deko für graues wohnzimmer

deko für graues wohnzimmer

sherlock holmes dressed to kill this is the dartmore prison, ... isolated from the outside world ... ... ... by granite walls. they say you could get out of here if you will tell what you know. i do not care who you are or you're not from scotland yard. but i will say the same thing to others. i still have 2 years, 8 months and 6 days ... boxes ... to make music ...

... which is then auctioned to benefit this wonderful sanctuary. i would venderlas. keep working. now continue with the next item on our list. or rather objects as three. well, ladies and gentlemen, can be purchased together or separately. these precious music boxes just arrived this morning. i had no intention to auction today, but i'll do it now. and now, friends, and used to say our friend marco antonio, ...

... give ear. what can they hear? right. the beautiful melody of a music box. what a nice fantasy. what a nice gift. created with care by delicate hands. a thing of beauty ... ... and utility. who starts the bidding at five pounds? es una ganga 5 pounds.

i see no hands. is there an expert in the room offering three pounds for it? 'two pounds? a pound? ten shillings?? ten? thank you, sir. ladies and gentlemen, offered ten shillings for a music box ... ... they could not buy for less than five pounds.

it is a robbery give 10 shillings. it is like taking a baby milk. all right, we and 10 shillings. they offer 10 shillings, 10 shillings. does anyone offer a pound? do you offer a pound? does it give one pounds? they offer a pound! ladies and gentlemen, offer a pound. does anyone give two? who comes up to two pounds? two pounds! two pounds. two pounds a one, two, ...

two pounds ... three. awarded the knight for two pounds. sorry, dear. and now, ladies and gentlemen, have the opportunity to acquire ... ... an exact duplicate of the music box bought by the knight ... ridiculous ... the price of 2 pounds. it is exactly the same. made with the same hands. did you hear? there is precious. sounds heavenly music. it seems music played by the angels.

who gives me two pounds? who starts the bidding at two pounds? does anyone offer two pounds? come on, ladies and gentlemen, in this spirit seems to be in scotland ... - ... instead of in london. - please, daddy, buy it. two pounds, no way. although it seems that we are in scotland. also i do not like your manners. a pound and ten shillings? a pound? we ordered a pound. - i offer a pound. - offer a pound.

are there any higher? one pound for one, two and three. awarded to the lady for a pound. - very smart lady. - thank you. we got to the third and last of these beautiful music boxes. accurate to the other. is not it beautiful? ladies and gentlemen, i have not brought here to provoke or swindle. this is an exact replication of the two that i just sold. - already closed. - but this is extremely important.

come in, sir, pass. sorry to bother you but unfortunately i'm late ... ... and i could not get there in time to bid on certain items ... ... i wanted to get. may not have been sold. we kept things for later. what were those items, sir? three identical musical boxes. from this size. i'm so sorry, sir, but have been sold. too bad he was not here to bid.

the've sold for a ridiculous price. i have great interest in getting them. i wonder if you could look in your file names. we do not usually give that kind of information. let's say, for certain sentimental reasons ... ... i have much interest in talking with buyers. and it could pay, say, ... 5 pounds ...? well, for sentimental reasons we will be happy to oblige.

alfred, buyers of the three music boxes. music boxes?? yes, here they are. the first was bought for two pounds, for don julian hemory. - portmouth 22. - write down the signs, alfred. yes, sir. in the second there is no name. what fatality. has a shop. does not like to know where they end things.

because of the profits. so the second buyer was a woman? could you describe her? it was a young woman. tall and thin. in light complexion and dark hair. - and wearing a ... - a gray suit. do not you remember? you must have a gift shop. he paid one pound. and you say that this girl come here often? i did not say, sir, but it is.

maybe come this thursday. we auction monday and thursday. and the third box? the third, ... ...un tal seã±or william kilgorth, 143 hamptonway. for ten shillings. went down a lot since the two pounds. mr. kilgorth is scottish. thanks, you helped me a lot. to you, sir. spend any time.

we always have nice things. - one card. - thank you. i'll be back on thursday. the information came to us too late. they have already sold music boxes. let's go. someday regret. you are playing with fire, stupid. yes, but nothing ventured, colonel cabannan, never wins anything. no need to convince me of that.

so have sold music boxes. too bad, my dear colonel. do i have to blame that the message arrived an hour ago? do i have guilt that sell? she can not blame me. hope you're right. i'll go visit him tonight at 7:45 o'clock, for i must consult ... ... on a matter of vital importance. remember that letter, holmes? it was written two years ago.

an interesting case of the most interesting. lilly adler. when i saw her, i felt all woman, from head to toe. what charm, what beauty, what poise, what intelligence. clever enough and bright enough to outwit ... mismã­simo sherlock holmes. i guess the new strand magazine publishing ... ... contains another of his creepy stories. and what is the title?

lo title: 'scandal in bohemia'. no you are wrong, is it not? if you want to record my exploits, ... ... i wish to put less emphasis on the melodramatic ... ... and more intellectual issues involved. how intellectually? what do you mean? i hope that his story has described the ... woman ... as the soul. because had. with the women.

