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good evening ladies and gentlemen andriessen grass before a group of lawenforcement officers edgar hoover head of the united satesdepartment of justice head crooked lawyers and further politicians fine easygoing when citizens areindifferent to the affairs of their city if we're going to have a victory overthe underworld we must have the cooperation of thepublic that statement applies as forcefully

any city in this country we want forstmann officers are making aneffort several more cases on the basis ofinnocent ordeal and you're on the eloquence of thecriminal lawyer also the money behind crookedpoliticians i'll be back at the end of the problem give you a few highlights on tonight'sstory lawn afternoon in march nineteen thirtythree legal career along the highway north of the other walking

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switches with a minor i'll take care of you go back to seattleget the new colonel meet in l_a_ later on without and taking a risk that you don't you worry about anything you'll bedriving a nuclear building on have gone on a car wonder with brightblue ontop of the political play on a moment the car

above one of them are quick to on allfour three-minute well reluctant in oregon and california on little point of alvear californialine there are two hundred got off thehighway off the ballot to reflect and publicly later evening of the same day state highway patrolman even if can comeout here in new york having and often on the radio moulder

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realized the name of poor right they your you of calgary open i'll make your name cloud you will see awell does give me a book and flip and i'llgive you my into were recruiting circum under minutes with uh... united mineread the s_l_ usually remains plaque in mind that word where you you could payto monitor and review mired in a related e-ticketing where never forget you think uh... yep

kahler entire hill calicut it and what and we're at get to work got picked up on the brunt just lastnight but i don't get to work this morning i love my job uh... unfaithfullocated here

will that work practitioner threat won't get a bailbondsman let's get this thing fixed upside network linux the or network norham haha he stumbled named joe colette prime minister or o'clock recruitergrappling with the a m or come on up there we can go over toangela but at alcohol panel might and probably including the money itwould prohibit the bond marked with him the clinton plan and with the money cardsimply walked in the front door unlocked the back door again desperate and dangerous criminalor the mark

postino shift for the opera companydeter them head of the robbery narcotic table of all time love for the before and i'm not complaining about your workopen loyal inefficient prepared for that represent five months and so far wehaven't the slightest glued to the identity of the time all we know is that one of them have abad scar now i feel that the reputation of thedepartment of state we've got to do something their alleged attempt theother day chief that might mean

something what is it well rather promised tracer with hisname but he told me to get with the names ofthe the working get banned what's the catch with propositionhelpful if you want to know the a moderate wards off the mark up there andthen he was an absolute guarantee that bought more than jeff would be killed bythe police assuming we started a blog and that's what he said fertility wouldgo forward with that anyway i don't know where it wouldn't go far we think is making a few like that in afit into a bank or a practising company

appellate where it is provided we agreethat the pop more just for left people and i remember figure things ilar mhm that's just looking for not these trees are conducted does i dot gotta run in with aberdares orgo

when the time a chemist at with them and they madeworse the one major that's way presidential under-funded aside is he doing just picking up one ofour men when can we see this uh... friend ofyours here uh... what room okay apple out write-up there through right around the corner how comethe third so we have a fellow students

will have some sort of our our product so they're going to devote all mushroomsfish in a more i think it was a low level they're all uh... happened rigor police department decade with either the fruit of that if there is someinformation about the button defense as i have how do you happen to have thesmallest well used to work for a pro that lawyer named leopold carter are youstill working for daughter no

how does that happen to know so muchabout the thing with like this is it then atma they guys well he worksas an investigator for tighter it again probably for me to go on fromjob with a african dueling always backed out of the time and and they collect use levine without adoubt that this has been told me to get out offered not a vote on it but thebulk mail because im go too much this guy was a friend of mine becausemail who is this for well i'd rather not mention his nameover the phone them column okay or i don't care what you call themif you can go to go to india funny a

good it will on living in the will probably come in i know you've recovered return on that who is this just part of the bands atthe immense coffins pico bailing them out of the film the cableis not kaufman father and and they've beenfighting among fell they let uh... they claim it or not on you norcross live nowdon't pattern and have room to the plate down they're letting the broadway orthis information is that it was but we've got to have more

get over this friend of yours andarrange for us to talk to them modular at the back to the office nine even bigger problem figured that i would hope that ourprotective and effective favor playing planned for the company carton independent amplitype program and it won't bother edward told me that uh... early or thought it was

in on the whole of gang and that hewanted to get rid of the department okay but i'm going to ask you appointlindquist was a real start of a man who offered toput the finger on my finger if is a man i thought so see what you find out of the files insouthern i'm a guy named coast pick up on sent if there's anything in their own francoyeses adult on twin babies in america is imminent okay rotterdam figure skating

op prior what the interview mime-version when we come in and introduce me aseanperson special investigator for the bank of america the uh... yet that that tobacco okay britt

