whirlpool badewanne bette

whirlpool badewanne bette

(snazzy music) mark: hello everybody, my name is markiplier and this is 360 packets of hot cocoa mix. and this a bathtub. we just got done with the eggnog ice bath challenge and that was a horrible experience. so now were gonna do something that'll be pr-(mutters) anyway so we got 360 mix here, we've got a bunch of hot water at the ready we've got multiple cans of whipped cream to top it all off. because frankly the store didn't have enough marshmallows. it didn't have any at all. but, by some freak incident, after that we did the last charity live stream

they sent us-- not a normal gift; they sent us-- they sent us this many. they sent us this many cans of whipped cream. and they said: "hey, you guys will probably think of some way to use this." and, by gosh, we did! so thank you crisis textline, and if you haven't seen. we're gonna be doing another charity livestream right around the corner but first, we oughta get this started(9:00am cst/8:00 am utc) so step one, fill the bathtub. mark: insert shot of us filling bathtub

step two, break down all of these cocoa packets into the bathtub. mark: insert shot of us doing such thing step three, top it off with delightful whipped cream. mark: insert shot of whipped cream here (faint moaning from the three) and it's not just gonna be me. i'm gonna be assisted by my fellow elves tyler: i'm not an elf, i'm a tree ethan: i'm an elf. mark: yeah, you're elf enough.

so, my fellow-- why are you shirtless? ethan: well, i dunno mark: was i supposed to be shirtless?ethan: yeah. mark: hold this.tyler: this is a hot tub. mark: let me just flex so i don't seem embarrassed. it's not really a challenge we're going to be doing the tyler: ethan: the hot man tub.mark: the hot hot chocolate tub.

ethan: i am the most-... everybody take a baaaaaaaooox mark: fill this up with hot water tyler: oh~ mark: why? (hip happenin music) mark: and then we creamed everywhere. (more hip happenin music) yes,

that is 360 packets of hot cocoa powder in lukewarm bath water. it's not too pleasant to look at but it has not been stirred yet so i've got my "stirrer" at the ready just to make it even more disgusting. so, umm uh, before i'm gunna draw like, no ahhh, that's nice. let's get a little smiley-face on there "kill me" mark: ahh, it's so sweet

oh, is it tiny box tim? yeaaaa~ he's a little happy- oh, he's not gonna be happy- ok, here we go hooh, ah, that feels weird. oh, that feels so weird. *weird water noises* mark: if you are currently grossed out, write so in the comments below. if you're grossed, smash that like button, ugh. ethan: can we hit 5 million likes?!

mark: shh... it's asmr bath time. look at these-- look at these fucking boulders of cocoa powder. just like fuckin' icebergs here. euhh. we have no idea if this is the proper ratio of hot cocoa to water- or whatever it is. it doesn't seem like there is enough water in here so i might add a dab. hooh, oh, that's like soggy cereal,

oh geez. ethan: that is so gross! mark: that is so fucking gross. ethan: how's the consistency? mark: (stammers) i mean, it feels like water obviously. but just in the chunky bits, it's getting foamy which is just bizarre. -hey, by the end of this, this is going to look delightful and everyone will want a dip. ethan: yeah.

mark: everyone will want to join us in the bath of the disgusting hot cocoa mix. let me, hang on, wait, hang on, let me get it *slurp* ugh *laughing in background* here, have sip. ethan: *quiet slurp* ethan: that's hot cocoa alright, that's a nice cup'o'joe mark: mmmmm (with an accent) so, now, we're going to add the whippt crem

and that means a lot of crem is going to get exploded out onto this thing. hang on, i'm hitting the "regrettable" button. (slap sound as mark goes "pbbt") oh! look at that! we are a pg channel for family and friends. so we're gonna add this whipped cream and it's gonna be delightful for everybody involved. okay, everybody ready? (laughing) here we go! mark: yaaaay!

mark: this is only gonna make it colder. tyler: yeah, why are we adding this right now? ethan: (overlapping) let's add the cream later! mark: nope, too late. ethan: it's like a bob ross painting. mark: happy little accidents. ethan: happy little-- mark: this video was an unhappy little accident! ethan: unhappy little accident!

mark: three separate styles mark: of this-- ethan: that's-that's really nice. mark: the swirls, the lines, and then the spirals! mark: (quietly) lovely alright, as you can see, this may be the world's biggest cup of hot chocolate. it's not good, it's not pleasant, but, by all accounts, it's probably drinkable! so, i'm going to--

