nicht in die badewanne bei gewitter

nicht in die badewanne bei gewitter

healing practitioner uwe karstã¤dt: health is easy! and illnesses are complicated what does that mean? that means that after all of those decades where i have practised as a health practitioner i have returned to the principles that keep us healthy. and when one speaks of principles and foundations then one could go back 200 years, when two important pioneers lived that researched health

and then drew their conclusions. the first was louis pasteur and the other bã©champ. and louis pasteur went this way for he said: “bacteria and the pathogens are the cause of many illnesses.” and then he went his way, he was then consequent. and that means to keep all pathogens as small as possible and to kill them off. that is the path of the pharma industry. a second path exists and the second path was laid out by bã©champ, who said: the pathogen is not the fault, but the terrain where this happens.”

in other words, the environment favours a proliferation of the pathogens. that means that an infection is practically a succession of that, that our immune system is too weak, and therefor its path, the path of the immune system and its environment, so mighty and strong and so vital, as it can be. we would like to delve into what that means. what it means, the environment, what does it signify. but first a few words about louis pasteur. to walk this path, to kill the pathogens,

this has effectively brought out two branches in the pharma industry. the first are antibiotics and all possible means, that help against killing off these pathogens. and the second are vaccines. and vaccines have become a huge field in our times. also here it is about, actually inventing something, which protects us from pathogens. and we will see and this can be looked up, yet i don’t want to go too deeply into this today. that these vaccines ultimately contribute,

to so many of us being ill and having a weakened immune system. lets look further into what i have just said, from the environment, the terrain, what does that mean? this means, first of all, that inside us we must have a good terrain. this is "one" important field in naturopathy, to strengthen it. among other things, for example, does the whole digestive system belong to that and with that also the intestine. the other is the environment that surrounds us, meaning,

the natural environment that we must have for our immune system to be strong. and that is what i especially would like to look into today. if i want to describe that, what is good for us, then i always have to go into that: what our predecessors in our evolution, if we go back 5000, 20000 years, what was there a normal environment for us? in which our system has developed itself, meaning, how our immune system has developed, our circulatory system has developed, how our psyche has developed, etc.

that means we have a particular system, in which we live and our body has adapted to that. and if we again go further back, in the times of today. then we will also find that our immune system and therefor our vitality and strength and zest for life is optimized again. and then we are best protected against any pathogen attack. now, how was that in our evolution? we come as hunter gatherers, we were, how god made us, meaning in an environment

without any resources, exposed to our climate and environment. that means, we were constantly naked on the move, just like any other animal. and to be on the move naked does have a couple of advantages, namely: first of all: we are exposed to the sun, respectively we must live in a climate, whichmakes it possible, not only in the daytime, but also at night to survive and come to terms with that since we do not have fur and no fat layer, we are not equipped to

live in a climate like our european climate. for this climate is deadly for us here, if we had no clothes and no artificial fur, for example, in the form of jeans, trousers, t-shirts, bobble hats, scarves, moonboots, etc., we would not survive a week in winter, the winter half year. in addition, that we built heated caves, in which we could protect ourselves, yet also that was not at our disposal, for the first humans maybe had now and then fire. but generally they had to be capable of surviving. that was in another climate.

and this can be understood in every zoo, when the animals, when one wants to enjoy the animals longer one has to recreate the environment for them in which they live and have lived. this counts for ice bears as well as giraffes. a giraffe in stockholm has no survival chances, if it does not have a giraffe house and does not receive its food and possibly does have an outlet and companions so that it does not become lonely. these are such important factors that come in,

and the same applies to us. that means we run around, receive uv rays, receive infrared rays and thanks to us walking around barefoot we get negative ions. we are no longer so exposed to uv rays. first of all in our climate, because it is bleak for half a year, we do not produce vitamin d from the uv rays and then we have to replace this. this can be done and also a word to that, because many say: "yes, nature has to do that on its own" etc.

and how is it with nutrition supplements, with water filters, with other possibilities, with which we supply ourselves so that we stay healthy. that must all run on its own. first of all, this is also a crook for me, it is like a food supplement but made of fur, yes? nicely made, a suit, a pullover, a pair of trousers, because, if i was to stand here, also in this room, i would soon get very cold.

