außergewöhnliche wohnzimmer

außergewöhnliche wohnzimmer

i'm home! hi honey! welcome home! yes, well, this is not our homeanymore. we have to move out. oh... we were just goingto eat breakfast. can i dish up already? i'm not allowed within fifty feet ofour neighbor. court order. mister lemming! your plea for the death penalty in this case is a somewhatunrealistic. oh? mainly becauseâ youare the defendant.

gnaaaaaaaaa... the court orders: you are not allowed to come within 50 feet of mr... ... death for the remainderof your lifetime. lifetime?! order! order in the court! finally! the nightmare is at an end. what do you mean lifetime?! this is a nightmare. what is?

you've been lending the dinosaur inthe time machine our things again! just some toilet paper. because i had to go. yeah. and the toilet! i'm going as we speak.gnnnnnnnnnn... yeah, looking back that probablywasn't such a brilliant idea. i want our toilet back!i need it... badly! what's in there?what's in there? what's in there? i ate the last pieceof cake for breakfast.

that was my piece of cake! i wanted to eat it. then why was it on my nightstandâ a note saying "enjoy" writtenâ acrossâ it? looking back that probablywasn't such a brilliant idea. looking back... looking back... it's not like we can just turnback time to get our things back. timeforwardsbackwards whoopsy! what?! are we finishedwith breakfast?

oh, this is breakfast? i wasn't surewhy we were sitting at the table . yes, this is our breakfast. doesn't look like breakfast. because we don't have any food. yes. mainly because wedon't haveâ any food. or plates. we don't even have a table. this is allâ just snow! we don't have anything! because everything here is snowed in!â didn't we have a complete set of furniture?

maybe. weren't there three of us? even the frozen dinosaurhas more than we do. today even has a toilet. and toilet paper! didn't we use to have a toilet? i say we take his toilet! let's get theâ ice destruction machine... good morning, neighbor! mister riebmann, how often do i have toâ tell you should not wake me up?!

i didn't wake you up! that was my rooster!â you’re always mistaking me for my rooster! i have never mistaken you for your...â i didn't even know you had a rooster! yes! of course! don’t you remember?!the rooster you keep mistaking me for! i can't take it anymore! it's bad enoughâ that you live in my wall, mister riebmann! and now, i'm going back to sleep!and getâ that rooster out of my wall! hello poodle! i’m home! hello death!how was your day in court? quiet well. i cried and ourneighbor has toâ move away.what are we having for breakfast? death-flakes. we still have more thanenough of them, because "someone"didn't want toâ believe that the flavor"cadaver" wouldn'tâ sell.

stop with the grimacing. oh, i just can't stay mad at youwhen youâ smile so cute. did you get the milk... um... who is that? hello. i just hanged myself and thenaâ bear ate my arm. how about that? haha! how often have i told you,not to bringâ work home with you. i didn't have any time to bring him away.because of my day in court. mh. i imagined life after deatha little different. this is lifeâ withâ death.

could you please bring him awaybefore we eat breakfast? well alright. come on!i'll bring you into the lightat the end of the tunnel. hooray! don't forget the milk! ah. this is it! our new home. quasi. quasi? well, we do not own the house yet. i still have to buy it. it looks kind of... safe... around here.

oh nonsense! in this area happento be wild hungry bears. this one here just has mouth just wait until he swallows. you'll see what happens then! soooon... well then, the owner of the houseis surely waiting for us. let me do the talking. hello. we're the lemming family.we're answering the real estate adfor your house. we'll just take a seat. what a lovely home. it looks so... safe. you might be interested in whatwe do for a living. i work for an insuranceâ company and my wife is a housewife. i also had an occupation before.

well, housewife isâ a "real" occupation, right? haha. and you certainly are an insectologist.iâ noticed that immediately... because of the flies! this is the plan: we'll turn back the timeâ on the timeâ machine! when the time runsâ backwards, theâ dinosaur will do everythingâ backwardsas well andâ he'll give us our toilet back. good plan! hello? can somebody help me?i dropped theâ toilet paper and my arms aren'tlong enough to reach it. unfortunately, there is a"small" problem.

what?! what?! what?! when the time machine runs backwards,theâ electricity will run back into the plug-in. and thatâ could result in a"small"â power outage. so what?! i have to go! now! hey, why is everything suddenlymoving soooo faaaaaaaaaast? mhhh? the ice destruction machine is off. what are we gonna do now? we could lick the ice away!

let's know what happened last ti... oh yeah. what's this roosterdoing in my house? you told me to get him"out of theâ wall"! now i only have chickens! and cows!â and geese! and pigs! and sheep! and horses! and an unfortunate genetic mixfrom all of themâ together. oh, the pain... kill me! not now. wait! wait! are you telling meyou're doingâ agriculture in my wall?

walliculture!from now on you'll get yourâ breakfast freshand healthy from farmerâ riebmann! well thank you, but i get my breakfastfromâ my refrigerator. like what?! cornflakes with milkfrom happy cows and.. you think so! your breakfast has pesticidesandâ milk from sad cows! my cows aren't sadbecause i tell them jokes! i'm a little bit sad. well then here's a joke:

mister farmer does your cow smoke?â no?â then your barn is burning. hahaha! i get it. barn is burning...good one. see you at milking time! see you at milking time! i'm back! yoohoo! why did you bring himback with you? the light at the endof the tunnel is out. i'm not going in there without a light. i'm scared of the dark. what's the tunnel doingin our living room?