azadeh i want to boris support of the patrolmanreal covers office and warm and beautiful preferable your theater for corporate you voters will speak out on our offerfor a proper and we'll send a written burst onto theroad reflect filthy those places they don't like without leaving a man withhim that they're are holograms of a

okay i'll be right up well it's not a problem fuel oil to be very very afraid michael delano but that on my life withyou were to accept the power they going to know what we got our information i don't know about that they would comeway the top of each with three you don'thave if the police to this gang i represent the band can you give us thebuilt we want you'll be up political you've given proper again inoted that the preferable whoever i

thought you're going to be economically lookingat my feet marcia uh... repellents you see these pictures you know any of these folks never felt before like photo and otherbirds we've been talking about the other one is prop now that the pope that stops goingaround and you tell us what you think just how deep uh... you win with it myway to my mother in honesty offensive or

would you tell us what you know uh... right you would sure i i know more we wanna know where we can find because anomaly burn i thought they were going to tell ussomething about it when you look over them all or if you happen to indexof if one of the rocket will prolly

one morning appointment if republican doughboy it more like sixthey'll accept offered a lot better at what are your father but uh... life terrier it just takes a look okay lost that but the most wire for defense workers still there

now anybody up north here quite a fewpeople or turn the minds of men who work here that you was a smart guy well maybe leah means mark and courtroom experience of ming then probably a i'd like to go on businessdown here and upriver up north but he did

fifteen persons markup ordinary anthonyunit jammies bill bennett ivanko review of my might get togetheron the proposition that if i wanted to make that right there as rachel good here reminded picture server crooner everywhere you have a friend of the interest of mybusiness of doing the repair work the where hundred dollars your problem returned

i think you know retaliatory as a memberof my attorney in sacramento i was a monthly turnover blazer work is that going to put me in kirkland okoff around to do atlantic with other or or a month afterthat a couple of months new york the kepada softener divorces i have apic across-the-board pol pot of that i thought maybe i had a client form but that pic botha normally on thatnight the command of the pond call you're gonna

yakovlev a plate if he calls me like theproperty product if you consider that the connection yet but i never got themoney political happened ok without the court is a goodfriend i'm going to ask him to have a couplethe boy stick around to see that nothing happens inaudible now do you want tohave you had blown up accountant uh... alarm coleman watchers meanwhile the awful mahatma but the family so-called investigator detectiverefining up damaging information

papered robbery operat rewind more pertinently later of intel critical what happened to her a few moments laterfigure rule of effective babe ruth the fountain at the end of the buildingthat part of the hospital tactical left the office just after icalled works for the report worked for your or just a minute daughter radar uh... bigger

my office door portraits all there on that or to fit cork grease are about johnson u_n_ chambers weighs in on theother office effect of the prep he stepped onto aclassical ever put into a refusal

all right now so you tell me what thisall about orchestrator hahahahahahaha uh... ordered that that that the other probably would have used the term of theideas he gave people to stop on may now well thought of the picked up for the well corporate proper well or or uh... uh... it let with that of belongingexpert not a new way of government

the oldest alarm all minor you've got my cook for yet ful cleansing principle if they've gotta hand it to you for thatdate and there or back reforms we heardplenty we want the car federal manner by the fact that this isthe man water for kidnapping a patrolman

ballenger seattle if i presented at both of them are goingto officers so that's the sort of the few pal aroundwith it without a man lecturing me about the marvelous moment to deal with interview with a plan that whose whetherlet your an arm making no promises the at about that you're the one on the spot you know better than to ask thatquestion where pick-up

it's electing don't know exactly where is the time i think that what america eleven that on it people at this for a vote annual turn right at the second sleepingon the filling station over their moving goes to court this a m and you can let as the leaders in the court right here

now listen to go easy on the cat it eliminate go out there and stay thereis a get tough except under their care get em if you have to smoke about etc now that i give you the informationtechnology you go easy on me you know the answer to that the other they want panic over your property or i don't think stuff there

effects like you air that's the door toa bank or among women and men are unprepared and protect it if i had my way i'd lane you're upagainst the wall and for machine gun planned smoke coming from the police ania i think of them the seated services for your call star wealthy bring about a mile forvictor

ayatollahs let's take this acted on abook wait a minute at that level comes from a quick look at them andbring them along lab bring about ralph reed if we can firm up scorpion that have been working for myself

i've been out of the united states andyou've been looking for me i didn't have to come back i'm linda wertheimer stared at her about a body up and forcing the schedule the saving lives and eleven thousanddollars to an attorney in sacramento and kept me money for myself and only got this bunches of perot's hadn't been eaten too early

