rezeptbuch zum selber gestalten

rezeptbuch zum selber gestalten

hi everyone, i'm back again for another video this is "@mischloss" "life according to maria" and i am excited today. i sorry if my hair's a little poofy. i just got out of the shower, i just did my hair and it's a little damp up here and if you hear trucks going by and everything going around... i'm actually in my back

deck. i just popped up my my video camera here because i've got a bunch of stuff ready to go indoors as a matter of fact, i'm going to be cooking dinner tonight! i'm going to be putting up a recipe that i got from a cast-iron skillet recipe book. i know it it's funny but this calls for like an enamel coated cast iron

skillet which i couldn't find. but i digress again ... it's catfish piccata and i'm going to be filming it for you. so i've got everything set up inside the house to go so i didn't have any other place to come except outside of the house to actually film this other video that i want to talk about. so little story here behind

everything and i'm not going to do a little "intro" because i'm not going to waste your time. i'm just gonna get right into it so that we don't waste any time! :) i was going to go over to do my weekly shopping and where i got my catfish and all this other stuff that i'm gonna be making, and one of my

very dear friends here in atlanta like a couple months ago brought me some honey sticks they're just little sticks that you kind of i guess put into your tea. okay here comes the truck (big noise) do you hear this? this is my timing so now this huge truck is coming through in the street behind me. ok now they are stopping. now my dog's

going!! yay!! anyway (laughs) so my friend got me these honey sticks and i try them and i love them. i'm like oh my gosh, where did you get them and she said there's a little local bee farm type of store next door to kroger and she was there one day there's a a blood bank there what is it called? ... red

cross and she was going ahead and doing her blood donation and when she came out she it was right next door to each other to the red cross. she went into this honey store just to pass the time and she just started talking to the friendly lady there. her name is pam by way. hi pam out there and so she bought a couple of things from

the store and of course passed it on to me knowing that i'm all into health and everything. i got hooked on it so anyway long story short.. the next time i went to do my shopping, ok it took me awhile to do my shopping and actually go into the store because normally, i'm with my husband when i go shopping. (pause) my dog is just

driving me nuts out here! it's just crazy "biscuit" quiet ...quiet . he'll stop, don't worry. it's just the truck gets them him excited. so anyway i usually go with my husband to do my grocery shopping and my husband is one of these creatures that he goes straight to where he needs to go we do not veer here and we do not veer

there. we go straight to the place that we're gonna go shopping. we buy what is on the list we don't veer, you know, outside of that so that we're in our budget right? i like to stop along the way. i like to discover new things. he hates going shopping with me because i'm kind of like a spontaneous shopper. i'll see something,

oh something's on sale, oh i forgot about that. look at that organic thing oh i gotta try that out and by the time we go through the aisles are basket is like twice what he anticipated and he always says that i break his budget so he tries you know to reign me in but anyway... i am i am free today!! i am free he's at work and i've recently got in

between jobs now so i have a couple of days off so i am free to go where i want to go,... when i want to go... it is such great freedom and what i wanted to do today was completely stop before i went to kroger and go to this honey place that i wanted to get to for so long that my poor friend gave me these samples to try and i just could not get back into the

honey place because god forbid you know we veer off the course right? anyway, i got there and i got me a little haul, so i'm going to show you but i've got to look how cute that is, ok? it's called "georgia honey farm" (name of store) anyone's interested and i'll i'll put their link below and i believe they have a website. they're not very into social media, so

they don't have an instagram and they don't have a twitter ...believe me i asked. i kind of went in there and i took some pictures once i told them who i am that i have a natural, organic channel that are run on youtube. the lady was very, very nice and let me walk through the store and do some really beautiful pictures of how they

put together their display and everything. so that'll be in the at the end of this video. i put together a kind of mini little slide of all the pictures that i've taken, but anyway in here i wanted to show you what i got and i wanted to show you... she gave me a bunch of little cute things "honey bee to brain freeze" little

things that you can do with your kids to make you honey popsicles and healthy strawberry puree. you can get you know honey with little waffles and everything. just a bunch of really cute things and of course you know, you can pick that up when you go there, if you go there, and then of course everything's in this pretty yellow package for the honey

