wandgestaltung farbe gold

wandgestaltung farbe gold

realistic gold effect text in coreldraw. to create this effect , first we need to create a center line to the text. convert text to curve: ctrl+q make a duplicate convert the object to bitmap trace the bitmap :center line ->line drawing the default settings are good. remove unwanted objects ( bitmap text ) center the line drawing with the object text : shortcut: "c" & "e"

adjust a bit the "center line" the center line created has to many points, let's reduce some points. ungroup the center lines and the weld them. now automatically remove some point continue making adjustment to the center line important: we need to make the center line to intersect with the text outline. if there are gaps between points or outline the next step will not work. work on the center line curves until they are looking very smoothly. now let's recreate the text with the fill tool.

add gradient : shortcut g i used a conical fountain fill, but this is not important, it's up to you what type of gradient fill you will chose. just add different brown shadow colors to the fill. play with the colors until you are satisfied by the result. copy the gradients to the other shapes created. and now let's adjust a bit the gradient on all objects. i worked a bit more on the gradient colors, i made them much lighter. let's add a simple background. and let's give a shadow to the design to make the effect look more nicely.

if you want me to upload coreldraw tutorials regularly, don't forget to leave a comment about this video, like/dislike. big thanks to you, for your patience to follow this tutorial to the end.

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