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previously on thefunnyrats... friday night. we're doing downtown alive. {music} they're good guys. i like them. you like this? yeah! thefunnyrats. hey guys. we're going to the rv show. are you excited?

we brought their wagon so that the kids won'thave to talk as much. amelia's side has been hurting. jacques fell asleep in the car, so... we made it to the rv show. is that exciting? let's go. always just pass up the tent. they just wantto sell you stuff. {music} {laughter} i see the airstreams.

do you see the airstreams? do you see the airstreams bud? yeah. you can get out bud. go on up. so this is the airstream land yacht. this is the super fancy one that they justcame out with. wow! what do you think about this one bud?

is this fancy? lap of luxury right here. see, i don't actually like this one. i don't like this thing right here. you don't like this? it's too closed off. there we go. see look. this is where your refrigeratoris. ohh...

and it's big too. it's a large one. ow. and it cuts you. you got cut? jabbed my skin. it's not bleeding. that's a large refrigerator for an rv uh huh.

man that got me good. let me see. right there. it took the chunk of skin out. found the bathroom? what does the bathroomlook like? i found the bathroom. yeah. wow! that's a good size shower. let dad get in there. come out. wow.

this is spacious... for an rv. wow. yeah! i can actually stand up in here. hello. hi. let's go check out the bedroom bud. only the bunk ones, i think, have the wardrobetype of stuff. i like these lights.

you do or don't? i do. you do. you like the switch? ohh... that's cool. up top there. man. i can't believe you cut your finger. first thing i open.

it's got blood coming through. are you checking out the windows? what does this even do? that's in case there is a fire and you needto get our really fast, you can open up this window to get out. is that great? yeah. i don't understand... ohh... that one opened easy. there's one big one.

the other side is going to be the same thing. i don't know if i like the big one thoughin one big cabinet. i don't know. it seems like stuff would shiftaround. right. exactly. let's go find another one. you ready? this is a classic. rear queen. this is the refrigerator. this is a big one. you like this wood?

it's dark. it's dark... yeah. this is the bed setup we like. well, i thought that you liked the cabineton the side. well.... it's got a cabinet. and it also has under here too. you can pick that up. they each have a little nightstand with alittle drawer. yeah, and the drawers.

i don't know how i feel about the granite. the granite? it seems like that would add a lot of weightto the trailer. yeah. it's a nice one. there's the bathroom. it has a really nice shower in there. yeah? after sleeping in an rv. you want a nice bathroom? you want to go inside and take a shower bud?

look. go on in. take a shower. {laughter} cedar closet. is that cool? see i'm still not sold on this. on what? the pull out. the pull out? why not?

i don't know. because you would actually get more use thespace. usually the further you put stuff back, ifit doesn't have a roll out, you're not able to get to it. i know. look at how big. yeah. i know. that's nice. so you kind of like this darker wood?

it doesn't bother me. it doesn't bother you? i like the windows right here. and i also really like the table and the couchesover there. i like watching him explore. like this you get sunlight, but people can'tsee through it, and this one, you can get the wind blowingthrough. i like it like this, and like this. let's go. going down to the next one.

an international. hop on out bud. this is a 25'. it's not bad though. this is what mali mish has. if you don't know mali mish, they are a youtuberwho live in an airstream, although they are not in an airstream rightnow because they are down in mexico. i'll link them up down below if you want tocheck them out.

this is the size of airstream that they dohave. they just have an older one. you like that? i think so. i don't know. the flying cloud ones have the airplane lockerstyle. this is kind of like the higher end of a flyingcloud. what's that? hopping on the bed. see i almost busted my face just now. that's one reason why i don't like this stylewhere it's on the side like this

because it's easy to bust your head there, and i don't like having to go all the wayaround, and it would be cramped over there. i would sleep on that side. if this was $15,000 we would buy it. without complaining. you're right. flip those switched bud. you don't know whatthey do, but you're going to flip them. what's next? go ninja, go ninja, go. go ninja, go ninja,go.

