kräuterspirale garten

kräuterspirale garten

hi everybody! i am bin daniel name is nico domurath. we both are horticulture engineers andwork at the htw dresden as researchers. incidentally, we founded our own private institute several years ago. we deal with the modern and sustainable cultivation of plant foods, like fruits, vegetables, herbs and convenience products and we advise horticulture companies in almost all aspects. beside this, we support other companies and research facilites in matters of vertical farming and even about the flight to mars. for those of you who would like to have more information about this, we linked two videos below.

our motivation why we speak to you today is that we developed something what should help us to make the hydroponic cultivationmore popular in the private sector. at least that is our hope. more and more people live in cities and fewer people havethe opportunity to grow something in the garden itself. for this we have developed something, what we want to show you now. no own garden? no green thumb? can't be bothered to water?

nevertheless, the desire to own salad that tastes good? there's something wedesigned andtested for you. bottlecrop - the lettuce on a bottle guaranteed success in three simple steps. 1. unpack 2. prepare 3. be patient! enjoy !!! easy handling

re-useable save more than 90% of water an eyecatcher on every window ledge fresher - cleaner - yummy here you can see that our idea really works. like this one, bottlecrop could look like later. to make this idea come true, we need at least 12,000 euros. why is this so expensive? easy. everything here is customised. e.g. the bottle inside, the printed box,

or the growing cone the system also includes a printed manual,seeds, propagation cubes and nutrients. we need you to realise our idea.therefore we have come up with something. e.g. have your name on every box of the startnext edition or give one or more bottlecrops to a school of you wish. just have a look-around on our startnext-pageto see what we can offer to you. so! now it's your turn.i just say: become a fan! support the idea. enjoy delicious lettuce!

hmmmmmm become a fan is sooooo easy!

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