wandgestaltung mit farbe küche

wandgestaltung mit farbe küche

hello, and welcome to our 10th sequence of renofloor tv my name is benjamin hã¤derer and it pleases me enormously that you have turned on. what did we prepare for you today? today, entire episode is all about our renofloor-wall-design. we want to start here with our coffee-wall-design that we have shown in the last episode

our coffee-wall-design is in fact well-finished parts once 40 to 40 (cm) or 60 to 40 (cm) these are really nice beautiful large items. what is the great thing that are super light. and [sniffing] have the pleasent odor of coffee that will spreads in your apartment . music. the great scent is of course a pleasant bonus for all the coffee-lovers out there

again on the on the weight of them because they are so super lightweight they can, of course, easily be glued to your wall simply a transparent adhesive if you take a cartridge adhesive e. g. and then glue to the wall by that the edges are pre-cut you can see afterwards when the wall is finished no transition

so it looks like, really, as if the whole wall - or as much as you make - would be from a piece of coffee beans and now i would say, now we show you just a couple images what our customers did have made with the coffee-wall design and then we look at our next wall design, until then here we are now on our men's room in our exhebition in uettingen

simply for the reason because here we have a beautiful wall design designed what we want to show you. here we have our finished parts cut 20 centimeters to meters cut to 30 cm to meters and back 20 and down we have 50 (cm) in the middle with a nice aluminum angle profile that the separated here simply to give a beautiful look

on top an end profile and to the upper portion also again with our covering system. so you see unlimited possibilities indoor to design walls i bet: "if you get visitors, and you show our coffee-wall design or our normal wall design with our stone carpet coverings, your visitors will be impressed." and outside of this system is of course as good

pedestal panels or keller-departure walls but specifically for outdoor use, we want to show it to you in another episode again here simply how to do it for indoor. let me show you some pictures again. made by our customers. made by our customers. that was our tenth episode of renofloor tv thank you that you have turned on and if you are interested in our renofloor wall design

or perhaps at our cafe wall design go to www.renofloor.de or write an e-mail to info@renofloor.de and i am glad when you are back again at our 11th episode of renofloor tv. with all good wishes for you, your benjamin hã¤derer

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