because this climate is not like the climate of greece or tunisia or like the highland plains of africa. that means we need supplements, the same goes for glasses which a lot of people use. the same goes for shoes, that we wear. and it is the same for nourishment and the same for water filter. before one did not have a water filter! now we have to have them because we do not live close to the spring, where water is also ionized and where it is fresh and energised. so i have to produce something like that again and that is possible. and as a healing practitioner that is absolutely fine by me.

it is the same for food supplements. if i need selenium, i am able to take a capsule of selenium, if i need zinc i can take a zinc capsule. of course i can be aware when eating that my food contains zinc and selenium. yet if this is not available to me it is absolutely justified to take a supplement, a food supplement. and the same goes for the three things i have mentioned: the sun with its uv rays that makes vitamin d, so when that is unavailable to me

and i sit all summer in the office where i receive no sunlight. and if i go out i have clothing on or sit in the car or sit in a cafe inside, again i get no sunshine. so i take vitamin d as a supplement, so that i supply myself with it, for it is an important pillar for our health. the second thing i mentioned: was infrared. the sun shines infrared rays on us, simultaneously with uv rays and infrared. if i do not have infrared available,

then i have to supply myself by other means. and there are different ways of doing this. one which some already know are infrared cabins, where you go in, an infrared sauna, only this can be difficult mostly, because you only go in for one hour and it heats up a lot. that is one kind of application. yet in the sun you do not constantly heat up to sauna temperatures, instead you go in and allow it to work and have a certain energy enrichment,

better circulation, better warmth. and one reaches, what i have described in my book, 37 degrees, that is our optimal operating temperature. a bit higher, a bit lower. this infrared radiation, if we do not receive it, because we do not live in these countries, rather here in germany or in europe and then it is rainy and then it is april weather, like that. we don't get it, so there is a possibility of receiving it from infrared mats. infrared mats have invisible infrared light.

with amethyst stones, tourmaline, that contribute to us becoming these infrared rays. and one can sleep on these mats, one can also set them to sauna temperatures, etc. whoever would like to know more about this can visit my webpage and see that there, there these things are described. or also in the book, 37 degrees, you are able to look everything up. these infrared rays do a couple of things to our system, with our organism, which are fantastic. many do not know of this, that infrared penetrates deeply and makes heat with our own body. unlike a hot water bottle or a bath,

or heating or with an electric blanket, the radiation and the warmth goes from the outside inwards and supplies us and then it gets warm. yet once the mat or the hot water bottle is removed, is this heat no longer available, one cools down. whilst i am doing that with infrared, is the, the infrared radiation goes deep inside, about 14 cm and heats us up by activating our cells. our muscle cells are the ones that produce heat, that is known by all that do sport.

or someone who moves a bit more and has a craft activity. or walks faster or some kind of activity, that person gets warmer. that person does not get warm because the sun is shining, instead that person gets warm because the muscles produce heat. and the activation of the muscle cells, it lasts much longer if we were in the sun, this heat lasts up to 8 hours. some know this from being on holiday and in the evening the sun is gone and one sits somewhere in a restaurant, etc.

or one goes to bed and sleeps, then one notices, one still has the heat of the day inside oneself. and when one returns after 3 weeks in greece, then one remains warm for two, three, four days. one still sits around in a t-shirt, whilst the others are putting a jacket on. that is long lasting heat, because it is an energy supply. cell water is enriched with strength and energy. that means this heat that stays and therefore also better circulation and then all the bodily functions which work best

at a temperature of about 37 degrees. there are many people, i see that in my practice. that around 70, sometimes 80% of the heat is no longer there, and people walk around and have a temperature of 34, 35 degrees, or wake up with 35,5 degrees and during the day might get up to 36 degrees, but never 37 degrees. a normal temperature would be around 36,7 in the morning and a bit of activity raises it from 37 to 37,3 degrees. that would be the ideal temperature. good, the third thing were the negative ions.

