dunkle möbel wohnzimmer

dunkle möbel wohnzimmer

can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg], we're coming over open up. we're here. okay. you're yelling like so loud hey we're. we are back omg. we are coming over to someone else's place who is that someone? joslyn davis from clever style hey guys welcome back to beauty break you have seen her in beauty break and all her other fun shows with her partner in crime lily but i'm also going to use these omg we bought a house. we redid our home we brought you along with that journey now

we're going over to other people's homes in omg we're coming over guys make sure and subscribe we're trying to get to a million subscribers by the end of the year. hash tag mrkate we need you to subscribe click on that button please please and if you subscribe, you're gonna automatically be entered to win a $10,000 room transformation from us we are going to come to one lucky winner and give them a $10,000 transformation and if you want to see what that's gonna be like keep watching keep watching let's get into it wow! i know! i need help! welcome to my house, this is one room. yeah, i'm freaking out

i'm so glad you guys are here basically our clever fans reached out to her were like joslyn needs your help, and i got a dm on social media from her offering to decorate my place the angels from heaven came down and here we are i was just in a rush to move like i needed to move asap, like i thought like oh i'm gonna find this like huge perfect apartment, and when i saw the building and the view is amazing. the view is amazing but it's still really weird like the idea of someone walking into your house and being like welcome to my bedroom like i'm not about that life we got to fit her bedroom her dining room and her living room in this small apartment you want to entertain in your bedroom, but not

i don't want people to know you just keep that the closet door closed and make people think that's your bedroom yeah, it's over there, and they just think that's like your portal to another land exactly joslyn actually installed a murphy bed. looks like a armoire that comes down into a lay down bed you can put it back up. so you have more space in the room so when you walk into the room when the beds folded up you just think she has a giant portal to narnia you have to be high-energy all the time all day filming you want to come home to like a neutral calming space like you don't want some like loud, red accent wall no no, i do want to stick with neutral tone but i do also want to add a pop of color something really peaceful and beautiful and feminine

like me i believe in you guys! high five! this paint is called snowbound. i guess is a way to keep you cool in those hot summer days i guess so basically we're getting rid of the like doodoo brown and i feel like a lot of people encounter this in rentals is like this like yellowy white right now the walls look a little doo doo it's got this weird brown paint on it this looks like i can't believe it's not better yeah, which is one step away from plastic. and you shouldn't eat it. i've never painted whate?! i mean like no you guys. oh my god

this is so exciting! my parents would never let me do this no stop stop. i'm already ruining it tell me when to stop! stop! that's so intense. i just put it in there just put it in there. look at that. look at you w this is my new fitness video. it's w painting with lunges omg oh my gosh, it is insane and mind-blowing. what one coat of paint can do to like change your room and change your life guys i'm just gonna be here doing the joslyn lunge

so now that you're really good at painting. i have an art project. we can do together so ready great. let's do it! i love it! it's like a magic, it's like we're going to cast a spell we are spray painting three frames i could only find black at the store for the size of paper that i wanted to use for the art so we're gonna easily transform them to white with some spray paint abra kadabra hey kate who's the genius that bought black frames with the goals that just paint them white kate got three black frames and then immediately

started to paint them white it was because they only had this size in black buy one get the other one for a penny a penny right now mr.kate and i are working on some custom art together because clearly we're talented artists. that's a lie she is i'm not she likes abstract art which i think it's great when you're trying to get that sort of spa-like vibe if we do a triptych which i say let's just paint a trip what? a series of three art pieces okay, that that correspond with each other okay i love this you can let the brush kind of like run out. yeah, yes, yes oh i'm gonna start an art career and the one thing i would tell you guys is to just take the brush and just let it go all the way up until it flicks

all you need is a paintbrush and some paint and some paper and you can create something totally beautiful that you feel like really connected to and a part of a triptych it was three paintings that tell one story hanging side-by-side triptych cheers darling we are sitting at and on the tables set. i love this set because it fits perfectly on my balcony it's so little let's just keep this, love that. and let's spray paint it with a nice coat of white spray paint it'll really bring in more of a beachy classy vibe. have you ever spray painted before? yes, yes i have yeah, i saw that in your eyes, but you looked guilty about it i'm a huge graffiti artist don't know if you guys know yeah, my name is jay dog. that's what i leave everywhere

ten inches away, you don't want any bubbles or dripping which i learned and it was easy, and it looks so much better it's crazy. that is good for the first coat we'll let that dry so good and do a second coat, and then we have the frames here for our art work for our art work you have your weird, but adorable little wet bar. that's so sweet of you. it's just weird this is a perfect little station to display some awesome. thrift store. fine glasses. i know that you want to entertain i do i do i wanted to get you some awesome bar-ware when i opened it. it was like a treasure trove. oh my gosh clear bottoms.these are so cool! they're a little different we'll wash these. no they're vintage don't clean them.

