kinderzimmer wandgestaltung selber malen

kinderzimmer wandgestaltung selber malen

hello and welcome to deko kitchen today i like to show you how to make a last-minute-latern which looks like a funny sheep in just a few steps for the base of my latern i use a japanese lampshade first you have to cut out this shapes which you can download on my website

you can find there some other shapes of animals too for the shapes i use thick cardstock than i stick the shapes together like this as next step you have to fold the legs of the sheep to do this i cut 8 stripes of paper

2cm wide and 30cm long for each leg you need two stripes glue the ends together and fold it like this this is what it look's like when it's finished than again stick the ends together with glue when the glue has dried i put a shape of a foot on the end of each leg

for the neck of the sheep i fold two wider stripes of paper (about 4,5 cm) in the same way like the legs to stick the head onto the lampshade i take double-faced tape before i go on with the body of the sheep i have to stick the neck onto the lampshade now i take cosmetic wadding and make little balls like this

than i put glue onto the lampshade and stick the cotton balls on it remember to leave four blanks for the legs this is what it look’s like with the legs and the cosmetic wadding finally i take the shape oft he head and stick it onto the neck here we are this is my funny-sheep-latern

to fix a led-tealight into the latern i take a peace of cardstock cut it like this and put it into the lampshade my sheep and i say goodbye to you if the led tealights are not brigth enough you also can use led light strings thank you for watching my video i’m looking forward to the you

bye bye!!!

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