color so i'm just going to grab a couple of things out here. so the first thing that i got well not the first thing, it"s the first thing out of the bag the bee pollen 100 percent pure raw and natural bee pollen so here it is, and this is the 7 ounce jar and i'll tell you all the prices as well, but i just wanted to show you how that looks

like isn't that pretty? look of golden that is and i know the sun is kind of i'm in the shade but i have a sun as well, there's that and this is one tablespoon is 20 calories and total carbs is really 32 grams of sugar 1 gram protein and five grams of bee pollen. now, i just want to make mention supposedly this is really good

for actually if you're having any allergies to incorporate bee pollen into your diet slowly and it basically boosts your immune system, so that your allergies kind of go down. that's the theory it's almost like you're introducing some allergent into your system so that you won't be allergic to other things and of

course consult with your doctor. don't just try things if you do have severe allergies or anything, please consult with your doctor and make sure that you can take be pollen. i do and i have and i usually put this in my yogurt. i will put this in my cottage cheese like a low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese maybe

with some fresh fruit or puree or applesauce into the cottage cheese and then put this on it. don't use too much. you don't need to use too much, 1 tbsp is ...i think way too much she actually gave me a tiny little let me see if i can find it. little plastic spoon that i'm supposed

to use. hang on. oh, there she is! this is how little this spoon is... tiny little spoon, look at my hand and then look at the spoon ok and she told me to use about a third of this spoon! this is like one of those ice cream ...when you taste ice cream. when you go into the ice cream store and then you

take a little ice cream because you don't know what the taste is going to be like and you don't want to commit to buying a whole scoop of that ice cream before you actually taste it. so it's that kind of size all right? now imagine that and being like one-third of that and that's what she told me to use. i'm using a half now i

cheat a little bit but that's fine yeah i'm used to it i've built up to it so i'm i'm okay with it. get my receipt out here so i can tell you people, all right, so the bee pollen for the 7-ounce was a $13.99 so that's i don't think that's too bad i think mostly it's comparable to whole foods or you go anywhere and you get bee

pollen and i've seen them as high as, fifteen to eighteen dollars it just depends. i think this is really comparable and it's great quality you can tell how beautiful this is so it's fine 13 dollars and this will last you forever because if you're using one third of that tiny little spoon. this

sucker is going to last you. do it maybe once a day in your meal if that? it's going to last you forever so 13 dollars you can't beat that. ok the next thing up "gullberry" honey it comes from a gallberry tree or bush i'm not sure it's a berry and it is specific to that these bees only

gather from this gallberry bush i guess. let me tell you she had there to try in these little spoons also you can get free be samples with the little spoons and tiny little cup that she will give you.. she had about six different forms of honey. she had like a clover, gallberry, there was a wildflower and two others. that i can remember some

very dark colors and some lighter colors. this is a beautiful golden color. i know it's kind of not coming through on the video. i'm trying to position it so you can see it but it is a beautiful golden, look to it and just tasted wonderful. i mean this was the one that i chose to try because i do get a clover at

other places i do get a wildflower at other at whole foods of course "sprouts" (another local store) all of these places but i did want to try something that i hadn't tried before so that's the gullberry and i'm going to put that in my tea tonight i cannot wait!.. i cannot wait! i mean i seriously could eat this like spoon it out and keep eating it that's

how crazy i am. now i got a treat for myself this is the last thing i got and again i didn't buy out the store and i'll put up the pictures of all the different honeys and things i took still pictures all over the store. so you'll see that this is a treat from my childhood. this brings back my grandmother, it

brings back canada, it brings back when i was 6 or 7 years old and she loved honey. she put honey in everything. i think that's where i got my taste for it. and indulgence for it. she said that honey is a purifier for the heart. it is a heart-healthy type of nutrient and she was all about in those days... they had

jars like this. these types of jars and they have the honeycomb inside the jar along with the honey and she would go to a special store. she would get that jar with the honeycomb and i loved the honeycomb. i would you break off little bits with my spoon or sometimes as i'm going to show you right now she would actually buy a a block and this is

a block let me put it up. it is the wild flower honeycomb from the hives to your home. this is a block of honeycomb i haven't even opened it up yet. see? just beautiful just gorgeous look at that color and when i saw this and this is $15.95. it brought me back and

i had to have it. she also had some honeycomb to pick off with the spoon so i could try it there and i was just like just chomping on the wax, and it brought me back so many wonderful memories of my childhood, of being in canada, of the summertime it's just a wonderful happy happy time. happy feeling. what do you do?