- i guess it refers to irene adler. - yes always remember ... ... as women. forward. vaya. â¡stinky! - watson, how are you? - how are you? not seen you for years. i want to introduce you to my friend sherlock holmes. holmes, this is stinky, in other words, julian hemory. how are you, mr. hemory? watson told me a lot about you.

yes, we went to school together. all these years i do not remember. but you did not come to tell me about that? no, i happened by. i saw the light on ... ... and i've taken the liberty of uploading. - are you still writing these stories? - yes, one just out this week. - i do not miss even one. - great. thank you. this gives you a bandage air muy interesting. is it by sticking their noses where they do not mind, as usual?

- who hit you? - i have no idea. someone hit me on the head in my living room ... ... and then proceeded to commit robbery bigger idiot than you can imagine. - no doubt this man is crazy. - crazy? why? sit down, man. would you like a cup of tea? yes, thank you. i'll tell mrs. hudson. why do you think the theft of a madman, mr. hemory? because having more than 5,000 pounds in music boxes in my living room, ...

the thief ... what pille 'red-handed' ... escaped with ... that is not worth five pounds. - i gather that collects music boxes. - yes, exactly. some are very valuable, but not the one stolen. the thief, ... ... obviously took the first he saw and heard that i went. yes, it is strange that having in view the whole collection ... not caught off ... some more valuable. does have some peculiarity stolen?

no, it is normal. i found it in a shop in london for several years. he says he has valuable music boxes. and the thief ran off with one that is not worth five pounds. so i posed a very intriguing question. well, it would be a common thief and did not understand. is a possible explanation, but i would say ... the thief knows ... more of the value of an object ... ... that the collector.

that's what they say in scotland yard. the issue did not like. but it makes sense. could you show your collection, sir hemory? yes, of course. nothing more to a collector like to show their collection. - when do you think? - better now than never. bien. my home is close in portmouth square. - come on. - yeah, come on. where do they go? stinky not yet taken tea.

- sorry. - come to my house. i will offer something better than tea. it's made for louis xv. it is one of the few remaining from that period. a box is particularly fine. - beautiful, right? - that's right. to me it sounds like a bunch of mice running around a roof. i'm afraid i do not have an ear for music. to me give me a good band playing a military march ...

... and you can keep all those toys. go. so what is this? what stupidity, a rabbit musician. what would be the value of a box like that, sir hemory? it is difficult to calculate, but it might be today ... ... about 500 or 600 pounds. it is the jewel of my collection. why would someone who steals something as rare as a music box ...

overlooked ... one worth 500 pounds, and one has no value? strange, very strange. what was the box that was stolen, mr. hemory? a simple wooden box of this size. by the way, i have another here almost exactly the same. i bought it at an auction yesterday, in nicebridge, ... ... i paid just two pounds. of course, i usually add a box so vulgar to my collection, ... i was intrigued ... but the melody.

i've never heard. it has an amazing ear for music, holmes. - a little-known melody. - sit. thank you. he says he bought the box yesterday in an auction room. yes, in the auction room in nicebridge gaylord. - the owner is ... what's it called? - country. - that's it. - what time the robbery was committed? at 3 in the morning.

you know, mr. hemory?, ... this box ... and the theft may be cause and effect. he said that the box stolen and this ... closely resemble ... outwardly. and that scotland yard has not much the matter concerned. yes, but not blame them ... ... and i told them i was unable to describe the thief. except i'm sure it was a man. all you remember is that it came and hit him in the head?

yes, the next thing i remember is my servant reanimã¡ndome. it would be wise to keep this one locked box. do not think it's necessary. also, everything is insured. well, but if other attempts to steal ... ... i suggest you call the police. i have the feeling that you are in danger. are not you being a bit alarmist? - it is very possible. - i agree with stinky. i think you're making a mountain out of a grain of oats.

