kleines badezimmer dekoration

kleines badezimmer dekoration

bathroom rebuilding or makeover, whatever you have in your mind you'll need these valuable ideas. this is 16 life hacks for your tiny bathroom by natalie brown. you will not want to do all of these at once, but if you pick one or two of them, you might be surprised at how much your life improves. or just feel proud that you did something productive.

1. add a frame to your basic mirror a happy bathroom combined design and functionality framing your mirror quickly updates the feel of your itty- bitty bathroom. use molding and paint it whatever color you like best, or use basic trim if you're not into the traditional look. find detail instructions in description area.

.. two bekvam spice racks fit all of that stuff you use every day. or think you'll use every day. add a coat of paint or stain if you want to color-coordinate them with the rest of your bathroom. you could also hang them on the inside of your cabinets so they're out of sight.

some of us aren't lucky enough to live without roommates, so when the germophobe in your life insists on their own hand towel, hang up coat hooks to keep things organized. if you want to use this idea, check link under this video. this isn't a tutorial, per se, just photos of a diy. but you can find a crown molding shelf and a row of

coat hooks ideas there when you only have one cabinet, you have to maximize that tiny space. these stickonpods hold tiny things like nail polish. lazy susan's let you reach the stuff in the back of your cabinet. as easily as you can reach the stuff in the front. this bathroom hack's been all over the internet

but it's so useful we couldn't pass it up. ... this comes from the brilliance of reddit. use shower curtain hooks to secure baskets like this one to the rod. make sure they have holes in them of some sort, so the water can drain. you probably won't want to store your most-used items up here,

but you could put extra towels, cleaning supplies, elegantly tucked into a pretty bin, or old magazines up there. ..like your shower curtain, to draw visual attention to a single place. keep everything else in your bathroom simple, and make your shower the most attractive thing in there for example, hang two curtains instead of one,

and use a basic color scheme, like here. (pro tip: don't put a table in front of your door, like in this picture). when you run out of horizontal counter space, go vertical instead. this example's very decorative, but you can also make it more functional by storing toothbrush

toothpaste, or ponytail holders. .. you could hang this on the back of your door or the inside of one of your cabinets, or on any bit of blank wall that isn't serving any other purpose. this one actually comes with a tutorial,please scroll down and check description area like cotton balls and makeup sponges.

this would also require a blank bit of wall, but it's a pretty awesome diy. it's a simple visual trick that increases the amount of light in the bathroom. super important when you're doing makeup. ..it's an old packing trick: rolling clothes helps you fit more of them in the suitcase. same thing goes with towels.

when you roll them instead of folding them, you can fit more of them in the same amount of space. it'll also make your bathroom feel more like a spa. ..you usually find them for kitchen cabinets, but they work just as well in the bathroom. it's the same concept as the lazy susan, letting you access the depths of your cabinet without having to dig past old

bottles. why just hang one when you can hang three? you could also opt for an over the door towel rack. tired of buying corner shower stands that are bound to rust in no time ?. the metal screws used by these stands offer no way to prevent rusting in your shower!

here's a hack that will show you how to build your own out of pvc piping. best of all, it is cost-effective, durable, and won't rust! this is a do-it-yourself shower rack that will give you more space to place soap bars, shampoo, and scrubbing sponges! that's it . if you want to find more info,

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