we know negative ions, some know this from energizing rooms, where negative ions are created. we know this from storms, before a storm the air is laden with positive ions and then it gets sticky and humid and we do not feel well. after the storm is the air clean, we say. yet it is not clean, it is filled with negative ions. and therefore we breath betterand it feels like: the air is clean again and we inhale more and we are more energetic. these negative ions, you especially find them inside the earth's surface

and every living being is connected to the earth's surface. that means we walk across it, we sit, we sleep. every animal, every bird, at some point will touch the surface and they recharge. this is why we also know, a cat that lives in a flat, that can only run around on the 4th floor, will get ill. once it has a catflap and can go outside, it will stay healthy this is verifiable and we are no different. now lets look at, how we are together and always walk around in trainers, with some sort of shoes that have a rubber soul and shield us from

the negative ions that are stored in the planet. this is also known to naturopathy, for when you go to a sanatorium, one is sent outside every morning to step on the dew. why step on the dew? stepping on dew means one goes barefoot on the meadow, and since it is moist the negative ions are absorbed much better by the soles. and to walk on that for half an hour, apart from the movement, one is charged up with negative ions. if this was to occur at midday, it would not be as effective,

because the grass can already be dry. when we stroll on the beach and walk over the moist part of the sand, we charge ourselves up with negative ions. if we walk over the dry part, is a lot less happening, still a bit, but much less. negative ions are incredibly important and there is a whole product range of instruments. negative ions, sheets, mats, etc., how we can bring this into our household. in these infrared mats, which i mentioned, which i recommend, these biomats, negative ions are built in, with these infrared rays.

negative ions we also know from somewhere else and here in the aquacentrum it is well known: from water! this electrically activated water is filled with negative ions and is a wellspring of health for us. so therefore we need negative ions from breathing, from contact with the ground and from water, and if we do not receive that, then we have to somehow get it. from electro activated water, from a biomat, from sheets, or the most optimal way would obviously be

walking outside everyday barefoot. in a flat that would not usually be the case, because the flat, even with natural flooring, it is installed as a floating floor, layed out with styrofoam. and is then cut off from its normal access to earth. if you go to the terrace, one usually has it, because below is only a cement floor which also conducts, and the connection is then there. good, those are the three factors that we receive solely from climate.

now, what else is needed fr a healthy life? and now i will go back to the bible. in the bible, right at the beginning: "man was made of clay, of water and then we have the breath of life breathed in, meaning a soul is breathed in". and these three factors are very important if you want to concern yourself with them, how someone can do well in life! what has to be done? you have to ensure that good water, as we just heard 70%, with small children its even more, 80% is water.

this water always has to be refilled and we have to wet ourselves, inside as well as outside to have enough water in our body. the second is the so called clay, of which we are made, according to the bible. what is clay? clay is minerals and minerals nowadays are a huge deficit with us! why is that? before the soil was full of minerals, also because the farmland was always flooded by the rivers that spring from the mountains and the mountains give off minerals, washed out by the water, it flows then over the meadows and fields and wets and enriches the soil

with mud and therefore with minerals. and nowadays with our embanked river basins and the fear of farmers, that something might flow on top, does rain come in contact with the soil, but nothing from the mountains. that means we no longer get the minerals. and then the land gets leached over 3 times a year when harvested because the farmer nowadays, in our competitive society, are not allowed to let a field lie fallow. he fertilizes it with a bit of potassium and a few minerals,

but never the whole range of what can really come from the mountains and what really wets. for example we know that in egypt, that the nile, everything that was planted in the nile delta, for the kings and had healing properties. and everything that was not by the nile and was planted somewhere else, that was for the common people. why was that so? the nile used to have huge floods twice a year, and one knew, everything that is planted there, wether it be grain, it might have been meadows, for the cattle, it could have been trees, dates, etc.

they were full of minerals, since everything that overflowed them, and the huge floods, made minerals available to us. that is nowadays no longer the case, also in egypt that no longer occurs, because a dam was built. and they have huge problems under the dam, because they no longer have minerals and above the dam, because the whole dam and lake has to be dredged because everything collects there. so, that is the absurdity in our human history,

what we have done there, instead of allowing this to flow freely and then receive minerals. the other reason why there are too few minerals, that nowadays far too much is farmed. just rapid growth, yet the land cannot really saturate itself from top to bottom with minerals. the same goes for organic farming. organic firstly means, that nothing here is poisoned, but that certainly does not mean that this organically farmed plant material

is full of minerals. you can also have poison free food yet still it can be grown in a greenhouse. the guidelines only state that here only certain things are not used. the next thing that leads to a mineral deficiency is our stress. stress behaviour means that we are always overacidified and our body has to take minerals from the bones, tissue and organs to not become too acidic, for when the body is too acidic, it dies. and the body says, i prefer to extract that. before i die, i take these minerals out and buffer them the acids and like that i can survive.