but i'm more doesn't matter about me butthat give up there he's you know young refused to go i'm sorry my pastors but it is i'm curious to know that and your pledge to somebody i won't be able to keep it for all of athreat again accommodation of sentence for mypartner opencourseware

all i needed was five thousand dollarsmore as your partner's name george ball and you know the federal men identified you work withyour part they arrested several months ago that time you change booking scripts forthe streetcar conductor and lost your stuff uh... battle for myself pretty clever little you know harder stooping the but something elsethat let them know

what about that this appearancerepetitive three four some of them so i think some of themthat now you see it and now you've got thepower did that for the from effort is worth would you like me heavier but the yet yeah if you don't fear him and hotcollection or network get them to you with yes district of columbia

no michael nu skin uh... uses the movie's first got here or uh... through go into a drug store and get a littlebundle of the school audience and you put it on witnesses his car every seat if you feelit also may have relief here who said

groovy yet so that makes a pretty nice little he okay k right of the paperwork on will cover or allthe time for another group of women of that bull mobile when you fall career fromthe station for fire japanese after

independent we are going to be for aboutten crown royal he will tell you that they wherecompression and other factors make it necessary for you this change your gradeavoid all this information for your call inevery callers covered the victim cram all the british you're independent we are going to beher can interpret the floor for you and tell you exactly the grade award youshould use in your car now itself and play out over a planet mobileyou if i think the fifty four eight major airlines one hundred andfifty railroad and millions of war

in forty five minutes into the work sinpro everett fine papa higher fight crude oil in america i'm super fun removing all the harmful what can youput the podium telethon and many of you are a few but incredible i will not breakdown ofauthority your car will run smoother longer

you'll save money with them grow it inside your car perfectly at forty proper form input from yourruns across japanese were independently around that he was again we hear commissioner lines when the work of the officers in thiscase all local necessity uh... here's character would be nice story cannot be in themind their right to know that their work hasnot been in there and i thank you

several reporter or cardinal karta can'twait to broadcast one hundred eighty three years arnold that mysterious andrew that that's all co-director but that one revealed that night all real family all the all call copyrighted program creative byreal-time the

and incurable calling all cardinal andwalking down here cardboard we're going to murder dr the detail that mitchell for that very moment while i'm telling you the protest toriatolley car performance re-opened the cut kathleen only card fire engines and this is anemergency equipment if you're a citizen

counties are proving my feet every minute re-opened defects governingthe following umpiring fundraising certificates upbeat making their way to the fight against it forty card talk recruiting with it predictably thanking hiking being you or your neighbor we have a protection and security whichwere in fact real-time via partly well or right

vietnam one more important departmentwith how the government we'll bring that back happeningappointed covering up a little hope all firing emergency if it wide-open partly fresno married malethey could be a love angle happening in arcadia mostly apartment with gold andthen go out santa barbara pending legal phoenixlending a book on it makes a lot better under barbara county sandiego privateopening about medical county on shopping and many many other pitted and copy have subdivide real from the park kathleen

to follow all their fully fireinadvertent different we believe that you would agree to cutthe strongest at the moment will conclude the approval governing areality that has ever been presented why not all over the years old normalabout nothing got re-open the crap equipment talking byproduct of a readinglonger money japanese we'll give you a new production of reform only proper form input real-time requiregoverning

after independent real brand of humor of pleasure and privilege yahoopreventing one man who records of the pollute like the british adequately weber of stockton speaking from san francisco this program as a tribute filled me inwho swear on their word of honor local law and who have to be in the restof their lives do uphold the law whether these men are the common gardenvariety of the much abuse but put are

high nussbaum the man who directs traffic on your citystreets the mild-mannered county sheriff the detective who relentlessly pursuedhis quarry the much-publicized gmail or the little-known railroad specialofficer called a standard etc they are all working for the same commonman in fort smith of the law so that you and i and the other fellowcan enjoy the reasonably amount of

security and peace of mind to these brave man let us give on thecurb do the protected of our home ride on the night of the democrats onnineteen thirty-five hardening ordered problem what betrayalbattered wife by incorporating or one-mile palpable from which long bring harmful fruits andvegetables removing like groaning with our forty i'd i'm not going to remember that wecannot let loaded them up a bit

difficult for me vietnam must be awfully hungary a legacythat moving that way means really getting better and to the apt i wouldn'tput up a few bucks at black mountain of it being around and i believe thatpicking up on that john will be on the south into the uh... whitney there thatdon't buy out the minute i it has nothing to do a bluethey're not well motorola and when i have a look at things that you better becareful some pretty public unloved boomer finally gotten final by therespect that you've announced that they can makeit that whatever your or telling the

whole but mostly uh... i have a live that down in yearsthat i get there around the yard in the coming on with the not laying around andwith the ability but done quick you not be able to get into vote the third now does he have been suspicious they've done by the rover so with let either of them accordingly you really opened i told him and the people whom thegovernment of the eloquent mennonite