this was a 3.99 silver-plated tray i think there's a snack left on here or some cigarettes i love thrift store finds we could go and get some really quality items for super inexpensive 99 cents. they're so cute do you want to have a tea party? i know. joey pinkys up? yes an ice bucket with a little handle really good will. you really got all this at the goodwill? yeah all of this $35 shut up. i know all right, but yeah, so you're gonna go

you're gonna go i gotta go to work gotta go to clever you know gotta go hold down the fort yeah, and when you come back, it'll be oh, i'm so excited cheerio. now it's time to get sweaty keep going yeah, i'm so tired the finish line if you are in a small space, studio don't shy away from full-size items you don't need to decorate with miniature items in a small space it's gonna make the space feel smaller so you designed this how do i don't i don't get it, but this thing is amazing. well, i customized it you pick the sheet that you want, come tell em about it. i'm just gonna sit right here

i'm gonna tell you a story about a custom couch our sponsor joybird is hooking us up with this great custom couch the cool thing about joybird and this is a great tip for you guys is you can actually make your own furniture so customize everything to your particular taste. which is super cool, so you'll notice i picked those dark wood legs which is the same color as the murphy bed they ship it to you for free and free returns? you got a 365-day guarantee, this is so bountiful look at my feet, dont touch the floor. joey i'm small. shmall is when you are an adult human. who's just shmall

kate's my little shmall. look at it her feet don't even touch the ground. this shmall is headed to the kitchen. take me take me you're big you can walk. kate are you good with just about this high right here? yea. what are you doing? i'm sanding down this shelf because the edges are pretty splintery and rough oh my gosh it looks so good look at it. it's rose gold beauty take it in take it in. a lot of times in rentals you have vertical blinds which are really easy to take off store them under your bed put up some nice curtains an instant transformation she doesn't have a lot of space but she does have a little open space under her window which we could transform into some sort of workable

countertop situation joey and i came up with this awesome shelf situation store-bought piece of wood that's already cut to size and shelf brackets and this is going to become her extra counter space plus a surface for her to sit eat breakfast at and also work out. i love marble contact paper it's not going to cover the side so i'm just painting out the sides of the shelf with some pink paint and then going over the top with this contact paper which is vinyl just peel the back away as you go and make sure that you don't have any air bubbles you can trim off the excess with a nice sharp craft knife no workstation is complete without some storage. kate didn't screw the screws all the way, shes got a screw loose, you got a screw loose so i found this awesome wire basket that is easy to mount on the wall another great space-saving solution

this is just a nice simple natural fiber rug that is super cute and fits the space perfectly one of the things that i definitely want to bring into the space are plants greenery is just really good vibes and it'll really make this space feel lush and welcoming so to make these plants extra special we got some terracotta pots all you need is some normal latex paint i know you have it in there for a while it's get a cramped up in there isn't it doesn't that feel good stretch your legs we've got these really cool industrial sconces that we're going to put on the sides of our murphy bed that are just going to bring in a more light b more style c c me hanging them

this is a rental so we're not going to be putting in new junction boxes in the wall wall-mounted plug-in sconces are a great trick to bring in new fixtures in areas where you didn't think you could have them and then i need your help taping off the fixture because we should have waited to change out the fixture until after i spray painted the mirror so this apartment comes with this really weird small little wet bar. this thing is ugly we got to try to make it less ugly. you're really gonna spray paint right there? yeah, brah you gotta problem with that brah you might have a problem with that if you get it everywhere i'm not gonna get it everywhere brah. it's not my first

i feel like this is a one-person project. great gtfo bye felicio what's gotten into me must be the hundred degree heat this little wet bar alcove that joslyn has is mirrored one of those weird rental moments and i think it's gonna look way cooler if we try to age these mirrors with a mercury glass effect diy, mercury glass coffee table fortunately joslyn has a copy of a hot glue gun mess where i did a mercury glass coffee table as one of the projects super easy mixing vinegar and water which i'm going to use to spray over a coat of the spray paint i'm going to use gold because i love bringing in that color we'll see it elsewhere then

spraying the mixture of vinegar and water you can pat it off and it gives it that sort of model aged look like you see on mercury glass. oh rug time. rug time this area rug is great. it's shaggy it's bringing in a nice light color against the dark with floor we're starting to establish our neutral color palette. it's the rule around rug time it's when me and kate roll around the rugs wrote that song just now. can you give me some water? i need some water, please tell joey? you can't say it after i say it

says who?, that's like the rule of life i was the one that was thirsty and now she's asking me to get her glass of water so messed up what happened to chivalry. be chivalries chiv chiv it's hard to say i sound like sean conway are you getting water? this is a disaster this rug situation is a hot mess and let me tell you hot messes aren't as fun when it's this hot we're gonna bring in this nice lounge chair kind of a mid-century style which is a nice contrast to the little more traditional couch. we'll just push it. just slide it it's laminate the sideboard is super cool it's two-tone. it's white with wood accents doesn't scratch nice touch

sideboard. does it really matter hutch sideboard a hutch would be like a way bigger piece of furniture like what's the cutoff? what's the big cutoff? it would be tall a hutch would be like china cabinet because this room has to function in so many different ways i want to give her a dining room space so that requires a dining room table what the freaking. i'm trying to figure how to put together this dining room table, but like joey look a nice large side table two of them. do you need help? yeah. what about looking at the instructions. oh, you don't think i've looked at the instructions here you look at them and tell me what happens okay oh, there's a center thing, so why don't you just line that up?