you mean sand, my friend. it's time for you to go to bed. - thank you for inviting us into your home. - nice, has been a pleasure. holmes, in understand why you are so worried. i think the explanation of the thief is the only reasonable one. really? do not see why you think there is something more. i did not say that you think there is something more. his theory is the most obvious, ... i'll tell you ... but often is a mistake to accept something as true ... ... simply because it's obvious.

only you get to the truth ... ... through the laborious process of eliminating false. the more you do in this case, fix it before. what nonsense, teasing me. you are trying to ... convert a robbery ... an international plot. no, not that, i just hope that his friend stinky be wiser in the future. just in case. hello?

yes? soy julian hemory. who? of course i remember, mrs. courtney. yes, you are the only shining star ... in that case ... so bored of lady stanford. of course it's not too late to come. yes, i will be happy to offer you a drink. climb directly, not close.

understood. fifteen minutes? well, tell you one by one. no, really, seriously. well, goodbye. we ha asustado. - really? - yes i'm a goblin. i know i should not have called so late, ... ... but i was at a party right next door ...

i remembered ... and his invitation to see his collection of music boxes. dear mrs. courtney, the pleasure is doubled for being so unexpected. my friends call me gilda. thanks, mine call me stinky. stinky. how quaint. what a perfect and wonderful collection of music boxes. when i said i had a collection, i never imagined it would be. they are pure ear ... ... and also to behold.

how simple and how small. looks like a peasant in the midst of all this splendor. no, you should not underestimate the peasants. just last night a thief entered here. and with so many to choose took one like that. i do not mind losing that case, ... yes ... but this blow to the head. it gives it a very interesting. do you believe?

- i have to tell the fat. - when fat? i mean dr. watson. were here tonight with a friend. mr. holmes. he is also interested in my collection. â¿sherlock holmes? yes, do you know him? i've heard of him. yes, he thinks my life is in danger. what melody so lovely, reminds me of my childhood. â¿sã­? es le curious interest as precisely esa.

curious, why? mr. holmes also interested in it. melody is more interested in the box. yes, indeed. now i remember. the whistled note by note having heard it once. really? it must be a very remarkable man. a little alarmist, if i may. - do not believe in the warnings? - of course not. who would want a box like this?

well i. did you mean it? very seriously. it puts me in a difficult position. i'm a collector. a collector buy, never sell. what if the price were high enough? the price is not right. it's a matter of principle. well, we have not taken anything.

no, thank you, now i must go. - should i? - i'm afraid so. are you going to leave now planted? my reputation, stinky. - you know it's an attractive woman. - thank you. you are crazy! i told you to wait outside. why did you have to kill him? now all i needed to go out with the box. te was embracing.

in le touches on touches anything. now go. - sorry. - do you feel it? and what am i to do? this is murder. what about scotland yard? â¿y con sherlock holmes? have you got? have you had any mishaps?

only murder. hello, mr. holmes. hopkins. thank you for venir tan pronto. the struds inspector suggested i phone him. mr. hemory was a client of mr. holmes, inspector. did not tell me when i called him, mr. holmes. no it was just a customer, inspector. sargento thompson.

he was killed between 11 and 2 am, mr. holmes. it had to be someone he knew, who did not suspect. pobre stinky. it's my fault, i could have avoided. this is not the time for regrets, doctor. let's see. this was the second attempt to steal the music box ... hemory ... you bought at the auction and this time successfully. if that box was not worth two pounds.

he has killed a man, watson. i think we'd better go to the auction room and talk to crubtree. inspector, i can suggest that you register the house ... ... and looking for a small and simple music box this size? thank you. come, watson. you say the first was to stop mr. julian hemory. sr. al la second. kilgorth, 143 hamptonway. and the third a young unknown ... who has a shop ... and lives in goldensgreen.

exactly, mr. holmes. is not it a little strange, sir crubtree, ... 3 boxes ... i had music playing the same tune? where do they come? - prison dartmore. - â¿dartmore? yes, we get a shipment from there once a month. the prisoners do. they do all sorts of things. wooden hangers, bins, boxes of music.

did you notice ... ... if someone showed an unusual interest in the auction ... those 3 ... for purchasing music boxes? please, sir crubtree, is a matter of life or death. if it gets you so, mr. holmes. there was a man who came here an hour after closing ... and was quite nervous ... yes sir. i gave five pounds to tell him who bought them ... ... because they had sentimental value.