anyway admin it about your work project and later uh... during the break on that and you'll get away from that what you think pride in the u_n_ in atlanta it ac are car half practiced back cactus

appalled at the minute warning above thelaw it weapon for the department recruitment from sucking ur break when aprobable twentieth birthday got back from you the material you know almost a competing for the republicanparty a performing but the bottom yet not the in another couple quite different what cattle that effective they don'tlike it vocalist principal wonderful i

don't think that the other nothing cape may be parked driving atruck i left the mile the warning will repeatinterrupting the crime abound kirkpatrick backpage karen qualcommabout that but warning with thorough about what they think probably a littlewatergate wide open for equipment all the other three are not thegovernment of the river over them okay long-lasting out of work that morning atwimbledon everything the movement that everything the doctor who performedwhere there's already about the boom

boom boom boom cycle uh... probably on for despair buat your receivable in the middle of thepeople want to analytical on this marveled at the end of pork thickerthings here or or uh... looks like it didn't have ajanitor comwork garnered m_c_i_ particulate on the overhead inhis pocket we grew up in a global company limited ticket not booked aregood on another have attacked

are within their and before that uh...the enough you wouldn't believe the popularpermanent they'd probably dot the bombay relative to the kind of a victim of acap last time may prove valuable in tracking down the murder of having ababy operated on the character i wasn't ableto find out another wound everything are criminologist reported thataccording to the beard hair is found in a razor and the boom

belonged to a friend union or cuban negro he figures the man would be betweenthirty important connected the curtain where years you can get with mike jordandeadhead him uh... i'm not complaining tonight just to get the lead on thiscase so far you find anything out of the blue wefound a pair of dark blue pants forgiven and warm was about five five a fivefixed we picked up a barracks back down to thesouth and on atlanta jumped into the now

the good news is that going to take high temporal just this morning notablysimplicity oligarchy lived under the track thoughthe on supported them keeping in going foryears with little thing to get if you know anything about this if you go to dallas i've never been jacket is houses on atthe manage your funds vinitha along with that lead to work on anotheras a while they're probably just now all

mean live yet yes come on and roosevelt yet this is at the gym forgotten specialagent for the western visit we want to ask you some questions yeah uh... early human there were there leonid uh... is that yeah uh... on all of you know the involvedrecord dot at this they'll roller

uh... we study yes have you seen anybody hanging aroundthe yard would be capable of such a brutal killings that blood winter and recollect that feed room and yetthey did not have done nothing back one of madrid blackboard wind up with the mexican i don't think the basic bowl with adefinite golden looks do you think look like it was defeated at thankful

yes did you ever see this balloon thewhole at themed bedroom ruled that black bolt are remembered and left in the river andhere all the cold war it would what kind of happy they have a lot he didn't window it at all is the cap uh... the reviewed op the that's the onethere would be reasonable here you want

what newsweek yet they are going to takemy at least on told to go uh... coca-cola boil cold wareffectively you think they lived in the democratssophia one of the flak born applied artsy is uh... but we'd rather on uh... would be tough people at the kit

with the problem and the any idea what he called is to me like a he had to make it simplequality with cool wesco that define it yet waistcoat equitable did this man everywhiskers seems to me lucky d figure out that i believe he had littlewas on a couple weeks ago seemed like you had a little poopv_-eight who i think you've given us something towork on it

foley round up the bomb match up ofpeople to find out locate but never with a long look at theapartment and everything will call for the paper that the reporters werepicked up in fact a new with the murder of pullman porterbroadcom bike be pretty and one day in terms of ever over the top of request grumbled that way leprosy north capitol park e knock-offon needed lockdown or to see a black

oval office i think things actually deepest and most among sent dot yet than everywhere in this offer are believed what paul said that theyapplaud when i think this laptop you know westall japanese although noone knows bout the i don't know me well arpita blocked the front door unit that boy that that mexican war you know a thing

solving the mexican border weeding out the week ballgame she not onthe west coast often also i don't know what you think knows that you'redescribing omaha yeah disorder of funny-looking youknow albrecht remember that he was all shotneglecting operating him you over here and i you have my act alone you've always shopping and you know

you ever see this blue or dot dot blot patent that belong to west coast often compared with the people offeredto go along with people he felt they had made mister yeah i agree with you you say he had a long night and i think that you hear about thatnight welder

before though on that nato all-outreckoned e aplenty turned back to haunt when he was always shop men are matchedup there on the balloon its west coast if you drink much you drop a lot tochief one and smoked marijuana in biblio uh... it happened with uh... uh... it appear or we are back to you for anything not eventhe put into the do anything

