kinderzimmer wandgestaltung wien

kinderzimmer wandgestaltung wien

hi. how are you? fine! you? howdy! we say â«hoiâ»! or â«salã¼â»? mhh... â«salã¼â» is more like... we prefer to say â«hoiâ». and you carry a football?

yes. did you start filming? there, the microphone. you can sit here. let me explain the format. we're doing â«100 seconds with...â» right, you can sit here in the corner. the format is called â«100 seconds with...â» and in the end we're gonna have a video that's exactly 100 seconds long. but we're not gonna ask you music related questions. nothing like – for example â«what inspired you?â»

we want to ask you questions like... david bowie! i will not be seen in the final video... only you'll be seen. and then you guys cut everything together? right. and then we'll only see my answers? you're not ok with that? ah... come on... that's so 2007!

and this is swiss national radio? okay, whatever, let's do it! but please ask only â«coolâ» questions, okay? no, i'm only gonna ask you whack questions. ok, go for it. you'll have to repeat our questions so, let's say i'm gonna ask you what your preferred super power'd be... you can't just say â«i wanna flyâ» you have to say â«the super power i'd love to have is...â»

i can say what i want yes, haha. you can say what you want. but it'd be nice if you repeat my question first. you know, just so the people watching the video will understand it. oh, well... let's just start. hi, swiss national radio! hi frauenfeld. howdy! salã¼! you already know the question: which super power would you choose? my preferred super power would be...

i want to be every human yesss.... how much money do you make monthly? in switzerland you'll earn more, right? well... yes... but rent is much higher here. right, rent is very high in switzerland. i lived here for a short period of time. i was in zurich at the art university. i was always chilling there. up on the seventh floor.

there's this guy there, no joke... there are people there who paint... they have their own space for painting. and a guy built his own bar there. with a fridge. and he's selling his own drinks there. love that guy. yes, sorry! what's your favorite drink? my favorite drink?

my favorite drink is water. because that's the most healthy drink in the world. that's my favorite drink. what bores you? umm... i don't get bored by anything. i think... i like every human being who's doing something. and even someone's doing nothing... that's fine by me too!

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