what feelings. how was this man? he was tall, distinguished-sized, ... had gray hair ... mustache. a gentleman. what was your reaction to not being able to provide ... address ... the girl from the shop? i told him that she would return on thursday and said he would also. that is, tomorrow. thank you, mr. crubtree, helped me a lot. thank you.

watson vã¡monos. where do we go now, holmes? a house of mr. kilgorth, who bought the third box. holmes, how does the other music boxes are important? i do not know. but i'm not waiting to kill their owners to find out. no one is home. let's hope that's the explanation. i'll look out the window.

no, i think there is no one. the house seems empty so i can see. - yes? - is mr. kilgorth at home? - no. - when will? within an hour. it is useless to stay here. do not buy from sellers. sellers?? hey, good woman, this is mr. sherlock holmes. â¿sherlock holmes? anda ya. can we get to wait?

we need to see him urgently. is that i have to go out and do some shopping. i do not know if mrs. kilgorth will like ... unknown ... you have in your home. no need to fear. well, i have to leave. they can wait in the lounge, but not smoking. mrs. kilgorth says that after all the house smells. what a curious old woman, holmes.

- a park lane. - â¿a park lane? what the hell do you do in park lane? do not worry about the price. and if you know get to park lane, hurry. â¿you know, holmes?, he been thinking. there must be something in the box of the old stinky. jewels stolen, maybe. - what's up, holmes? - listen. is steam pipes. â¡watson!

holy crap! deprisa, holmes, alli coefficients. it's nothing small. come on, come on worry. it's all over. come on, baby, do not cry anymore. - she tied me up and locked me in the closet. - i know, i know. i will never return. did you teach your new music box?

yes, he said he wanted to hear how it sounded. and as i showed that old grabbed her. do not cry, little one, we'll buy another box of music. yes, the most beautiful of london. watson. - what a fool, what a fool i've been. - why did you say, holmes? he took the music box in the shopping bag. given our noses. what maid wanted kilgorth music box?

she is not the maid kilgorth, is an accomplished actress. a list and unscrupulous woman who will stop at nothing. please watson, take care of her until her parents return. - and explain everything. - all right, i will. holmes, where are you going? somewhere somehow ... ... i must find the girl who bought the other box before the woman. i only ask not to be late. no, baby, you should not mourn over. cheer.

would you like to see how this old imitates ducks? sorry. ladies and gentlemen, how offered by this figurine ... dresden china ...? a french court lady. it is an authentic item. what so nice ornament for the mantelpiece. can be used as a center for the dinner table. who offers ten pounds?

is there who give ten pounds? is eight pounds? seven pounds?? okay, ... ... five pounds. do they offer five pounds? 'five pounds ten o'clock? 'five pounds fifteen? six pounds, six pounds offer? at one, at two and three. awarded to the lady for six pounds.

the next, ladies and gentlemen, is a real museum piece. an exquisite doll nineteenth century. her dress is an exact replica of those who wore the hungarian peasant. well, ladies and gentlemen, ... well ... an article would cost from 15 to 20 pounds in a shop in the west end. i will not ask for that amount. who gives two pounds for it? two pounds! someone offers me two pounds? a pound? does anyone give a pound this doll? they offer a pound, ladies and gentlemen.

well, i'm not wasting their precious time ... ... for half the value of this beautiful doll. she can take her for a pound. lucky you. are there any higher? awarded to the girl for a pound. now, ladies and gentlemen, pay close attention to something ... ... that is going to impress somebody. worth a collection. there is only one like it in the british museum. it's a ming vase vii dynasty. this vase belonged to a vast collection ...

somewhere ... in the outskirts of rome for 200 years. there was discovered by noted antiquarian, sir andrew cublestone. recall sir andrew cublestone. besides being a noted antiquarian, is an excellent writer. the girl who leads the pack in hand, she is. are you absolutely sure? it fits perfectly with the description of the auctioneer. follow her, hamid. - it's very nice. - and for a pound.