what we want to know all of you knowabout this west coast uh... you ever heard his real name was scene with support whole recollect sab endure disney oncejournalists eat or come on man think recruiting i don't know what the issues wanting a warrant baton but seems to melike it law little al-mal legal or somethinglike that

uh... you can see once they've beenarrested for national public bellevue the people in principle after all i know bottom so me after napreferendum or gender gap in your car take around on personal integrity pickup on them practically had point ten dollars gift and when you go out withyou all right for you can go about withuh... weapons yet from invoice that the police as u_s_ immigration partvisibly happy may not be much good we thought it mighthelp

will decide that i was just uh... booklet bill in the heat build idea villains and my here there with discussion if you can't opena marketable footpath empty and we decided to sit down and that themomentum unrelated mortuary aria and we were to talk and we didn'treally get a lot of it though we decided to operate become one with walking along the river tractoroutside the uk wishing the light over in

the jungle you call it local we thoughtmaybe selectively captain remains uh... yet has been called me co using a and lived in that the areharriet you having that you're not a priorcommitment replied usually local lactate the party are you going didn't uh...

uh... anand on broader you or work that inactivate at that time for about one hundred it hundred now that will come through ever think thatperfect and i think uh... fifty fifty it heavy u that affected the swell notebook mapping out my

broker your lawyer they got it while make your view oranges of so did not believe at the rigidity of or or one of you on that well weaker hit the we did not call phillip campbell quieteddown and then we got a print price we heard about the more that we thoughtmaybe we gotta come back if you look

like i'm glad you deploys that have as much definite informationbut that need to know the kind of man we have to deal with tell me uh... you ever seen this bubblebefore yesterday at the bottom end of the micro system gravity that cap yeah that was on the mir is headed would you recognize this man of his timeagain nature of work

norming uh... right back as it was going to get back i want tohelp us identify any pictures again we'll find that bird yet when we do or the taking of records and broken orwhatever the river burnham always without the booming redbold worldwide a deal dangerous criminalswith records about a dozen states and management in california well enough for the record united

occurred when i woke up throughout thecountry giving details of the murder of a book the week role in the month of the birdconfident that they all them laundry everyday and underwear and i'll gohigher or drug abuse but a lot of republican governorrailroad walking along the creek daram and welfare and on or and when are u

and i feel around here before uh... summer there what's your name sure it's not video okay come on well got out of the who don't find out meeting best mint so many are at yesterday yes your honori picked them up in the pantheon ahead

and i'd like to say whenever questionerrole on this reserve reagan and sell this morning improper question actor protection this man's wanted bycalifornia officers for murder their program for your you know i can't proveit but i'm sure he's the man where you get your information from a circularthing cochran stockton california whereas a right here's my pocket uh... landmarks like the same man a man or because if he were cut differentlyrepeater here pranam here you know the

fingerprints to california officersmedicare picture wherever you are september the eighthnineteen thirty-five was uh... law and wrote middle and i think that this man is bytheir own agenda regarding of recovery officers democratic governor bertie parlamentoproduct by about thirty five okay john activities and the sale of acrime uh... oregon

i've played said that the same one whokilled at officer in california you're so sure that our job last acting asthough they found them and that's just what i'm going to do an answer to my larry a call coming innow wait a minute all day today from your description and fingerprints classification joe smith really floyd dale

all prisoner at all across it's end of the art world the speculated weapons the city act all i want to know on the plane become a graphicinformation and by all but the vacant being only on theparticular reverend revealed that individual water mahidol

reveal what the hell all the way to california rapport withmister koppel under questioning avail is resumes united europe but they'll there's your picture would you i'm asking the questions u_s_ refuted well i think your picture but if della culp lifting you're nowhere courted

see that ah... though at the same started having your headwinston there's a picture taken when you're injail in fresno the senate's america now governor leverage a decorative upon use a picture of a balloon found insidethe body of water cooler everything it before here's a cap found at the same place

that your cat and tell me about your car hewlett lilla here everyone rio unreliable overcrowded feel then he'll be with his lawyer whereyou're picking up anyhow believe local with evil is value-added them adult in the most up a few minutesok see what you can do

come on board the club it was really big boy june the fire thing or do you know that the people'ssania smith at that we give alibi you can you but you're afraid you will i know what i'm talking about single communal good look at them cultleader yeah marble

playing up to it you got a good education you figure things out deeply regret maybe you did our bible him out uh... and all weekend what you've heard what they foundproperly about that

from these packing up my love to go homeat laver crop up with you no about the acceptance of the kids andit's uh... everywhere you go out of the u about loving your farhad faith yeah fielding what you don't know aboutit demonstrate out human source shields uh... euro

along with the weather even talk now about there yes it would be railroaded with it that it fits ladies and gentlemen of the curry higheru or their ever him off criticaldifference are amal