yet that is how we get a mineral defficiency. so stress, too few minerals in food and a too high consumption leads to us not having enough minerals. minerals, water and the third was breath. what does breath mean, that is the soul, that is breathed into us. the soul becomes us, we are aware of it and this soul needs a purpose in life. we have nowadays many stress related illnesses. we have many illnesses, which arise due to facts,

that we no longer live a life that is no longer worth living. many go to work and say, i am not in the mood for going to work. i do something that does not fulfill me and everyone needs fulfillment in life. what i do has to make sense, i have to have a feeling in the evenings that today was a wonderful day. i have done something for my soul which is good. therefore i have to find what is waiting in line for me in this life. and it is irrelevant what it is, it could be a banker, who gives money to people, because he says he supports them so that they can start their own business.

that is the actual origin of banking. wonderful! what this has turned into is something else, but that is the actual purpose. if one does that, if i give people money for them to do something positive, then i go home at night and say: i have done a good thing. the same goes for a road sweeper, one who cleans the streets! there are people who say: this is my fulfillment, i speak with people, i have contact here, i have contact there. then i connect them and point out that a granny is here, all alone, and here is a mother alone with her child,

maybe they can do something together. and there are certain road sweepers, i know one in this neighbourhood, who did just that, he was well known here, he always walked around with a smile. he was such a communication supporter. that is wonderful, to have a fullfilled life as a road sweeper! and there are so many people that run somewhere and do a task that they do not want to do and there are also people, this is now known, they say: "i'd rather die than go back to that job".

and that is then every monday morning. and the heart attack rate goes up on monday mornings, because the body says: if you say that then i can do it gladly. that means, they go to work and the body says: "but you said you would rather die", boom, you're a goner. that happens, that is real, that is not just a story. so, it is my duty, also as a healing practitioner, to point out, what would be good here? maybe there is a consideration to step out of this hamster wheel and do something which makes sense.

what corresponds to my soul, to work with others, to do this or that, to do something creative, or to change something in this job, that is important because the soul is an important component of our whole organism. it is not for nothing that all these psychosomatic illnesses appear, that stress us out and again take minerals, they prevent us from having positive thoughts and to provide ourselves with things that make us happy, that are fun for us and therefor give us a zest for life.

these are such fundamental basic thoughts, which everyone can follow, should be encouraged to deal with that. then there are other things that also belong to that, which, first of all, are not only the pillars, yet i have mentioned them a bit, one is the poisoning factor. when you see, like before that people were irradiated with ddt, so yes, in swimming pools and cafes it was vaporised and sprayed, running around with huge canons and the people with ddt... and then it was said, that is polio, infantile paralysis, what they had.

over 90% of polio paralysis comes from ddt poisoning, this can be proven. firstly the ddt rate goes up, that which is sprayed, in a district, in a city, in a yes, it goes up, six, nine months later the rate of polio goes up, then ddt is not sprayed because this year there are fewer insects and fewer flies and fewer other things, because the weather didn't hold out does the spraying of ddt decrease, suddenly the polio rate also went down. and this can be proven with these graphs,

this is so obvious, the question is why is this not known? and then one has introduced these vaccines and it was said, these vaccines are responsible for the polio rate to decrease. no, look here, ddt was prohibited! at the same time. polio vaccines made, ddt was prohibited and the polio rate goes down. these are such things! and with polio vaccines were children poisoned with alumminium, with mercury, with all sorts of junk which is inside these vaccines.

and with that we have a lot to do. you can get poisoned with lead, with cadmium, with amalgam fillings, with tooth materials, with cosmetics, from all sorts of things which surround us, what we spray onto our hair, what we use for our clothing and smear onto our skin, and, and and. all sorts of things, these are substances that are very, very detrimental to our health. as well as vaccines, as well as medicine,

it just means to take a few steps back, some distance, for, to get back to this, what bã©champ said: the terrain is important how many substances which impede my vitality do i put in and how many do i eliminate? and for that one should detoxify, there are natural methods, also to detoxify here, one of the possibilities is in turn with water and infrared and negative ions, because there, if you receive these infrared rays,

also here would these cabins, i.e.: a possibility, infrared cabins, yet even easier would be with the infrared mats, you lie on them, switch it on and the body sweats it out. infrared was possible to prove, you can eliminate 3 - 5 times more of all possible toxins, i.e.: mercury or alluminium. this can be proven with sweat and urine secretions it can also be proven with stool, how much comes out. if you have applied these natural infrared rays before. then, of course, also water to drain everything.