- we can get three pounds for it. - at least. i'll make some tea. - i'm excited. - well. good afternoon. looking for a birthday gift for a 7 year old girl. what do you suggest? a nice wrist. - look, this rural ... - i had dolls to spare. a book is always good. looking for something a little different.

that is very nice. what is it? it's a music box, girls love it. this is something exceptional. he plays several tunes. - do they have more boxes? - yes, they are on the other counter. only i have left of. how pretty. - he has only these two? - sorry, ... ... but they are pretty hard to find.

this is the entire lot. i had another, but i sold early in the afternoon. it was a simple wooden box, it was a good gift for a girl. what happen to know who was the buyer? yes, ... left his card ... just in case anyone asked him. how interesting. i'm sorry, i'll keep looking for the gift. thanks anyway.

good afternoon, thank you. â¡taxi! follow that cab. venga ya. - scotland yard. - suba. sherlock holmes, should have known. i thought we were the hunters ... it ... and we're the hunted. what fools we are, we have fallen into their hands.

and, of course, has led us to follow. do not look. is the man in front of the store. hamid,... ... turns sharply at the first corner and then in the next. do not have a photo, superintendent. as we assumed no history. how to recognize if found think? at the end of the old was dressed as.

do not worry, watson, if i see instantly recognize her. we shall soon find out who they are and from where they operate. who's next? sergeant thompson, will not leak. it is an efficient man, sir. we could have stopped at the store if we had evidence. but we know who killed hemory. testing, my friend, need proof. ã­ the x-rays have looked for nothing in the box, sir. let's see the plates.

there must be something. probably so obvious that we have overlooked. i think we're looking at about lunatics. in the lunatics are, dear friend, ... bell ... asesinos killing bled cold. what can have those boxes of music that is so important? do not forget that were made in dartmore prison. people often put things in prison, not remove them. want to disarm the box ...

... to see if there is anything that x-rays have not detected? no, not yet. â¿the matter is llevo me? - not at all. - thank you. the prison governor dartmore reports, sir, ... answering the question ... mr. holmes, ... ... that the three music boxes were made by the same conviction, john davidson. is seven-year sentence. - davidson? - the bank of england's recorder.

- dismissed. - yes, sir. we are approaching something. 'one moment! how was aware of the case, mr. holmes? i am a student of crime, inspector. i manage to find certain things. - when mentioned to davidson. - what's up with that davidson? since mr. holmes seems to know all of the case, ... i will ... i guess not bad to tell. two years ago in london ...

... there was a theft of tremendous importance. although the stolen items had no intrinsic value. but secretary of state intervened so as not to appear ... - ... a word in any newspaper. - you never told me nothing, holmes. was traveling. articles with no intrinsic value but of great importance. do not get it. a davidson was arrested fifteen minutes after committing the theft. by then he had hidden his loot and has not yet been found.

before proceeding, doctor watson, ... i must inform you ... not to mention the theft to get out of this office. of course not! do i have a pint of gossip? let us leave this matter. davidson has been working for years ... ... in a position of extreme trust ... ... in the bank of england. the important spoils of his theft was a set of plates, ... which can be printed ... five-pound notes.

what? sheets of it? bank of england? with these plates flooded england five-pound notes ... ... which, of course, are counterfeit ... ... impossible to distinguish from genuine bank of england ... ... they are equal. holy shit. any leak could cause tremendous damage ... ... to disrupt public confidence in the treasury. we have tried everything after arresting davidson.

we offered a reduction if we gave the plates. we've even got scotland yard men cellmates. but to no avail. it is obvious that davidson has a strong character and patience. but suddenly, ... ... feels he has to transmit the secret to his accomplices. why? i do not understand, mr. holmes. right. for example: ...

... if the bank of england decides to change ... design ... fiver ... within seven years ... more or less, ... not serve ... those made with these plates? confidentially, mr. holmes, the idea was discussed, ... ... but replace all tickets ⣠5 outstanding ... such a task ... would not have done anything in this regard. i understand. of course there is another possible explanation. davidson had little time to hide the plates before his arrest.

could be afraid ... they were discovered ... before his release. hence his anxiety ... to communicate their whereabouts ... his accomplices as soon as possible. i think it hit the mark, mr. holmes. sure that the message is inside this music box. rather, in the three music boxes, ... ... since possession of the three seems so essential. they have two thirds of the puzzle, we one.

and what will you do, holmes? attempting to decipher the message of the third we have. it is the same tune that had the music box hemory. but it sounds different. to me it sounds like. this melody, ... somehow ... this tune ... ... is the key to the mystery. has to be.

if not, why use three boxes of music to convey a message? why not shoeboxes or shirts? - it's for you, inspector. - thank you, sir. here the inspector hopkins. what? where? the golden green police station found thompson's body. for tire brands ... fue ... seems atropellado for a taxi.

an unfortunate accident. it is no accident, my friend. it's a murder. what the hell is this site so outlandish? a bar coming actors. - actors? - street entertainers. he has seen hundreds of times. acting in queues. working outside the theaters. caramba!

