wandgestaltung farbe grün

wandgestaltung farbe grün

hello friends!!! today is such a beautiful weather, and idecided on the rural-area liche to go to there to breathe the fresh air. my new cabriolet brought me very quicklyin the forest. i had a great time in nature. now i go back to the city. we're close. i now see high-rise buildings. and also the first traffic light!

you know, my friends, what is a traffic light ??? and why the drivers and pedestriansdifferent lights shows? ok. i'll explain it to you! the traffic is the traffic on the roadregulate. it is a structure with special visors. inside the lights there are lamps, justthere are also colored lenses - red, yellow and green. oh!!!!

what do these colors mean? let's look at times to friends, what each colormeans. red means danger, yellow and green warningallowed. so the traffic light tells drivers: red light- stop! yellow - get ready for traveling, andgreen - los !!!!!! look here, this is a traffic light for pedestrians. it has only 2 signals- red with a picture of ahand, says the fussgaã¤nger they road the not to uberquaren, they must wait. and light up the green light to the ongoingyou can cross the pedestrian street.

all cars have to wait. but be careful!!!!!!! when you cross the road at green,you should also be careful seeeeeehr !!!!! because there are some special cars incan drive red and green !!! these cars have special signals - emergency lightingand siren: ambulance, firetruck and police car. all cars and pedestrians have right of way to themgrant !!!!! do not forget that my friend !!!!!!! ok!!! the road is now free !!!!!

pedestrians street now overa pedestrian crossing to cross. you should not know one more thingmy friends - if we green light have pedestrians, cars have the sametime red light !!!!! ooookey !!! the pedestrian street have alreadycrosses and drivers have yellow light - mach get ready !! annndd green light - let's go !!!!!!! hurrah my dear friends! now you all know what a traffic light!

and it's time for me to go !!!! bye!!!! bye for now!!!!! subscribe to our channel if you new cartoonsnot want to miss. you can also "like" button. i'm going back in my car oldenter, "bon voyage, drive carefully! bye for now !

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