therefore there are many possibilities which can be done, if one returns to a normal lifestyle. i would like to recount: vitamin d, sun, infrared, negative ions, minerals, water, movement, and a social hygiene, so that people are together, with whom it is a pleasure to be with. that i enrich, that enrich me, then i am in the evenings, i am like this usually in the evenings,

i reflect for a couple of minutes how today was? if i had a day where i say: "that was worth it, i was able to help somebody, i was able to advise someone, i could contribute to someone having something cleared up and will take steps, in self-responsibility to take my life in my hands and get healthier, therefore becoming more vital and more cheerful, then that was a good day for me. and if i look back a year and say: "of all those 365 days i have had many, many days,

where in the evenings i have said, that was a good day". then i would say that it was a good year. and at the end of my life when i look back and i have had many, many good years, then i can say: "that was a good year". and then it happens just like it says in the bible: "the water evaporates, the minerals go back, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and my soul returns to where it came from. and with that i would like to end my presentation

and thank you for your attention and wish you you the very best. if you take heed of these things that i have said today, the singular points, as many of them as possible, at a speed that is suited. and the possibilities are suited. but for me there is nothing more beautiful, than when i can pass on this knowledge. and i wish all the best! thank you uwe, thank you...

i think that was for all of us, the audience and the television viewers a really good day, when we heard this speech. i just got really warm. the boss of aquacentrum, yasin akgã¼n, has in the meantime gathered a few questions from the audience and i believe you would be prepared to answer them now. you have spoken for so long, would you like to have a drink before? yes please!

i don't want to ask all of the audience questions, yet generally the question is: can ill people that are at the moment suffering from cancer or as such, or have a protheses, also lie on this biomat, infrared mat? or are there situations where it should not be used or made too hot? there are a couple of restrictions, they are also on the website. generally with cancer it is like this, i am certainly not allowed to say this here, that is a, this biomat is a wellness product. yet one can say, it is used in a lot of clinics, as a treatment for cancer, that means people for one hour

at very high temperatures, the highest level, will lie on it, some even get a minimat, a smaller mat, on a smaller area, the chest area, intestinal area, prostate area and so on, it is placed on top so that radiation is received from both sides. and so that it heats up and then you have the so called heat shock proteins, that contribute to these tumors also shrinking. so those are statements, like said from klebinger, there are clinics in asia and also south america that work with hyperthermia. that is practically an application, obviously more affordable than that,

what is normally done with hyperthermia in clinics. the second thing is, are there any kind of restrictions? yes definitely i would say, always with pregnant women, they should not use it, but that is a safety measure that we have, for it is not understandable why a woman should not go in the sun and feels good in the sun and vitamin d and uv rays and so on. obviously never in excess. and there i also would not advise to enter the sauna, but we say be cautious with that, so that we don't hear any complaints here.

the other thing is, with all others when someone has protheses, it is not a problem at all, as long as someone can go in the sun and receives the natural infrared rays, why should this be prohibited? to imitate this with a mat somewhere. otherwise this can also be imagined in another way, if i am so tense in winter, because it's cold and in summer i'm supply relaxing in the sun, that simply the cell can exchange itself much better with the outside world and exchange back. can one say that? the infrared mats have the big advantage, that here, like said, first of all more energy is available,

then simultaneously more energy is available from the negative ions. therefore a cell is supplied in an improved way, disposes in an improved way waste products and toxins and is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients. that is simply what happens there, always when an improvement in circulation takes pplace. that is why movement and doing sports and so on, even sex, sex is practically an increased circulation and always does good, that is known, that is no secret and the same goes for the infrared rays. that is why we always feel good. most people say in summer where am i going? well, i'm going south!