mr holmes. how are you, joe? better than ever. do you? well, thank you. i will introduce you to a friend. dr. watson, joe sistel. a friend of mr. holmes is a friend of mine. hola, joe. holmes hizo me a favor never forget. i proved his innocence in a very unpleasant. - a murder nothing less. - really?

i showed the police that at the time was fighting with another. - right, boss. - wow, what. joe,... ... i ask you a favor. come out, out! come on, get out! is that a gentleman can not speak calm and peaceful? and you too! well, mr. holmes, we can now and talk quietly. thank you, joe.

there's five pounds for you. well, sir, i would not accept them. but i know someone who would do it for half. still not sure what you have to do. for five pounds? matar, right? no, joe, the kill, knowing music. i would like to identify a song. no song composed that i do not know.

so i came. the fact is that my instrument is the violin. well, ... ... here we go. listen, joe. one moment, you're playing wrong. eso mi should be a natural in the flat. - you know the song? - yes, of course. australian is a song called ... ... 'the bearer', but he is playing it wrong.

i hoped you'd say. keep listening. it is the same melody ... making mistakes ... but other than the above. there are mistakes, call them variations. come, play the song as it was composed. - it is. - thank you, joe. what is this, holmes? do you know something already? maybe.

i'm not sure. probably some kind of a code. ... could write the score? the original version. of course, mr. holmes, but it will take unos minutes. â¡mabel! another beer. vamos, date prisa. well, we have not achieved anything.

no combination with those words make sense. the changes that were in the music box hemory ... ... are different from ours. - are you sure? - yes i well remember the melody of the music box hemory. remember whistled. - you amaze me, holmes. - elementary, my dear friend. one of the principles to solve a crime ... neglect ... is not nothing, however trivial.

why three boxes? why not one? because the message was too long ... ... to transmit in one variation. even is the third box, ... this woman ... which robbed the kilgorth. that contain other variation. this is beyond my strength. what we have to do is solve ... ... the secret of variations.

it is not an easy problem to solve. go! absurd. we had a visitor. holy shit, this is unheard of. tell mrs. hudson to rise. i'm going. mrs. hudson. do you want to climb a moment, please?

coming, sir. god, mr. holmes! what happened? who has come to visit, mrs. hudson? for a lady. he said he wanted to talk to you, ... - ... came with a distinguished gentleman. - our friends again, watson. - friends? - how did it look miss? i could not see his face. she wore a very thick veil. she was so elegant. sorry, mr. holmes, if i've done something wrong.

i always said i should invite your customers to come and hope. quiet, mrs. hudson, do not worry. you could not tell. okay, do not worry, mrs. hudson. do not rush. where is the music box? - she has not been found. - no? where is? it's in your hands. in the cookie jar.

remove the cookies from above. now put your hand and find the music box. well done, holmes. what good hiding. much smoke. it seems a tavern at closing time. groan, holmes. is dawning. let me congratulate you on your brilliant deduction. not a transposition. polã­grafa not a transposition or a diagram.

ni no known code. what about the morse code? have you tried? yes, at three o'clock. sorry, only pretend to help. do me a favor, do not touch again. i've already heard a thousand times. did not let me sleep. actually, there is a very good composition. you know perfectly well that i am denied for music.

as a child my family tried to learn to play the piano. daba me so much pain that vieja teacher. the poor woman came up to number keys. one, two, three, four, and i still managed to get beyond ... number the keys?, watson? the thirteenth piano key ... ... is the same letter of the alphabet. yes i have. come on, write what i say, please.

the different notes. first put the ele. the tenth is the i. the second is to be. the twenty-first is the erre. the eighteenth is the o. and last the s. ele, in, be, erre, oys ... ... books! his piano lessons were not in vain, he has resolved. thank you.

it was an accident, holmes. now we have two-thirds of the message. behind a book, third shelf, ... office ..., s. doctor surely ... ... these are the first and second part of the message. and they have the first and third part of the message. then there is a tie. yes, commissioner, but we can not leave it.

i fully believe that they will try to seize this part. i assume you have taken precautions to protect your home. it is well hidden in baker street under the supervision of dr. watson. however i am convinced ... ... that, despite the difficulty, we can find the plates ... ... even without the part that is missing. apart from knowing that hid the plates davidson bank in london, ... mr holmes ... in think teng tracks. let me point out, sir, keywords.

