purse is in them. >> alexei: so get warm,that you will not clean. >> tatiana: that's okay,we went through. haha. :-) it's great for you. tell me who's great,and who's not cool. what is this wastetoner for today? >> alexei: there was a double...this is the third. >> tatiana: the third waste.

we decided to bypass it, too. now, we decided to turn(berries) a little meal. rather, i decided to eat. it is interesting, as if rafted. >> alexei: it is like a volcanic almost.it burned. >> tatiana: when you use a coal-firedoven, slag is also caked in there. here again it looks the same. i had to see often. is very similar.

as if they pulled this stoneout of a giant furnace. and i eat, and i say. :-) beautiful, by the way. they went further, and realizedthat these red pieces... most likely, they fellfrom this second heap. here again thereis one more piece. in this hike, i look at thewaste tanks in a new way. how many things are interesting. now we will try torise on this waste.

>> alexei: why try it?let's rise! >> tatiana: i found the berries. nowi'm trying to taste what it is. rowan. here, the cute mossgrows on the rocks. bright bright green. very pretty looks. [rustling] so, today i'm not atall in walking shoes. oh.

okay, while i go withoutshooting a video camera. we just crawled out of there. what? >> alexei: again, itsmells of burning. >> tatiana: yes? and i alsodo not feel these smells. here, the second waste.today we climbed those. here on those waste tanks.and on that. this is today the thirdheap, on which we rise. it's only the beginning!

and again forward! investigators of waste heaps + an unusual trip for me. as already said, itpasses right in the city. these are right inside thecity artificial mountains. which today we decidedto investigate. nice weather today. there is practically no wind. i watched the forecast. 2-3meters per second in total today.

the sun sometimes shines. everything, we areat the very top. and here are these kinds. >> alexei: 4, no, 0.26.normally, the radiation is... >> tatiana: in whatsense is there? >> alexei: i mean, it's higherthan the natural background. >> tatiana: here we measured theradiation on the waste water. alexei says that the radiationis higher than usual. and the fact that hemakes sounds, it's...

>> alexei: this is an excess.but, it takes time. >> tatiana: such abeautiful, huge pheasant is. that's what we scared them. maybe he will take off now,and we'll take it off. right here, i ranright on the grass. maybe we'll at least scarehim, and he will fly. at first i did notunderstand who it was. but it was a pheasant. and he ran off somewhere here.

pheasant, let's take off. :-) hey! :-) so beautiful. bright. we're going for a walk. i want to remind you that thisis all within the city limits. thickets. today we saw a pheasant. they saw a hare.

well, there, ofcourse, a dump, ugly. but, here... as if wetravel in the wilderness. it's called... it's a hammer,or a mallet, do you think? wooden. kiyanka, inmy opinion, yes? it's not really a hammer.interesting. perhaps this isquite an old thing. we decided to go up here. this is the fourth peakthat we conquer today. yes? listen, yes we are climbers! :-)

yes, extremals. >> alexei: the climber on 4 peaks perday, probably, does not take. :-) >> tatiana: and we have4 peaks per day. :-) yes. today we will walk again. we are cool. okay, crawling. ugh. have risen. >> alexei: 210 meters high, andat the bottom there were 140 it turns out 70 meters, yes? >> tatiana: and they roselike a real mountain.

i'm breathing likea stalked horse. there we have suchwonderful views. first, the waste tank, so huge. and secondly,artificial ravines. and beautiful groves. >> alexei: forest plantations. >> tatiana: forest plantations? iwill call them groves today. :-) because i like them.they are so transparent. >> alexei: there's stilla small flat waste.

>> tatiana: well, yes, he'salready grown so much. it's almost invisible. it is necessary to bringit closer to you. >> alexei: we climbed 70 meters. >> tatiana: so, i'll giveyou this little one then... from the thermos which. i do not know what levelof strength the tea has. i like very strong tea. me in this process is not somuch food attracts as much tea.

we approach the tsof(central concentrator). coming soon. the closer we get to the pipe,the more powerful it looks. really a huge pipe. oh, go-go. power. that's how it looksfrom the bottom. there, in the abyss. gloved. i'll tryto climb higher.

>> alexei: now tatianawill reach the top. :-) >> tatiana: do not make me laugh.:-) only with a rope andcomfortable shoes. again, by the way, zhekawill look and be horrified. and where did i get to?and for what? >> tatiana: wow. all!enough for me! no, i can one more step. :-) >> alexei: give one more. :-) >> tatiana: it's already scary.oh.

ugh. that's all. and enough for me. >> alexei: and how many steps?considered? >> tatiana: i do not know. no, only with ropes. >> alexei: well, there ispurely psychological fear here. because without ropesyou'll quietly climb up. >> tatiana: yes, we have to work on this.without preparation in any way.