well bracelet they're like the body of rodney cochrancorrecting nine stab wounds in that body is gone image holster and can peoplemostly men especially lang decided if they reallythe only other weapons he ever carried still in his pocket not one single evidence of evenresistance on the part of the fine officer and yet this man that there and i askedyou to believe fast-paced caulk to relieve that he brutally attackedinstead rodney got into a dept in self

defense or or or he can get into the story bear in mind that part because whatabout some of the ball in execution of the property this manhattan alright the resistance tosuch an officer is act is one of cold-blooded premeditated faster property effect look over packet it didn't matter

your penny dust-up returned all of thatbut it that fifty you cannot be busy we do have mercy onthe folder care who believe in god inland of on october fifteenth nineteen thirtysix or if they are all requote

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they've been friends that i'd want said or creeks that are dark and waves thatare very they even chinese peculiar in my years as a peace officer this hasnot been my experience i have found that the oriental bureau ofjustice has not always coincided with the occidental view but in the main i have found chinesepeople to be upright and respectable citizens probably no white man will ever fullyunderstand the vast importance which

pride or face has for the averageoriental that this true story of los angeleschinatown may possibly add a little to our appreciation of its importancethrough this race from the land of lotus flowers richter program is waiting and i have a few highlights for you atthe end of the broadcast when a man who lived in the land thatwas all monopoly of began apm and taken to instill all the mysteryin particular that land repeal instinctively the present here

insignificant beatles applicant thepanorama generation before he does not quickly brought the yourcompetition and keeping the ball unknown sometime but what about the man is notan easy one the weight of circumstances becomes aninexorable force describe him board alright lovely dark and sitting beside hisbeautiful young wife in the garden of eden father at the time of com look for the last time of the greatyoung woman rising out of the wharton again

and patrick he no the moon comes as having to create newparenting today which boat but they will not be eighteen not good bailey gosh handfuls when regarding the plan it is not thekind of man mom no no more than four speed terrapass beforeit would be rate

and we will have our own ah... we watch then about on mark include old or you have and the plan soon the proof written heated mittens i would like to name in my hand everything

known then conflicting and leave removing newman kiki women teaching m no you think millie and non with him adding that the becomes a week man he hopefully he whitman whitman

theory vol nine his newly and and so we canbecause minnow clinton me who that unknown governor all newly on them is it not because you would be for therepute might continue many limpkey confidently there baking maybe even buddhist p

before the leaves fall from the country you should come to mind you would be thank god admit no wenthome what being did not go a little e-cardjohn pictured them at night on the big apple pie needing handingover the garden will be going p among went by a palm tree bloomed againin the garden come down among became here the laws of the new man would not letpolitical movement the fifth newyear comes in golden withinroses

so report in a government denim tiny dot of it byintuit and i'm noah reciprocate that label scenery playing so well with mappingwhitney like you here at baylor arab state recruiting analytic shows

reject three we at cleaning and update you on theexactly handbook kevin got it ever give you a mail your that's no goodhere full photograph before that happened that much money you have to give me panther aged andlisten happen or you had an office more than abike jump without telling anybody defect in part to get a quick

and will have it instead of in ourremind surely you do get set up a new parts plant is doing for soccer that going to get back to you with thatfilm there and get uh... tough about it that up and we'll get your money outcome acockeyed world you will it don't thes around here you'll top too much

good evening archive or cut and pat brown i did not recognizeat it is back in here i do not let up is placed e lack of commitment and in but but you cannot tempt but uh... and now youknow and barrier folk that played for them and um... ploy and on the spot

adinet leave uh... and emina dan andneed help at the apec it in swam here and mean it kilby appraisers for me latitude and he'd manage as a matter of faith and yet

whether that got to do it at nothing antelope and that was to a friend ofmine a debt of honor gambling yet at program it will not have main and with it but i have no money to pay and

let me have ten dollars i would failback recruitment you hadn't and other than this place i'm a few moments ago amanda good withthem and he did that i had uh... how much heaviest as sony that banner and let me take that that level and

maybe atkins sell them for the rest youare working to work things are getting pretty bad when thefellows on present note though that i mean and that as you say carving out then i have given you know all that i havebeen matched that you had me bottle that would not be a bad idea you gettinga bad idea i cannot buy them

wrapped around me you know but maybe is i have been a member of this community and non and had the confidence of my fellowcountrymen you have not i cannot endanger that confident inorder to help you file your possibly can done now you know uh... taking pillsmaking a there's no gratitude during a uh...better get

directed by lapd and made a five dollar and that make me laugh abundant like line looms today you in-depth an apathetic and getting fed up with it and chatted with kate is known exactly

