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hey guys my name is kelsey my name is becky, and we're the sorrygirls and today we're at the dollar store doing another dollar store challenge. we're in a new dollar store not our regular one i think that they have the same dollar store in the united states so may be better for any of you guys in the united states and things might be a little bit cheaper i don't know what they sell here so we're gonna find out and the theme this week is decor slash room decor just makes something to decor-y let's see what we can find. yes. nothing needs to be changed about these. they are perfect as they are. wait these though.

there are so many diy supplies at this dollar store. it's quick its scrapbooking paper i don't know if that really works though because then we're just like using craft store supplies okay, i love good lighting, and really cool lighting. lamps and stuff. so maybe there's something here. they have a million flashlights at pushlights i have an idea i think i have an idea. ok wait. i have an idea. i think this is gonna be so perfect okay, we're back, and i'm gonna show you what i got. so the first thing i got is this metal wire garbage can thing and i think everything here pretty much was the dollar 25 which is pretty good. and then to go with that?

i have this giant push light that is like a closet light and then i saw these and they're basically like the minimis of this guy, and they're just so cute so i was like i have to get them because they're meant to be together i couldn't separate them and then to complete it i picked up this black cord, which is cool. i've never seen like cord or rope that's like black. it's very. chic looking especially for the dollar store i also saw and i filmed it these little tiny wooden like blocks that i could use as beads but i remembered that we had wooden beads at the office and like i don't want to be wasteful but just so you guys know if you did want to do beads

they sell them at the dollar store. so with all of these things. i'm gonna attempt to make a hanging macrame pendant light i hope it works so first step is gonna actually make the light work as a light and we'll get into making it look cute after. i know this isn't the most ideal way to do a light it should go to like a outlet with a cord and a light bulb but they didn't have all those supplies cuz it's a dollar store but i think this will be really easy to operate anyways so it takes a batteries which just stole these from the office

and hopefully this is pretty bright. cause i don't know uh oh i mean so the challenge i have now is getting this to stay up in here i was just kind of hoping gonna have like a giant sticky bit on the back but it does not so this became a little bit more effort than what i thought it was gonna be but i don't worry. baby screwdriver, where are you? i'm just gonna glue rope to this and i'll tie it on okay, so my light is up in my trash can soon to be your hanging light

and i think i'm gonna take these two little desk organizers and hang them maybe one above and one below as kind of like a tiered lamp system and to attach it all together i'm just gonna use the black cord that i got and like do a macrame thing okay so i'm making nine long strings of this black cord and looping them at the top and tying them in the giant knot and this is how it will hang my light and then from there i'm splitting it up into groups of three and just doing basic braids so making three braids out of these strings okay, so the basic way to do macrame is to just split all your ropes into little pairs and then knot them to the pair beside it basically and it's okay if you have an odd number because i did because i was

doing braids you can just make a group of three instead of a group of two and i find that when i'm doing a bigger object it's easy to sometimes put it on top so you know that your knots are the right tightness okay, so this is pretty much done looking really cute i think i decided to not throw the little cups in you totally could do it i'm just feeling like it's looking a bit complicated already as it is but i did have this thought that it'd be so cute if you flip these right side up and then macrame little ones you could put a little like tea lights in them or a little plant and that would be super cute

but maybe we'll save that for another video now the last thing that i really want to do is just trim the ends so i'm gonna cut them a little bit shorter and i think open up the little braid that they come with so that it's more like fringy and that'll be it okay, so my little macro made hanging light is complete, and it's pretty cute. i've actually impressed this is all dollar store stuff so to turn it on and off you just have to go and push the push light but that's not too difficult. it doesn't require an outlet or anything which is great so let's get this hung up and see how it looks and then i can't wait to see what kelsey is making because i have no clue so from the dollar store i picked up a couple of different things i got these

sun catcher paint sets and this is actually what kind of inspired what i'd wanted to do but i'm not gonna be using their templates i'm just gonna be using these for the paint and i got to just in case cuz i want to mix the colors to make new colors and i didn't want to run out of paint, and then i also picked up some puffy fabric paint i'm not gonna be using it on fabric, but i think it'll be fine i also got some suction cups deep suction cup. oh, thank you this has suction cups on it wait did you hear me? i'm like oh

thanks and a two frame set and i'm gonna be using the glass out of these frames because i'm going to be making a glass sun catcher with like the faux thing stained glass type of look i also have this gold chain that i'm gonna use from here at the office the first thing i'm going to do is take my frames take the glass out of the frames and then use my glass cutter to cut the whole shape so i have my glass pieces cut they're looking pretty, but i think the first thing i'm going to do is glue the chain onto it so

i'm just gonna take a little piece of this chain that we have leftover and just super glue it i know this isn't ideal, but the glass is super light and i think i can get it nicely secured onto the back and while that dries i'm actually going to swap out these ugly little silver hooks that have an abnormally big poop on the top for something that i can diy out of this wire that we have leftover from a certain jewelry video if you guys like that so the suction cups and chains are looking good, and they're all attached and now the final thing is to paint it i think that the paint that it comes with is like very watery so i think that you need like the puffy paint to kind of like keeping the edges and if this was real stained glass, i guess this kind of mimics like the soldering edel

that's kind of in between all the pieces of glass not an expert but that's what i think so i have this green puppy paint that's going to mimic my soldering slash raised edge effect okay, my design is all dried out apparently, maybe it's something out of a zelda i just don't feel like a geometric kind of like modern sun catcher design because i was looking at the sun catches on line and they're all you know very vintage looking very nature inspired and once this puffy paint is dry i'm just gonna go in there with the sun catcher paint that i got from the dollar store so i tried to mix some of the colors to make some even more fun colors

but that wasn't really working with this type of paint, so i just used what i had i turned out pretty cute pretty colorful i'm excited to hang these up and see how they catch the light all right what do you guys think of those diys this time we're gonna have a poll so that you can vote who you think did the? diy dollar store decor better tell me who you think won whatever. i'm just kidding. i think that yours was amazing mine was unique cars is both like light inspired yeah, that's true actually i neva liked their actual i yeah tell us your thoughts below to if you think that we could have done something differently and

also please let us know what type of thing you want to do next time because we always check the comments for info yeah, last time i mean there was a lot of pet stuff, and we will get to that but i also saw some stuff hurt of course that's all we did that this time and that storage should be interesting this is name of that and it let us know if you like us going to a different dollar store. yes, also that one was a little bit cheaper thanks for watching if you guys like this video make sure you give it a like and if you love it and want to see more exciting stuff from us make sure you sub it and we'll see you next time

bye, bye

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