wandgestaltung wohnzimmer mit bildern

wandgestaltung wohnzimmer mit bildern

don’t throw away all wood items that are scattered around your home. with 5 diy home dã©cor projects video from reclaimed woods next, you will know that those trashes can actually be transformed into beautiful things. as always, this idea brought to you by simphome.com 1.shoe rack from pallet pallet is the most frequently reused wood item for decorative purpose. pallet is a platform for loads generally used

for industrial and commercial purposes. when it is no longer usable, creative individuals will try to snatch it for use in their creative projects. one way to reuse pallet is by making shoe rack from it. disassemble the pallet, collect the planks, sand them to make them smoother, and make a rustic shoe rack from them. painting is optional as they already look exotic and beautiful with their natural look.

2.farmhouse dining furniture new england houses are constructed primarily from wood planks and bars which later can be salvaged and reused when the houses are no longer habitable or when renovation is needed. there are many beautiful things that can be made from those salvaged wood items. farmhouse dining furniture is one of them. farmhouse dining furniture consists of a large dining table

and dining chairs with very simple design, making them easy to make even for newbies in carpentry and furniture designing. 3.photo frame from twigs the twigs and branches that fall from the trees are not necessarily trashes. pick them and create a photo frame from them and you have transformed previously unused wood items into a nice-looking decorative element for your wall.

you can use thread or rubber band to bind the twigs and to make them a rectangular frame. you can also coat them with varnish or paint to make them more durable and look better. to make them even more beautiful, you can use artificial flowers and leaves to decorate the frame. 4.wooden sliding door sometimes, to reuse a wood item, you don’t always need to disassemble it

and to create a new item from it. a barn door, for instance, can be reused directly as a sliding door for your home without having to disassemble it. you only need to do minor repair to the door to replace rotten wood planks and door components that have become rusty or malfunctioning. afterwards, you can varnish the door or paint it or simply leave the door as it is. 5.wall panel

you can actually make wood tiles from unused wood planks and disassembled pallet. if you can prepare many wood tiles from those wood items, you can make a wall panel from them. wood wall panel looks beautiful when you use it as a backdrop for your modern furnishings and appliances. of course, you need to sand them and if needed varnish them to improve their elegant look and to make them more suitable for both traditional

and modern home designs. done, it was 5 diy home dã©cor projects from reclaimed woods video. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas like this video, comment it, or better yet, share it with everyone in your social circle. dont forget to press subcribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later.. and

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