landmine from today ten infinite on the night it might nineteenreportedly indeed even the party of ten million moneyline and member of the a_n_c_ eighth back innineteen twenty seven that but the mysteries of the department it's ridiculous criminal was that thatis the first six markers he tried to get into narcotics smugglingwanted to become a fig shot and uh... what about that

at six oh here's me but i'll have to get on thejob that i could do that right had quite a long time artists for role that religion becauseabout he looked at what happens at what i've been trying to find outsugar-coating granddad pride upright all of us several at that socha people level eta

selected that just like shut them violated and onemyth that effect it again anywhere on the floor jumpedover the edge of the bed lesser evidently food into the room officialfrom and it wouldn't be legal affair at the names on the card apparently as awhole bunch looked like most of them were related or the victim may magadan remark made bythe employer activities name with louis farrakhan or edit it and all of a kind ofdesperate like employers added avalible

tossed in canada and and wandering about something that day italy and germany young trainees on thescene of a murder the bomb not to mention of that guns are banned usually only around a place like this isa lot of old man's this friday at one of them course now i think you've got yourinternet number one book mentioned probably right she's on the case of thepractically everybody knows i detail including joe pilgrim still constantly having to find anotherinterview intermediary comes yet

that kitty planting where the grading witnessing selected they're going to a list of witnessesreported on the well i think that one really slow a cousin of the d_c_ three-bedroom portal lesson yessir are already on thehill what about the group of three programmer about the twenty four percentlast month than accounted for all the time tendollars murray johnson previously it all goes into the reduction havinglike five bucks at the plastic because

in that amount on the day on its waywhich caused who much that language no doubt right discovered much to aspectonly came in then chopped mily garcia yester argento i gather that much in theconversation about star witness hilly and play the demonstrating the active going hysterical because of the otherside of that plan it's expression on cape cod you'll sink the captain

mother like account your expression of goodwill inc quiteoverwhelmed the honorable lethal uh... you for yet uh... report there could be thoroughbred race quiteit about we are all demand become popped into the shop public dotcom it's only a few years in this country yes many taylor thoughtful move dot imeet people and

and newsman greatly respected by ourpeople amanda dot that they had many of the waya billy dot really full it number one batman visible regrettable about whathappened there him what were you when this occurred likethat but i thought their did you feel it will come in but ithought you what did he do uh... before know what what open john wallace and rental home

list and then plug him waste time andshot john many times any went the way though it is that whatyou're gone the member park being and not by it witness the thing that that was a little bit listed forthe return uh... have any other movie that you know you live plants instead lobbed and lucky what on on that sameday hero your shop at from here okay

say what is this a murder investigationare recycled so that it billy elliot at pacbell here that is why it back now on may the folder while that the is ilan caught and listento other people that uh... pepperoni it will read elected by goodwork was rokom chinatown the neighborhood group ap quicktime t_v_ a

at work i want every available when you have agoing according to radio program chinatown i want to come in and everyplays really put might hang out have a list of addresses oracle coolcollected a visit further evidence of the willingness ofthe journey to bring the brand of justice didn't do it by a future leader of theclinton to the group partnering up with a eight people wanted a quick look at that little girlin a record one group right incentives

and filled with one group brown and it didn't work with stillanother group started at one end of chinatown youththat lives for all its worth i what local although it would be great activity outprobably did every object on keith davis with effectthere uh... actor backup alpina popping up outbreak up crack other remark ethnic background orientalcontact arrested you know this is the

only it's called family group fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen hegot to take a peek under optimist one girl though that packing buckner uh...article are i cannot get out of the dot alison meichen lesson regularly for study recoverable rocket arrival articulatedright delightful yeah picket fed up with it your at at what about me

ivan after all a question for the lasthour all you're under one of my time over that this is carpenter and laura murphy with that and i have happened person that it work help what there were not going to get going i want

your either hitting her want to becalled mind block and they're getting all night outlet iraq both in very late in lifeyou know when reform hotmail without about fifty thousand chinese myplan to attend the never heard of him haha communal probably content pair paladin opal i get cut

pair wait a minute that we don't getexcited we can handle it so i i i think that's all about uh... when did you dothis who were rework about nine o'clock afeedback report what was it that way when you thought it was what that dole allied on loan out electron lebanon if i hear that namelouis again i'm going up by playing up but i'm getting tired of and yourideologue yuletide open up art right now wait a minute lady record at the murder

gonna be locked up with a career withthe rather come down and let us have within the we world here and there were two promoter companyrumbling i will not come up uh... michael alive catholic with goingout that door of the other body the entity uh... you've earned it know that for anybody except that thereport or the other guy anglo not an electablethe little meeting other on adorama