doctor s. the plates will be home of a doctor. now, if s is the first or last letter ... ... must be determined in a process of elimination. there must be ten thousand doctors in london ... ... with the s as the first or last letter. exactly, and each and every one of them should be questioned. what i think is a task of scotland yard. you are absolutely right, ...

scotland yard ... you have searched for needles in a haystack and found. well, for now ... ... i will leave the matter in your hands, gentlemen. we will notify you as soon as we get to locate the mysterious dr. s. i'll keep a track that i have obtained for a cigarette. are you sure it's the snuff it says? totally, i made this special blend just for three clients. snuff is pure egyptian ... ... with a mixture of antioquia.

soft body ... ... and a bit of bite. almost a whisper, you could say fleeting fragrance. yes, yes, and the three customers? lady winston, de bombay, india. limintone mrs. catherine smith, of ireland. well, what about the third? gilda courtney ramsay, ... partmentions ... of princeton square.

thank you lady helped me, thank you very much. we are pleased to help you, mr. holmes. mrs. courtney â¿? yes. soy sherlock holmes. - please pass. - thank you. i've heard of you, mr. holmes. i think we have a mutual friend. i have spoken much of his work.

and to what do i owe the honor of this visit? i think i know. well, the truth is that i got a ticket for speeding. other than that i think the police have the slightest interest in me. come on, mrs. courtney, seems to have forgotten our first meeting. sorry, i'm sure i remember having met sherlock holmes. - sit. - thank you. you say we already knew? home of mr. kilgorth, 143 hampton road.

kilgorth,... ... do not know anyone with that name. i did not say i knew them. he visited them when they were out. no i understand, mr. holmes. you were dressed differently. cigarette? mrs. courtney, people usually forget when disguised ... ... that the shape of the ear ...

... is a way to recognize and identify to the eye of an expert. clearly you have me confused with another. no, ma'am. naturally hoping you would deny. and when we did your kind visit to my house in baker street ... carelessly left ... ... ... other identification. are identical, is it not? yes, i must admit that they are. to catch someone as smart as you ...

... had to use a special bait. i knew i would be unable to resist the lure of my cigarette ... ... after reading with great interest your paper on the ash ... 140 ... of different varieties of snuff. i advise you not to move, mr. holmes. i congratulate you on your ingenuity, mrs. courtney. he gave me his perfect trap you. thank you, mr. holmes. the praise of a teacher is really rewarding.

i will always cherish the memory of his flattering words. does the memory? exactly ... i fear ... that these gentlemen have to do something very unpleasant. unless you read the amount ... ... return the music box that we lack ... ... and we promise not to take action against us in the future. i'm afraid that's impossible. i assumed that would be your answer. hamid!

watch out! care, ... ... no need to be so rude to our dear guest. you'll note, mr. holmes, that his death shall have no place here. - 'corpus delicti', you know. - of course. do we leave? it is so unpleasant to have a body rolling around. do not you think, mr. holmes? do not affect your awareness cause another death, mrs. courtney?

can i have a cigarette? i do not see why not. beware, hamid! are the brakes stuck. thank you, colonel cabannan, you are very considerate. i like to know, mr. holmes, that his death will occur without pain. put this together ... to the car engine. this small accessory, my dear mr. holmes, ... contains the deadly gas ... known as morus sulfate.

the germans used it to remove the unwanted ... ... with satisfactory results. starts the engine. tã¡pale la boca. now, ... up ... with him, hamid. now you find yourself as the coffin of mohammed, mr. holmes. suspended between the sky ... ... and the earth.

do you have enough fuel? well, ... i would like to ... in all who committed an error ... an oversight ... so silly. come on. i'm coming, i'm coming. - good afternoon. - mr. sherlock holmes? no, soy el doctor watson. of course, doctor watson, what stupidity mine.

no, the stupidity has been mine. will not you come? well, actually wanted to see mr. holmes. sorry, but you are away. i do not know when it will return. anything i can do for you? will you sit down? sherlock holmes and i have been busy ... - ... very interesting case. - really? of course. in fact we are currently one of the most baffling.

but why do not you tell me your problem? maybe i can help. es usted muy amable, doctor watson. maybe, ... ... but does not want to bother him. bother, it's no trouble. it's a pleasure, i assure you. cuã©ntemelo however, miss ... - seã±orita williams. - seã±orita williams. location surrey, dr. watson, and i came here completely desperate.

my only sister has disappeared and the police seem unable to find it. well, holmes and i solved a case exactly the same. i remember it was very interesting. i called the adventure of the solitary cyclist. but now i think it was like, ... ... was totally different. i do not know what he was saying. where were we? just 17 years, dr. watson. and when she disappeared last thursday ...

