wandgestaltung wohnzimmer nussbaum

wandgestaltung wohnzimmer nussbaum

good day to all. my name is julia shevelyova. i am an interior designer. continuing the interior reviewof the exhibition imm cologne. i'll tell you about two factories today. this video is not commercial. the choice of brands is based on my personal preferences. the first factory about which i wouldlike to tell this is voglauer. the assortment of the factoryincludes furniture for bathrooms,

bedroom, living room and manyother elements of the interior. the trend of this season is glass facades. this cupboard was no exception. the following factory about whichi would like to tell is team7. so we are at the stand of the factory team7. it has a beautiful modern design. the natural tree and the trend of this season. these are matte glass facades, made in gray or white. this is the way it is done.

that is, we see the frame from thearray and glued on it frosted glass. made in this technique, not only cabinets and chests of drawers, but also large wardrobe systems. kitchen from team7. it is made of natural walnut veneer. there are practically no other colors, except for the gray granite countertop and exactly the same facades. behind these facades from the array, capacious boxes are hidden. here is a beautiful chest of drawers. also team7.

here the facades are made in walnut, and the frame is lined with frosted gray glass. it looks very beautiful. if you consider that the factory pays great attention to detail. these pieces of furniture arevery interesting to consider. made everything very highquality and looks just amazing. create beautiful interiorsyourself or with us. subscribe to our channel. all for now, until the new reviews.

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