wandgestaltung wohnzimmer selber machen

wandgestaltung wohnzimmer selber machen

today's televisions not only look good, they are also nice and flat. today we are going to build a tv wall unit to match. we will need 19-mm-thick mdf boards for this wall unit. we have had all of the parts cut to size at a diy store. we will also need the jigsaw,... ...the drill, the cordless screwdriver... and our bench circular saw! in a minute you will see how to use it to saw a mitre. we have sawn this suspension rail at a 45 degree mitre. we will need four of them in total.

the two large boards lie with their front side on the worktop. here we will draw a triangle that will always show us... ...where left, right, top and bottom is. at the bottom we have two spacing strips and at the top the suspension rails. one strip is fitted to the wall, the other to the wooden board. both parts hook in of their own accord. also: a reinforcement panel that is fitted behind the television. its position depends on where the television hangs and how big it is. next, we will saw a hole for the cables.

an ingenious aid for the jigsaw is... ...this laser pointer, which makes it easier to cut straight lines. now we will build the shelf bases. first of all, we will butt-joint the side panels to each other with screws,... ...and fit them to the shelf rear panel. we have pre-drilled the holes of the shelf rear panel and will now countersink them. we will mark the spacing of the holes for the frame with a pencil,... ...which we will keep to half of the material thickness. we will transfer the whole thing onto the surface with a line.

tim will mark the other boards. the „2“ stands for the second shelf. the triangle shows left, right, top and bottom. now all we have to do is assemble everything. the boards now face upwards. the reinforcement panel for the television lies under this slanted board. we can fit the shelves wherever we want. we have already pre-drilled their bases. we will screw them tight and then paint them.370:3:41,0 --

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