okay, go for it. you do it. i don't like your tone, but i will try oh that's what it is. go to yes, no it's really good. it's really like i figured it out. i just figured it out. i figured it out too. i just figured it out thank god for me she's got a really big flat-screen tv plus. she has an articulating arm. so it can be viewed at any angle she's gonna have some great tv experiences in this room courtesy of me around the dining room table we're placing two metal chairs since i don't want to use all four around the table because that'll be hard for the bed to fold down we're going to stack two of them outside as a plant stand for joslyn succulents

and then we're going to add two fuzzy sheep skins as the chair cushions the mercury glass wet bar looks amazing styled with the goodwill finds i'm bringing in a lot of crystals into the space because crystals bring good vibes kate, put a little picture of joslyn's parents on the side table with a photo album just some nice touches to make it feel really personal and friends come over they can flip through the photo album to display these painted pots we are placing them on these awesome cute little plant stands which just brings them up so that you see them right away when you walk in the front door another touch of nature. we're bringing in is a giant stick if you know me you know i love a good stick that sounds weird in the middle, we're putting this really cool stone top coffee table and a beautiful bronzy gold face

so we're playing with the metallics in this room, too the coffee table looks really cute and simple with a nice grey wood tray and our thirst store fine with a succulent plant inside i'm styling this ira with a mix of items a small brass lamp some other accessories including a little tiny bluetooth speaker that's a gift for joslyn from her clever family lily and erin so sweet joslyn has kind of a weird address to the studio because she has a double door but she only uses one of the doors to come in and out so i figure let's use that other door for a really cool minimalist lock and a little rhino to hold her keys i feel like i'm excited like what's going to happen. lilly and joslyn are coming up in the elevator right now. it's like a whole apartment for you

oh my gosh, you ready? let's go the anticipation is killing me. oh my god, okay. i can't see. okay tell us when to look! don't look don't look it's like the biggest surprise of my life. and it's your apartment one....two three i just opened my eyes to see like all of my dreams come true except these are dreams like i'm not even capable of having because they look so much better than anything i could ever think of oh my gosh, do i live here?

you're such an adult this is crazy i'm gonna cry. i love her. i wanted her to be happy and she's happy oh my gosh we made that art i'm a local artists and i have tables we can have people over for dinner so many tables multiple gemstones you could do your own crystal healing this does not look like a studio apartment anymore no one would have any clue when they walk into that space that that is my bedroom living room dining room all in one room now

i won't feel uncomfortable having people come over and be like also you're in my bedroom. oh my goodness. look at my wet bar! i did like a mercury glass, but with gold. it's like a vintage. this is the most speechless i've ever heard joslyn. every quarter i look in there's like a cute plant or like a tall stick oh my gosh! this is so cute! i don't really have a place to sit down and maybe like do some work from home and the little diy ledge in the kitchen is so cute the marble contact paper on top makes it look so luxe you have those baskets! yes! this is so cute! look at my light! that's your little breakfast table. i know oh and then there's the patio too. there's more?!

so, it's a set of four with these chairs and those are extra and also having these plants on the porch with the trees behind it just makes it, so lush the layout in the space is perfect because the murphy bed actually works up and down. you don't have to move anything pink i mean i'm like serving you cocktails in your home. welcome! cheers to you guys mr. kate and joey for like making my dream come true the miracle workers you guys are amazing well, you deserve it. this is like the nicest thing that's ever happened to me i think it really is this is crazy like i can't believe it

honestly these last few years in my life have been so crazy high high highs low low lows just so many things happening at the end of the day. i'm just even more grateful i feel so blessed that mr.kate and joey came into my life. oh triptychs. do you know what triptychs are? three of them i'm going to guess came into my space to give me this incredible gift and i get to live here now. it's crazy good job okay, that's enough. that was like 10 million . did you get lipstick all over me? did i get lipstick all over you? thanks for watching guys that was a really fun episode. it was so fun

joslyn is like. i mean i know she's like everyone's spirit animal but i feel like she's my spirit animal i feel so kindred with her and doing her space was just so meaningful and everyone deserves to live in an amazing space that really out really expresses who they are internally. make sure you guys subscribe so you can come along the journey of the next omg we're coming over we're giving away a ten thousand dollar room transformation if we get to a million subscribers by the end of the year blown away by that thanks for watching guys. that was a lot of fun. see you next time bye. and make sure you check out our collab video where i went on beauty break and tested out stain removers with lilly and joslyn and while you're there subscribe

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