deko für wohnzimmer ebay

deko für wohnzimmer ebay

i greet you watch our video on the tv i can test the pc screen but this film deserves to be seen we are in monaco a place where many would like to have his residence instead i i want to live on a mega yacht for cruising worldwide this death lantic a 55 meters designed and built from italian shipyard killed ran ancona the exterior design is the work of nuvolari ellen hard a design studio italian gilio interiors are of course a couple of french architects who

decorated many beautiful homes in the world be prepared to see something extraordinary when you weigh a yacht you think caluso but we devotion as always we think to navigation 15 like it was built by a shipyard producing merchant ships because what matters and substance ie the strength of the hull structure puissance that give peace of mind to surf safely but in addition there is more marine engineering more

if you look around - many megayachts all signs crn instead has created models in recent years very different herbaria designers with architects designers here this is their strength they do not propose a fleet but has made vegas oil of a mega owners pneumothorax of different things is. canning complicated demands of an engine. impossible to explain the path that you are content to not work and contracts

today he asked us arboleda definitely something very different to produce this it looks very good the first meeting the owner said the word an honorary member immediately i was a bit ' shocked. renato oleander and at the end with all the the proportions may be problems during the construction of this type when he finally touched the console war fist finish are i realized that are coming out really something different

- watch this foredeck fantastic clean do not even a detail - winch for anchor as a fumble come, see it is all below usually megayacht this area is not used for guests here instead have even realized a retractable table

whose thickness is variable because it adapts to the nature of the bridge bolso every object of this boat is a work of desana this is a carbon mast which supports the awning and has a built-in spotlight any leader to see a technology well placed government here is all tabacci also the doors this scale tells me the power you are giving to your hands much technology, but everything that happens it must always be recorded on the toilet

the engine room there are also 3 power generators only two service permanent and hume reserve develop a total of 400 36 who makes the equivalent of the energy electricity needed in line fantabig what i like about this project, the idea of ​​devoting an entire bridge shipowner he may decide to lived alone or to share it with guests welcoming them in the living room the lounge offers various opportunities for relaxation choline armchairs and sofas oriented illuminated in a different way

if we were in a bay instead moored amount as we are now who knows what we can see from these windows marble user know how to decorate this mega yacht of 55 meters 20 tons the equivalent weight of a yacht of 17 years that of 'owner is not simply a cabin is a true just deluded apartment is exalted amplitude and up you saw coming

maa is not a sofa is a limousine here everything is possible and if present arrives skewers of this atlas are impactful expression of a personality which sets it apart and makes it instantly recognize you know what material it is made of steel for maximum scazzo robustness and the superstructure of aluminum for maximum lightness if you put yourself in a ship very little dachshunds weights at the top also you get the best stability i like it because of its larger parts such as lettuce

they have the same geometric design of the smallest details en it sees you have a trapezoidal section designed to reflect the light such as steel if the superstructure or even the flagstick is a work of art deserves to be exhibited at moma i believe you numbered seats - decorations spit after the north has been satisfied that the sometimes you joking kind les k do many times and is a quality that in every corner of the ship for both research

technological both for the payment of detail and 'quite difficult to find in a ship you saw how big eur 55 meters all morning i go back and forth did few kilometers it takes a coffee break when they put together the skills of engineers and creativity of italians expect wonders that others did not have even imagined like this majestic stern which also offers

two board 1 accesses through the traditional batch and scale through the beach club luckily this double entered that leads to the lawn directly from calculation points to take called beach club actually foi we had a bad entrance and south subisco then even be able to enter directly on to vector thing enough activities on the ship of this size everything was done absolutely thought after all this this operation placed the secrets web designer skills if execution of the site but also a daughter of exceptional smoking if the yard surely

the engine to do all these things can be companies related to us that they did allow. unbelievable at the moment we're fine with us represent this product they have drawn to ceiling windows that open to the sea thanks also to make it will pass decor of this bridge can be changed pleasure you can move furniture tables sofas too much effort manno

do cranes here on the top behind me there is a comparative crystal pool deck and steel handrails it is the sun i can have a bit 'of sunshine web on the lower deck are the guest cabins you hope to be one of them because you put at the disposal including the common areas 20 500 square meters you know it's a mega yacht taste great because passengers are hospital 12 against the crew made

and understand for guests are 4 for a maximum capacity of 10 people ebay classic is least as large as the battle of us 8d furnishing and containment 'it was specifically designed and built this video also in this sofa this living room overlooking the sea by opening these terraces length 10 meters truly spectacular here there are also the two tends to rugby 9 meters long selling barters with this group

whom this football costs 1000 euro tim consolidation move it mentally far right you. eager and did not also wanted a signal two-thirds, and then the two media which are also in this case totally typical for this sea which is able to contain in a fairly wide reality what is the frame index weight ship 2 tend about how to put 58ultimo tent for comprehending say the traditional use with these two lateral branches suleman back that i call hostel are the two ears of pein ship when tents

to have pescocostanzo completely changes appearance in that area where it is set to become la pola comfort pulcinella a disco this multifunctionality nif typically in a technical area is another status completely different from what's suppositories signal at this rate as i am also cautious shift lever bookshop here that not only brings deck beach club gigantic

if you want to keep fit there is also a gym and if you are in the harbor open the hatchback buscate the spectacle of the sea but then we want to know what is the state of form engines you it's time to give numbers and 'long 55 meters - 20 cm wide and 10 meters + 20 cm and it is powered by two caterpillar engines from 1670 horses 3 youtb if you were to calculate the performance on the basis of the power to weight ratio

results would be discouraging because the value in of 241 kilograms per horse navigation trim but it is a displacement and the speed therefore depends on other factors such as the hull shape which is why infant reaches 15 knots and a half maximum speed you can keep a cruising speed 14 nights dan economic cruising area c, 5 shared nodes to the consumption of

about 27 liters per mile since the contending 120 thousand liters tanks of diesel autonomy ip4500 vigliatore can cross oceans to go around the world flock here about 9 feet but if you make fuels where it costs less will suffice only 250,000 euros to travel the world with this megayacht by directing remind me of another important as water supply there are available 30,000 liters orazi as with any new shower us about 30 liters can be made in 1000 showers

but here there are only 26 people but since you also say a 800-liter water maker now individuals can take 24 showers a day with no water shortage problems i d think that here there are no problems even the lack of champagne beach club and 'the name given to these bathing megayacht hive is an oasis of relaxation is connected lario me barbie sitting inside the bathroom turkish the gym the massenger u good morning no one naruto pratola this. the big party for consumption

building sites because we always had the fear that he had gone too far to let anything would succeeded we would like as he wanted, and instead i have to say it was one of ii our happier more satisfied customers and this point is the biggest way of communicating our our. i'm satisfied customers wine cellar they can try our products of our lives we can not do by giving hundreds of 15 3 4 2 just get happy feet i we have those on consumption

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