i don't particularly drive there where it is raining a lot or so. who wants to go to england on holiday? if i had the choice of going to tunisia or greece, or to the canary islands and sit myself in the sun? one always feels better and all the vitality, that we also know. a don juan, for example someone who is fiery and cheerful, that don juan does not come from finland. he is from spain! i myself am interested in the answer to the most important question actually in my life, i mean i am in the health sector since ten years.

and i have now found the most important in my opinion, namely to do short term fasting or intermittent fasting, where for 16 hours you stop with carbohydrate rich things, also sugar and no things like chocolate pieces and then indulge in this fat burning time, because there the actual healing takes place and afterwards you can actually do what you want for 8 hours and then again 16 hours, that is the rythm. maybe the best would be to also not eat once a week or like that and i am already practising this and i right now have the feeling, since i started doing this more consciously, i feel really good

and what is your opinion to this subject and what is your daily routine? i would be interested. what do you do when you get up and what do you drink? well generally one has to say, also here one goes back to our development. from our evolution, how was it for us? we had, as hunter gatherers, we didn't always have everything available like we do today. we were not able to simply go somewhere and there were all the rows of fruit and vegetables and animal protein and i don't know what, and drinks, so the whole range in a supermarket or an organic supermarket

or such, that we did not have. instead we always went around, first of all we had to hunt so we had to be capable of being in full capacity in a hungry state, and our body has that, that characterizes our organism. that means we could very easily, and that was often the case, manage with little food, for 2-3 days and then we hunted something or found something where there is something to find and then we stuffed ourselves. so we have eaten a huge meal once and then it is time for fasting. because it does not continue like that, how often is a mammoth slain?

or how often do you find a spot where you say ah, here is the tree that still bears fruit. it was not always like that, it was not available and also not in winter. so our body is best adjusted and equipped for that, to have hunger phases and not only that, where we say, it can withstand that. instead our body needs these phases. so in that respect it is absolutely correct, a lot of people do this that have, either a formula, eat something within 8 hours and that is also my way. i don't need to eat anything in the mornings, i start at midday when i start to make a smoothie and then drink something and in the evenings i make a bigger meal.

so to eat something within 8 hours, you can start, if you want that, that mornings at 8 you start and at 4pm i end. and some say they start at 10am and end it at 6pm. and some say, i start at noon and some a little bit later, at 8 and some even later, they say at 2pm is sufficient. then i can still sit in the evenings with friends. then the body has these eight hours, when food is consumed, and then it also has, say about 4 hours digestion time and the other 12 hours that remain, the body uses these

to regenerate and heal and to repair itself, to use this nutrition. that is a possibility. there are others, they even reduce that to 5 hours. then there are others that i have also met, this was said by an austrian comedian in his speech. he said: "yes, one day i eat and the next i don't" and the people that heard that, they took it literally. he only wanted to make a joke about that, about diet. he said: "one day i will eat what i want and the next day i wont eat" and the people exclaimed: "oh, that is super!"

and then people did that and felt very good about it, and they wrote back to him saying: that was wonderful what you have said, we didn't even know about that." and then he said:what? that was a joke!" and they responded per email: "but it works." in the meantime he gives talks on diets and advertises it as his method. that is the same and then there are others who say: "okay, 5 days we eat." and that is like it was with us in our culture. and then friday can be reduced, fish day or we can also say for 24 hours,

36 hours to build up a fasting period, so that the body can regenerate itself. it would be possible to say and that would be optimum, 5 or 8 hours a day to eat and then one day a week nothing. that is also how we do it in the zoo, i have been informed. the lions don't receive anything for a day! why? because that is normal in nature. not every lion is every day successful with hunting. so this is a wonderful way. thank you, i am really relieved because i always say that to all people

that i am in contact with and have already convinced many, have the feeling, they are feeling better. that certainly has been my secret and now i have first learned, so really again reconfirmed by you. there is another question since we are talking about eating, eating meat, only smoothies, only raw foods. what is your opinion on that subject? i mean before we needed to, in winter we had to eat meat, i'll say, and our intestines it already looks a little like, that we are already somehow meateaters as well, what do you think?

first of all: we are hunters and gatherers. we are not only gatherers, that was not simply our origin. therefore we have a system that handles both very well. the vegetarian lifestyle is a lifestyle that completely works, if you do it consciously and know how one ca

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