a lot of people ask what do you do with the honeycomb while it's in your mouth? what would "miss manners" do? does she spit out the honeycomb? (laughing) do you chew and swallow the honeycomb? do you just chomp on it forever? what do you do?? well you can do whatever you want. if it's a small enough amount

and i talked to this with pam actually, asked her this while i was in the store, because i had a little bit in my mouth. i said you know, i usually just swallow it just chew it like chewing gum! till it's gone and does the wax do anything? she said no actually the wax is a great thing to get into your system and it just passes food through

you it's almost like it's nature's little fiber purifier. so kind of like the toxins in your stomach and your belly latch onto it and it just like, think of it as little marble pellets you know in your stomach and it just kind of goes right through you. so it's not going to do anything ..any

harm to whatsoever if you want to spit it out. (pause) ok, now someone's drilling back here! wonderful ...if you want to spit it out... by all means go and spit it out into a napkin ...wherever you know don't have to put it on top of a table or anything like that but you get the idea. it's fine i wouldn't put this in tea, i wouldn't

actually cut a piece off of it and put put it into tea, because it's going to melt...i don't think it would be good for that, but definitely she suggested too if you want to put a platter like a horde derve together for guests, especially around the holidays now that the holidays are coming up, i know this sound

is annoying everyone... i'm going to try to filter it out and as best i can in post processing but just know someone just deemed it necessary to i guess, maybe blow their driveway for the leaves. great ...but anyway she said like a platter put some cheese maybe goat cheese or regular spreadable cheese; put some crackers.

put a little honeycomb there. maybe regular honey in a little pot and have people oh and put some preserves maybe some fresh fruit preserves and then have people make their own crackers with the honey and the cheese, the soft cheeses and the preserves. you can't get better than that. you can do it as an appetizer or you can also do it as a

kind of like after meal dessert type of tray. i think that would be wonderful as well, i've certainly would partake either time, either before meal or after a meal. i would do them both, so that's it those are the three things that i bought. there's another little thing in here ...another booklet oh these are sweet honey recipes for

everyday cooking so you can do... i don't know there's a spice crusted salmon with orange honey glaze. oh honey bbq marinated chicken drumsticks, look at that! yeah she put all kinds of fun stuff in here for me to try and guess what? i might actually do one or two of these recipes and actually film it

for you and see how it comes out. honey five-spice thighs oh my gosh! honey peanut butter protein energy balls... honey macaroon dessert pizza. spice-crusted salmon, i already said that, but yeah definitely i think i'm going to pick a couple of things out here and maybe try it and film it for you and let you know how that worked out. now that i

have some time on my hands, i'm like i said i'm between jobs, so i am making the most of it putting as much youtube videos out there for you and sharing as much as i can. going around town without hubby so i can kind of explore and maybe find some new things out there for you. and when i do "boom" i put it

up there. so i hope you enjoyed this video. please give it a thumbs up, please comment below, and let me know if you make it into this or a similar type of store. i'm sure there are stores like this around your neighborhood. go on the internet, go on youtube i mean not youtube, google it and see if there's anything in your neighborhood that you want to try

and please leave me comments below and let me know if you have tried different varieties and honey's and you know how they're working out for you and don't forget honey is a great antioxidant and anti-pollutant for your face there's honey masks that you can do. i put a little honey could do honey and yogurt mask. i know that's a favorite

that's something really, really good that you can do and you can google other types of masks that you can perform there's beneficial results beauty results both internally and externally for honey so anyway that's all i'm going to say because the guy is being annoying and still blowing his leaves! i know

it's the fall but you know it's.. why does it have to be done like right this minute?? anyway i love you.. till my next video... (blows kisses) talk to you later bye bye!!

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