are you going to get in your stroller? international serenity 28'. i like this. i kind of like this. i think they have changed out the layoutsa lot. this has a thing that comes out to where youcan make a bed. and it's got storage in the back. ohh look at that. that's cool. storage under there. yeah. are you sure this comes out?

yeah look. this right here. open that. and you move your pillows down. that's the potty. yup. this is how for wardrobe you have this wholething here. yeah. i like that because then we each have ourown space. i do like that too that way you can't junkup my space. keep it nice and neat.

under the bed storage. under the bed storage... and yeah they havethese cubbies here, and there's usb ports up top there, and aplug down there. i like it. what do you think about those lamps? ready for the next one? let's check out the flying cloud twin. climb on up. what do you see?

they put vista views in the flying cloud. i feel like they didn't have them in the lastone. but they do have a lot of storage under thesink. they have all of this up here. a little bit more than the other one. yeah, but then in this one you have a pullout. ohh yeah. that you could do some stuff with. and then you have that.

but it's a twin. whamp a-whamp. not what we want. i'll sleep on one side and you sleep on theother. honestly, though, what? we would probably sleep better. ohh. me on one side and you on the other? i'll sleep right here because you'll hit yourfeet on that.

you get jacques; i'll get amelia. no. we can throw them in the front on the table. ohh, that's kind of cool. a little over thefoot cabinet, and then this one has a locker. it's an opportunity to bang your feet. that, this. maybe. i don't think that's long enough for you lane. let's find out today.

what's in the oven? ohh... that's a big oven. alright. do i fit? ohh yeah. i've got plenty of room. it's comfortable. do you like this one amelia? open it. it's tough. it's a tough one.

lift up on them. do the other one with me. there you go. i think that this is all of the airstreamsthat they brought with them this time guys. i was hoping to see more. they have a whole new fleet of bunk models. i don't see them here. i think we're going to go and check out someof the ones that have an engine in them. it's called the interstate. i've never wentin one of those before,

and i'm always kind of curious to see whatthey can pack into a van. live in a van down by the river. it's an rv with a steering wheel that youcan drive. is that kind of cool? the knobs go in and out. whoa, be careful. did that scare you? this one has a steering wheel bud. you can drive it. is that crazy?

it's backwards. yeah. it is backwards. how are you going to drive that? yeah, there's your storage. they have a lot up top though. i'm impressed by that. man you can't even stand there. to get it out. that's tiny.

this is where you use the potty. and take a shower. all at the same... oww lane. sorry. all at the same time. the toilet paper is covered up. it does? yeah. there's a cover for it. ohh yeah, yeah, yeah.

this is not my thing. not your thing?too cramped?yeah. so you need a little bit more space? this is pretty tiny, i'll say that. very tiny. what do you think bud? is this tiny? alright, i'm ready to get out. you're ready to get out? alright, let's get out.

turn around bud. let's go. too much for mom to handle, or i guess toolittle for her to handle. ok guys, we jumped into a 5th wheel, and it'slike having your own home in a trailer. krista says that it's too much. i think i agree. what do you think bud? huh? come on. let's go into the next one. go check it out.

so krista really likes this one. it's a 26' bunkhouse. this does have plenty of room for them tobe safe right there. like the other one. yeah, and it's more open so honestly, youget better airflow. right, right. window. it open? do you like this one?

jacques is trying to figure out his name. i know. i know. and then this is the bed. for the price, this is really good. layout we like. so this could be a possibility. so i listen to a podcast called rv familytravel atlas, and they have this brand of trailer. it'sjayco. i think they have a white hawk, though, theydon't have a flying jay.

final found them. we couldn't find them lastyear, so we found them and we're checking them out. they're not bad. the price is right. i'llsay that. it's almost the same as the other one thatwe like. yeah it's almost like that other one. alright guys. that's the rv show. we actuallyfound something that we like. it's not an airstream, but it's a lot lessexpensive, which is important. alright. also register 1 and 2 can do returns. i need to return...

sleeping bag. so why did we return the tent?

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