i brought it with me because the light is out.â and there wasn't an electrician nearby. i'm an electrician,but i'm also left handed. and i also forgot the milk. he's very quiet. maybe he's shy. not a chance! did you see his eyes?not a blink! pure determination!he is tryingâ to pressure me! but he’s picking on the wrong man!no one hard sells mr. lemming! i just need someoneto pep up my courage bit. and i know just the personfrom who it wouldâ mean the most.

ahh, honey. of course you... from death! whaaaat?! it's best i call him right now. aren't we moving right now,because youâ should leave him alone? oh, that one time... it must be a power outage.let’s take a look. here!you hold the flashlight. i see a light at the endof the poodle! hehe...stop pointing the light at me there.

hello? hellooooo? who is there? i have terriblereception. i'm in a tunnel. hello? is the line dead again? why does that always happenwhen i'm on a call? i gotta go. what? where? he hung up! but why?! look, honey!a bread cuttingâ machine! big enough to be ableto put your head through.

must be a power outage. your milk must have spoiled,â because the refrigerator is off!it must be a power outage! but it's only been 5 minutes! but who needs electricity on a farm?! here you go! breakfast! this is not breakfast! this is mush! homemade cornflakes frommy own fieldâ and milk fresh from the utter!do you want some eggs?! no. i don't want any... there are feathers on some of themand some chicken crap!

these chickens!don't take it too exact with hygiene, what?i'll make a note of that! for the wet toilet paper... enjoy your breakfast! i'm going to harvest corn now! with my tractor! your whaaaaaaat?! when i have harvested the corni'll shove you fresh cornflakes through the plug-in every morning! i don't want any corn flakesthat have been stuck through the plug-in! i want you to get rid of the farm! and anyways... how do you plan to get allthe corn out of the wall?!

you’re right! what? i can't even get that muchcorn out of the wall! thank god, you're getting reasonable. i'm going to go buy some milkand when i get back this will all hopefullybe over and done with. how much longer will it take?â can’t this go faster? one moment. finished! hooray! hahahahaha!

bhe boilet id con. and the toilet is gone. thyats wab i yust saib. i have no idea what you're saying.but if the toilet is gone, wedon't need this thing anymore. ouch! what was that? what's going on here? i'm slashing and burning! you said i should get rid of the corn!

what?! no!i didn't mean slash and burn! i have to slash and burn otherwisei'll be stuck with all this corn! you really have no ideaabout agriculture! walliculture! mister riebmann, the animals! yeah, looking back that wasn'tsuch a brilliant idea! remember the jokeabout the smoking cow?! barn is burning... hahahaha! mr. riebmann, do something!the animals are burning! the animals are burning... the animals are burning... you're always thinkingabout burning animals!

burning animals here! burning animals there!you are totally fixated! right now i havecompletely different problems! what's that?! popcorn! ... i'm hanging in the air and i can't breatheanymore then it hits me i still have anappointment to sell my house. i'm baaaack! well finally!where were you? getting milk. who is this now?! this is a bearwho choked on an arm.

and a burnt out farm. no, i did not! for the heimlich maneuveryou need two arms! eat your death flakes. the milk is burning. it's from me! and now we can get down to business.i take it this is the sales contract? "... and that is why i have decided to takemy life... mm mm hmmmm... goodbye you cruel world... mh mh hmmm...“ i take it this is a standard salescontract. i'm going to write down a numberand you tell me what you think about it. if you happen to find my offer agreeable,you can just sign...

what the...he put a zero at the end of my offer!now it's 10 times as much! cooooould you lend me a toilet? so time is running the right wayagain. and we have electricity. good, then i can finally go. have fun! oh. wait!you forgot the toilet paper! oh no! the things we lent are stillmoving backwards in time! oh no! whaaaaaaaaaat?!

i just had a very terrifyingtoilet experience! hurray!the last piece of cake! can you lend methat last piece of cake? of course. you are really strong. can someone help me out of here? finally! i got snowed in yesterday.didn't you notice i wasn't there? didn't you notice i wasn't there?â do you even know who i happen to be?! erwin!

your brother! what were you doing with theâ ice destruction machine? we wanted the toiletfrom the dinosaur. begauf we gon't hab ong. but now it’s gone! of course we have a toilet!â i've been sitting on it since yesterday! lunchtime. lunchtime! gunchgime!

i wouldn't eat that popcorn.â there's chicken crap on it.â these chickens!don't take it too exact with hygie... i know! 10 times as much!that's exorbitant! 10 times as much is too much! my god, everything hereis so... safe! terrible. there you have my signature!i gotta admit, the fire-surprise really worked. could you take a picture of this joyousâ occasion? family lemming in their new house.yeah? great! everyone come here and sit on the couch.

oh! here is the boxi left in the hall. haha! the furniture wantsto be in the photo, too. why does this stupid lighthave to even be on? dead people are fascinated by light.â i don't know why.that’s just the way it is. look. wait a minute. if the light on in the refrigeratorâ works... then we have electricity again.â which means... we can watch tv!hooray, we can watch tv! that means, more importantly,the light at the end of the tunnelis working again! tv! and now?

you just enter the tunnel andgo toward the light. and after that? i'm just death.i don't know what comesâ after me. truthfully:it must be better than this. wellâ ok. if you say so. goodbye, man!â goodbye, bear! goodbye, cow!â goodbye, sheep! goodbye, pig!â goodbye, chicken! goodbye, second chicken!â goodbye,â third chicken! goodbye, fourth chicken!â goodbye, fifth chicken!

goodbye, horse!â goodbye, unfortunate genetic mixfrom all of themâ together! oh! the lightat the end of the tunnel! it's so beautiful.i want to touch it... i lied.after me there's nothing.

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