... seemed to be of an excellent spirit. could it be an affair? no, no, no, nothing like that. he left no note, not even carry luggage, no explanation. he left home village road in broad daylight. and just disappeared. come on, lady. - can you give me a glass of water? - of course, a glass of water. be right back, miss.

- here you are. - thank you, dr. watson. now, do not cry anymore, has to overcome. i feel better knowing that you will help me. â¡doctor watson, mire! heavens! call the fire department! do not have anything to put out the fire? yes, it is true, i now again. easy, miss, we will solve this right away.

it's almost. that's it. you see, we did not need to call the fire department. i hope that was not too scared. he's gone. the problem with women ... ... is that they always lose their head when there is an emergency. god! music box!

â¡seã±orita williams! did you bring? â¿y holmes? now mr. holmes has already changed the violin for the harp. assuming that the sky is your destination. we have the music box was missing. - thirteenth note. - the thirteenth. thirteenth letter. the thirteenth, the ele.

you say you have not been there? holmes! where is he? i tried to reach you at the club, at scotland yard in london. i have searched in the wrong places. holmes, something terrible will last. i have deceived the woman. - i have made a fool. - why do you say that? he came here and left a smoke bomb. i thought the house was on fire, my primea idea was ...

- ... save the music box. - no need to say more. - he took the box. - yes do not worry so much, dear friend. it's a clever adversary. you said a smoke bomb? you can console himself ... her dear friend ... that is one of its readers. no me diga. if i remember correctly ...

wrote about my experiment ... the smoke in a story entitled ... ... 'scandal in bohemia', just published in the strand magazine. all right, i'll hurry. perhaps it will encourage you to know that i too have made a fool. the cigarette i found ... i left here ... with a purpose. is there here a band? sell?? what is it, holmes? are you hurt? the explanation will have to wait.

on with the problem ... i fear ... that are unsurpassed. - come on, man, come here. - well. our opponents are in possession of the three parts of the message. and here we are as those plates ... go to su ... power. courage, dear friend. dr. samuel johnson said no problem created by humans ... ... that can not be resolved by the human mind.

what did you say? she said dr. samuel johnson. - he said that ... - thank you, watson, thanks. we left the hall and entered the main hall ... ... where dr. johnson had the habit of spending long ... to ... go to breakfast eater front al ... ... with his friend, biographer, james boswell. now, climb the ladder ... ... is maintained with the timber intact, ...

... as it was when the good doctor lived here. the picture on the wall ... is believed ... was given to dr. johnson ... ... by the famous painter, sir joshua reynolds. to me have told me that this picture is what the doctor gave mrs. trio ... ... and it sure is not reynolds. how important is it, dear? over here, ladies and gentlemen, this way. children move it, move.

- the desktop is not on this floor. - patience, hamid. - i have the feeling that ... - my dear colonel, ... ... having rid of sherlock holmes, what can happen? and here is the historic library ... ... where dr. johnson wrote his famous dictionary. where you can also find ... books ... many of our great men and other objects of interest. come here, please, come. located on the corner is the library, ...

... where many of the originals of this literary genius. on this table, the cat of dr. ... ... used to sleep while his master worked. cat strange thing was, ladies and gentlemen, your passion for oysters. it is said that the doctor sometimes went hungry ... to offer ... su cat this whim. what a pity. now visit the room right below us ... ... where we see the real bed that killed dr. johnson.

what did he die of? drop. he died of gout. over here, ladies and gentlemen. watch your step. your keys. the third shelf. the knife. friends, the boards of the bank of england. well, mrs. courtney, we meet again.

i would not do that, colonel cabannan. i congratulate you, mr. holmes, is much smarter than i thought. thank you, mrs. courtney. coming from you is very rewarding. i'll always have the memory of his flattering words. and now i must carry out a task unfortunate. â¡holmes! â¡ya vamos, holmes! holmes, are you okay?

well, watson, but the gentleman who is down needs a doctor. let us try to have the best look when hanging. take charge. a brilliant adversary. too bad he was in the wrong. do you arrange for these plates are returned to the bank of england? still do not understand how he has solved the case. it was thanks to dr. watson. i got a clue when he mentioned dr. samuel johnson.

well, i congratulate you, doctor. thank you, inspector, but ... ... do not think i could have done without the invaluable help of holmes.

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