(grunting as he struggles) hurr, hurr, hurr-durr durr-durr! i'm going to test this out! i've got a cup here, and i've got a strong stomach! so i'm just gonna-- whoop! that was cold. that was just cold. bottom's up! that's is actually not bad.

ethan: alright, here-- here we go mark: come on guys! ethan: first-- first try mark: cheers! ethan: cheers-- clinkies! mark: clinkies! tyler: that really isn't bad. mark: that's pretty good. ethan: that's- pretty good.

mark: ..not bad- okay! now onto stage two! alright, so you may have been wondering this whole time why we were in bathing suits, and shirtless. it wasn't just for your... enjoyment it wasn't just for us to be comfortable in our own skin because nobody should bodyshame us. scars are beautiful. ethan: i don't have any scars but either way, you may have been wondering,

but i will answer that question right now because i-- ahh, it was so weird, it was like penetrating a layer of cold, and then dipping into just moderately warm. why- why did we need to get in this? there was no reason to get in this! we coulda' just-- we coulda just made-- we coulda just made this and let a heuughh ethan: do ya need a buddy?

mark: you know what, this is the kind of thing that should be enjoyed with friends. so come on, friends! ethan and tyler: wooah! mark: i know, it feels weird! (chatter in background) all: it's so weird (laughter) tyler: i can't get any lower mark: let me move my- ohohhh tyler: no-

tyler: my legs are literally too long. mark: dip your butt in. tyler: this is as low as i can go why am i the only one not submerged? mark: because you're a big freak who doesn't fit in anything. ethan: here mark, i got- i got you some mark: oh! thank-you! mmmmm it's- oh jesus

tyler: mine's better mark: yours is better? oh! thank-you! ethan(mumbling): nonononono, mine is better mark: oooh- mm tyler: mine is better! mark: that's what i needed i didn't know this channel turned into a filthyfrank channel welcome to human hot cocoa well, i don't think this-

if you weren't high from the cocoa powder you're pretty high right now tyler: why?! mark: they're empty, you idiot ethan: would you like to clink? mark: oh, of course clinkies ethan: merry christmas, mark mark: merry christmas, my good friend they're you go, merry christmas my good friend

give me some! ethan: makes your skin very smooth mark: yeah, it is odd ethan: it is very odd, yeah mark: uhm, this is uh- *sniffs* this is- this is an example of ideas that should never come to light. where i- ethan: oh, dude get my nips! ethan: -on yourself!

mark: there we go, yup, once again ethan: mark, do me mark: alright fine alright there we go. i hope you guys are thoroughly disgusted but remember, we did this for you guys and we did this because no one's stopping us. (all laugh) every one of you is complicit in this endeavour so don't act surprised

you never stopped us as we keep going down and down the road of depravity ethan: oh, boymark: oh, man. ethan: this has been an adventure, happy holidays friends mark: do i have whipped cream on my nose? (accent) i'm rudolph, the semen covered reindeer! tyler: oh look, i made it lower! mark: you made it! alright, anyway, so thank you everybody so much for watching thank you ethan and tyler for helping me out this w-with this

i don't know why you did but you did and i'm proud of you guys. ethan: this was fun. mark: oddly enough, this is alot of fun 'cause in the middle of it we just stopped and we're like what if this was- i said: what if this was our job? oh my god, this is our job but either way, thank you everybody so much for watching. let us know what you think of this. and if you try this at home, don't! we'll stop you before you do.

just don't! not worth it. y-won't stay warm, and oddly enough it's very uncomfortable. so thank you everybody so much for joining us. and as always, we will see - you - in the next video. all: buh-bye! mark: rum-bum-bum-bum all: rum-bum-bum-bum. rum-bum-bum-bum. *continues as they walk to the shower* all(louder): rum-bum-bum-bum. rum-bum-bum-bum mark(singing): we are men in the shower!

all: we are men in the shower! mark: getting all clean in the shower! (unintelligible giggling and humming) mark: we are men all: in the shower! mark: we are men-we are showering together! all: we're men - in the shower! mark: scrub-a-dub-a-dub tyler: hold on, we should actually do like- a christmas-

(all singing deck the halls) (tis' the season to be jolly) (falalalala-lala-la-la) (various la-la-la'ing)

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