>> alexei: physically, it's not difficult.hold, too, hold on. well, there will bea wind at the top. >> tatiana: in general, in suchmatters, most importantly, control. and the tree sprouteddirectly like this. inside the staples. and so it grew. once again i show youthis chic chimney. but, i do not have enoughcourage to climb there. rather not evencourage, but madness.

courage, then, isprobably present. and insanity stillis not enough. 1962 year. here, in such a building,we will now pass. those holes. yes, come on, come here. in general, it was a descentto the first floor. >> alexei: the ladder,yes, was it ?. yes, descent.

there, look, there'sa second floor. there to pass. on the ceiling... so powerful. this is how the ruins look.with spruce in the frame. about! there, by the way, the date.1953 year. 1953-th. it's good that the dates write like this.it is immediately understandable. lots of glass. we must go carefully.

[crunch of broken glass] there are many rooms here. >> alexei: yes, but everythingwas completely destroyed here. >> tatiana: there aremany transitions. and landfills. everywhere dumps. here, look, in general,beautiful tiles laid out. made really, as ifsomething like that... how the glass crunchesunder your feet... and then the tiles. yes,some kind of pool complex.

incidentally, even beautiful. i did not expectsuch a decoration. maybe it was the dining room? >> alexei: for a dining roomsomehow it is not enough. although here's a hole,like giving away. small dining room. >> tatiana: confused. let's go to this window. whats up?

and there, again the ruins.ruins, ruins. wow, how many different shoes. galoshes, boots, shoes.here it is a lot of shoes! the whole warehouse. and clothes. listen, it feelslike someone's living here. do not you think so? maybe some bums. the belt is so normal. pay attention, thebelt is normal.

such a leather one. in the hands i willnot take, of course. the remains of the couch. there must have been a stove.yes, a sofa. some room. yes, here is the one, probablysomething like the shower was. wow, you're so backpackglow, by the way! the staircase was. yes,a flight of stairs. >> alexei: they carried it. thereis actually no second floor.

>> tatiana: oh, and here's an interesting ceiling.this should be removed on a video camera. handsomely! >> alexei: it looks like thewalls here were beautiful. >> tatiana: yes.once upon a time. how beautiful thewild grapes look. it's grapes, right? >> alexei: this is a wild grapes.it can not be eaten. inedible. >> tatiana: but sweet. >> alexei: you canpoison yourself.

>> tatiana: oh, yes, he's bitter.sweet, and then bitter. do you think i will diefrom what i tried? >> alexei: birds eat it. >> tatiana: well,then i will survive. in the collection of today'sabandoned buildings. a little house. we went out andanother small house. >> alexei: look, just a path. >> tatiana: wow, yes. thenthey went from house to house.

who is it? a house is not small. ithought he was small. and he is not small.so, turn on the light. [whisper] we go here, do you understandsomewhere, it's not clear where. and then the sofa. you know, it's likea hangout (a den). sofa. they obviously sat there.we rested. look, there's a rest area. and here's the couch. sittingopposite each other.

and i somehow immediatelybecame scary here. because traces of man... and a good path leads here. and immediately somehow iwant to get out of here. little did... who is here,and why is he walking. another object on our way. there was some kind of mine. ido not even know which number. yes, now we are a bit like here. by the way, on the way to the minei collected a little mushrooms.

i do not know whatfood is enough... but, maybe i'll cook something. we approach anotherhuge chimney. how tall they allare, these pipes... and tremendous. here it is, again. >> alexei: who loves climbing... >> tatiana: by the way, there arealso whole braces here, in principle. it would be possible to climbagain, but i have already adjusted.

walked up, adjusted,i have enough. >> alexei:... on theoutside, and go down inside. >> tatiana: yes, ingeneral it's gorgeous! wow!!! yes! oh, go-go! this is the height! and here we just got here. they left the backpacks. >> alexei: now the main thing is that no onegoes through and does not take backpacks. >> tatiana: i'll try tomake a video without light.

so. top. does it take off? yes. [screaming in height] >> alexei: you know, fromhere the hole seems lower. >> tatiana: yes, closer. and there,you see, sticking out something? >> alexei: it's aladder to climb. >> tatiana: now i'll try to getcloser, what will happen... >> alexei: so, i went back. >> tatiana: yes. it's great.

it was necessary to take pictureson the camera, how did you get out. here, a little bit had time.he got out. yes, i've never beeninside such a pipe. [screaming up] oh-ho-ho,ho-ho, ho-ho. so, listen, but we'renot so lazy with you. it should be neat. glass.hands can not rest. opa. normally got out. so tnank you.

>> tatiana: well, everything, good-bye.perfectly walked! >> alexei: see you soon! >> tatiana: it was super! duration of the trip: 8hours and 30 minutes. 21 kilometers have passed. we saw 2 or 3 haresand 3-4 pheasants. we climbed the tops of 4 heaps. we looked at 8abandoned buildings. we inspected 3 industrial pipes.

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