deko für wohnzimmer ecken

deko für wohnzimmer ecken

hey guys, today i show you something different than usual. so i will show you how i make simpel fondant /marzipan roses here you can see how big the usually turn out i got the request to film this tutorial quite a few times, so i thought i finally show you. i use precolored fondant in this video, but you could obviously use regular white one as well. use the color of your choice. to start of the roses, i roll my fondant into a long rope & cut it into equal pieces. how big of a piece you use is up to you. what you also need is a siplock bag or any kind of plastic bag. clingfilm doesnt really work here! cut the bag open on 2 sides, so only 1 side stays. i use arround 5 petals per rose, so keep 5 pieces of fondant and put the rest back in a bag to prefent drying out. so take your 5 pieces of fondant and roll the into nice smooth balls.

place them on one side of your plastic, a few inches apart from each other. i usually do two rows of petals at a time. first you squish each ball flat (between the plastik!) and then you start and thin out the edges of each petal with the side of your thumb. dont thin them out too much or theyll break! you also only need to thin out one half of the petal! leave one side a little thicker. so thin out one side and leave the other one a big chunky ;) next step is to roll the base of the rose between your palms. use a new piece of fondant. try to roll it into a cone shape between to edges of your palms. doesnt need to be perfect ;)

then i start to peel back the plastic on one row of petals. i apply the first petal without any glue! on my cone, attaching 3/4 of it arround my cone. then taking the second petal to slide it between cone & petal 1, wraping the rest arround the cone aswell. dont close them all the way shut but try to tilt the upper part so you dont see the cone inside. to me, this kind of looks like the letter s. the third petal is applied as a second row, on on top of the seam of one of the first petals. the fourth petal is again slided between the third petal and the base. so is the fifth petal. after all 5 petals are applied you roll the now complete rose between your fingers to gently press everything together. try to adjust the shape of your petals to give the a better look.

then again : roll the rose between your fingers, applying firm pressure to get ride of the excess fondant. at last, take a marzipan knife and cut aways the bulk of fondant on the bottom. & then i start all over again with the same steps as the first rose.

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