antipathy there if they come up later it is a ripple not no well lookout tonight a let'sstart planning with it it looked like it alot about yahoo maybeanytime you cannot be realized that meeting we're discussing the murdertheir record got and whatnot on member rhetorical were andy's to or about that so i'm just about god town with a numberone book man all right

that not a political i'm going to find we find that mom whitman recap continuity of you know that that an important depicted bearablethat the honorable and one knoll re on who you would sports watching rockin who uh... significant passion not comingfrom the room optic parthasarathy uh... manuals

weapons trouble its credit with acapital but it certainly put the finger were drawn and quite issue what career ohmae number one pot more immunoblottingpretty i mean you will or do anything less and wrong couple on the car yeah lawyer who speak english gardner

come on at the car rockwell arrived okke gelato park too whenever that quote are going on on that retire weathermanbackpacker picking out what it cardinal as reliable graham at nine o'clocktonight i have not seen him since

laptop or we will they have a gun whenit's on the night sorry yaar dunbar back alonso apartheid first met some musclehow do you know insulin formated better ever hearanybody you cannot main articulate i left them on main street atlanta thehydraulic artwork i'd look at the clock on the paper building fell off label say he want meet me again that'sanother property major mole were did you go to the pool reporters the night

but very carly dot format across me what you have a madeanalytical to do about it tomorrow morning you will learn what thefollowing well done next morning the core of grab habitbuilding in the bottle finder unabomb bodies david happen but not the homeabout what gathered for a few hurt bird or climbing the creaking thereafter theheadquarters of the ping pong pong inside the parliament building the feetof almost indescribable thunder that upmystreet covered the above thewall

perimeter of expedia european luxurygave the roman era wall of china about what the public or even inflicted here whether because of a rate of exiledtumbled to decide the fate of one of the whole numbers apart but feel part of the group for theleader of the powerful kissing paul two distinct fractions seldom the cause but no united in the common cold the of bending the bataan death march

the murder of a man who was not a memberof the people button a ping pong pong ful well related is that through a friend would never beright if at all so encrypt at lower out but and little on me in a contented are

no part some among our people and have taken and that art buyout freedoms do flat superb with them one who have felt on dot lane effect maybe a combo packs and request thatpeople estates dr mc known his wishes the work people

okay deeply appreciate beyond a year agomen asking me to come to this meeting let me show you that no member of yourcolumns is under suspicion except maritima is the man we want if that is here one windows really and then like and man not in believe president those with a member ofthe

sort of his information do you know a bit one and members of our honorable acne that's happened to s a prop is not perfect and that if you'vepracticed on pepper and coming for we i'm not pepper and coming park so that brought if not ecom via one will not goal on on me

if it's with sorrow honorable officerthat i convey to you the newest that one up our people have to pay cut if you've given to me to say also that our people or prepare a war for the captor of billy banlab bud on work thoroughbred chinatown amount of and one morning several months later and focus instead of in the field

uh... permanent working commander fractured right and legitimize uh... retraced nor a poker macarthur andhe dropped out of sight in portland anti-war from texas they did it an information attorneys to hang himselfmercado city in order to avoid arrest his political

one of the mother-in-law vendors but the position of productperpendicular of detective floyd find out about itthere were other way to pick him up on our request with his attempt to save his rates underare not uh... who was infected their brains you know what bread or upset equipped for that dot where is that of a higher now

they even planned is future subsequent investigation bedroomcundinamarca effective curriculum and identify the body really gunmen known tobe on the world of china com hartlepool than refining processes that areresponsible for the poor people on the cracked up to the normal responsible forthe quality of incredible roller there are many reasons for you you wouldbe internationally famous oils but the one most important reason right now atthis in parallels contain no petroleum jelly

nothing useful product in your powerfulwith a bad when you're more most loyal do contain this pumpingredient you know what happened to it but it getshot it mel sun breaks down to what we unparalleled will not breakdown in themost intense somebody and that's one reason alone white eight major airlinesone hundred and fifty railroad greatly to ship them over for forty fivenations of the world depend upon unparalleled to protect there's billions of dollarsworth of moderate growth you'll at bom four years for the life ofyour car you save money what's unclear

mortal if you didn't get your free copy thatyou need to calling all cars newton plastic but the third good reason for seniorreal brenda do with the malt didn't pay rise for safety with andterrible toilet and bath body car performance with real brenda quackhappening and knowledge he favored by the word for it one of the most interesting phases ofthis case we have not mentioned family a police and lab hartlepool

cooperated with the chinese chamber ofcommerce and at the polls to distribute pictures and descriptionsof the way through leverage and around america bus it was for these movements for solong throughout this country he could not associate with hiscountrymen or with americans he was indeed a marksman a man who had lost his face me

assemblies going all cardinal cuz ican't wait to broadcast one hundred eighty-five decision no long narrator at the grand hitting that night all reoffended

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