deko für kommode wohnzimmer

deko für kommode wohnzimmer

silence your phone because you need all your focus this time. just kidding, you can reply this video if you want indefinitely until youtube server broke or someone delete it. this is 6 ikea organzing hack ideas by your home decor list maker 1. ikea hacked garage storage idea one hack you can try is by purchasing unfinished lower kitchen cabinets. then, add a countertop on it. however, this way may cost you a little much money.

for other option, you can also have some graph paper then ,arch it out to the garage. 2. $15 ikea pax door hack to have this hack, first you need to recreate the panel in the same look. however, if you have difficulties in it, you can also turn it to be foyer door. it does not have much different actually, as it will give you the same function.

3.ikea billy bookcase coverted as a pantry storage if you have shelf, which is wider than the one you prefer to be you can make a hack of it as follows. measure the highest food you will store and install hinges for the doors. it may takes long time, but after this, you will have a cool pantry storage you can match with your needs. 4. diy doors for ikea expedit cubby shelf

first, cut 10 doors. then attach it by using concealed euro cabinet hinges full half inset overlay face frame frameless. then use 1/4 ‘’ poplar craft in 1 â½â€™â€™ wide. sand and prime the edges for the next step. then coat it with paint. 5. two toned ikea rast dresser hack to add dimension of the rast you want to hack, trim them out with wood lattice strips. on the other hand, the finishing needs wood lattice

before you nail it. for the staining, you can use rustoleum dark walmut. 6. ikea rast dresser hack- dresser into dog bed first, remove the front piece of the dresser. put additional boards then drill some holes on it. put the drawer sides up against the front dresser and use brackets to secure it. that's it. come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas.

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