rezept für lammkeule

rezept für lammkeule

okay lovely people, we're going to do a gorgeous,gorgeous melt in your mouth sticky melt in your mouth meat dish. we're doing a lamb tagineokay. this is a tagine right, it's basically the old fashioned hundreds of years old portablestove. now the point of the lid is that it just traps the steam around here and justhelps tenderise meat and stuff like that. beautiful lamb shanks, i'm going to hit itof course with sea salt in there. we're going to hit it with some pepper in there as well.we're going to go spice as well. i'm going to go with a teaspoon of the raz el hanout.or they call it garam masala. then i'm going to use some coriander seeds, half a teaspoon,teaspoon there abouts and just a good pinch of cumin, classic, classic moroccan flavourand just use a little pestle and mortar to

crush these bad boys up. there you go andthen just shake that over the top. so that goes over. get a little olive oil just tomake it all stick. so, now we've done that. i'm going to go backto the next bit which is my tomatoes. you want about a kilo of fresh tomatoes so i'mjust going to slice these up and i might just season this with a little salt as well andpepper, just because tomatoes need help, they need love. in a good a tagine there's alwaysan element of sweetness and always from the element of dried fruit. i'm using apricothere. it could be sour cranberries, or cherries, or blueberries, whatever. i'm going to usea little bit of coriander. what i'll do is just use the stalk actually. i'll sue thestalk here. what i do these days just because

i'm lazy, get a garlic crusher, put the garlicinto the crusher and just crush it straight in and it saves me a job. right so get allthat lovely mix and just bang it in the bottom of that tagine, just like that, all of thejuices, don't go throwing that away we want all of that. that's all great flavour. onceyou've done that you can put in a few new potatoes and then go in with your shank likethat. so look i'm going to whack this on a heatlook at that! if i get a little fork and just sort of like stick it in and then with nopower just rip it. you know hat i mean? that's what you want you want meat that just watchit, that's what you want. that's what tagine is all about.let's take this over have a look at that!

gorgeous, really, really nice. and if youthink about it how long does it take to put together. four or five minutes to knock together,forget it, two two and half hours, go down the pub, go down the park with the kids, youknow whatever and then you've got this when you come back! and what's really nice to contrastthe gravy and the spice is some yoghurt and a really simple, just chop some mint. a squeezeof lemon juice in some yoghurt goes really, really well with this. let me do a portion.what i love to do is just tear up some of that flatbread like that. get yourself a littlebit of the old couscous, and then go for your favourite looking bit of lamb shank over herebang it straight in the middle like that. go and get some of your new potatoes, youdon't need that many new potatoes because

you've got the couscous anyway. but none theless they're good in there with a little bit of chopped coriander you can put on a fewlittle leaves around there as well. and the yoghurt just think of it, it's not being poncythink of it as a little you know fire extinguisher. you've got the spice in there and it's justreally, really nice. and something that they love to do in marrakesh, they've got the pomegranates,and what they do is they cut it in half like this and you pop your hand over like thisand then you just pat over these pomegranates and there's these little capsules of sweetnessand you have to try it to get it and it's absolutely gorgeous with this rich, rich lambbeautiful. so look at that guys. an absolutely brilliant dish, really melt in your mouth,incredible flavour from that lamb and that

refreshing yoghurt from those capsules, sweetpomegranate. it so works.

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