esszimmer einrichten ideen

esszimmer einrichten ideen

we've been here since yesterday, there are a few of us here, altogether. and we’ve been waiting in here all night, in case someone comes to lock these doors. it is quite festive, there’s food, there’s water and there are people sleeping, people laughing. now we wait until 5am, by then it will already be tumultuous you know? because more and more people will start to arrive, and so this will be filled with people. i mean when we brought a ballot box and we printed ballots. it doesn't seem very democratic to prohibit it. all people have the right to vote for self-determination,

and so this law they say is unconstitutional; it is illegal, this law must be illegal according to their (spanish) law, but according to international law it is not. (we will vote) it's surprising that people are here to vote already, this shows that people really want to vote. nothing violent is happening here, it's all peace and love. (it is a ballot box, it doesn't bite) a referendum is the most democratic way that you have. you can choose for politicians to make decisions for you,

or ask people in a referendum. and this is the most democratic way there is. and i hope that spain, whatever the results, will recognise the results of it, as well as the catalan government, whatever it is, a yes or a no. let people decide. we have organised already for a group of neighbours to be at this school by 5 a.m. with as many people as possible to assure that we will be able to vote. we have communicated a lot to take shifts, to organise this neighborhood together. it's so beautiful. because there have been many activities in this school and we have coordinated having a continuous presence. i'm here to defend democracy in the first place.

regardless of whether we believe that catalonia has to be a free country or not. i think we all have to be here asking ... reclaiming what is ours! which is the right to vote, many people before us have fought for this right. it's been a very intense 24 hours, it's been a day of activities from 7 in the morning, until 10:00 pm with all the people from the neighborhood. it has been intense, many people have come, many neighborhood entities helped us, many people have come to bring food: from the market, things they prepared themselves, very beautiful, but intense. just to see that is already a victory, there are people of all ages: seniors, children, young people.

it is something that spain should really take into account. (albert ribera- politician) those who have to enforce the law these days, they are suffering, they are defending the spanish democracy against the coup makers who want to break it . (m. rajoy - spanish prime minister) president of the government of spain, a great nation, one of the oldest in europe and one of the most developed in the world. they have ignored the referendum, and doing it, they take part in favor of democracy and conviviality. a mature and advanced democracy, kind and tolerant, but also firm and determined, that it conforms to the rule of law with all its guarantees,

our nation (catalunya radio live sound) over these days more than 140 web pages have been censored, servers shut down, companies receiving orders in several ways. google has been required to suspend its service there have been drops in the internet and cuts in the communication system, etc. they have done everything possible to block websites with information on where to vote and they haven’t succeeded. also, 9 million ballot papers and 1.5 million envelopes have been confiscated, postal censorship has been used and they have intervened with a shipping company. they have detained and held dozens of people, by day and night we have been monitored with drones at the government building.

what else can i tell you that you don't already know. in spite of these exceptional circumstances, what we have always said is: to each problem there is a solution. the spanish police prepares a siege of the school "ramon llull (we are people of peace) (we are not afraid) they try to separate the voters, and it seems that people at the moment are enduring this, but they have already taken a few people away, they pull them one by one ... here kicks, kicks, all kicks, kicks and people bleeding, grandparents on the ground,

all on the ground and kicking,that's how this country works. as you see we are surrounded from the air too. and we are taking shifts of 4 hours with the neighbours, there is a lot of cohesion amongst people. we have been able to set up the voting tables and the electoral procedures, at 8 a.m, 12 anti-riot vans of the spanish national police appeared they parked at marina street, from the sardenya st. to marina street and consell de cent the peaceful resistance of neighbours has been exemplary, with the hands up, with many dignity, they were shouting " we are people of peace "

the police really imposed fear. they came with shields, (soraya saez de santamaria) the object of their interventions has never been the people, but the voting material they have always sought to protect the rights and freedoms. they pushed an older person. there were older people, not children, but many older people here were in a difficult situation they entered by the corner of consell de cent and quickly forced the door of the family association of ramã³n llull school. they thought that from there they could access the dining room, but they were wrong, they did not know. because we closed the other door with a human shield, very brave people. we told them that we are people of peace, that they cannot enter our children’s canteens,

truly, there was a lot of tension, but also a lot of great courage and peace from the people. ramã³n llull was a humanist, a man of peace eight centuries ago, the last thing we could expect was that this would happen on a school campus. (the streets will always be ours) i am very impressed with the police here, that they came in and stole the boxes, they were very direct, and beat the people, this kind of force by the police ... i cannot imagine it. if people wanted to vote, they can vote and the question comes afterwards: what happens, you know? and to interfere in the voting situation i think it is unbelieveable.

i'm sure this kind of police intervention is not right, you should have discussions all the time and find a solution. and nobody in europe wants to prohibit elections. i think there were at least ten police vans, many policemen, from the national spanish police, there were a lot of people, they shouted that they wanted to vote, but all in a very peaceful way . shouting "we will vote", "we are people of peace", they started to sing "els segadors", it was a very emotional moment.

and then the national police got into their vans, and they started the vans to leave. but of course, people were in front of them and blocked them. without saying anything, they started to kick those of us who were sitting in the front row, we didn't move so they pushed us with their shields, but we didn't move and remained, we resisted peacefully, so they pulled out sticks, as the only thing they have is the use of force, they ended up taking out their shotguns and bullets. (they hit the press!!) but they were shooting for about three minutes, i think it was with rubber bullets it was the sound of thunder ... not something you should witness in a democracy.

i come from denmark and there things are different. en dinamarca la policã­a no lucha contra las urnas y contra la sociedad civil vestidos de antidisturbios so, of course, it's a very sad day. they are firing at the heads! and that's it, apparently they went to another school. so it seems to me that people will judge for themselves i have my opinion and my leg was hurt. i met some of the victims and they showed me the rubber bullets, for me that was an excessive act, it was not necessary to attack in this way.

it is one thing for the police to get into the polling stations, and to steal the ballot boxes. but that is ... even worse, attacking voters who are here to exercise their rights. and shooting with rubber bullets and all that, for me this is europe, it is not a dictatorship, it is not south africa during apartheid, this is in the heart of europe. for me, it's very, i do not know what to say. fundamental rights, human rights, are not an internal issue, it is something that is in the conventions, it are our rights not as danish or spanish citizens, but as human beings. and no european state has the right to violate those rights by limiting freedom of expression, etc

this has nothing to do with internal affairs, this has to do with human rights. we were queuing to start voting at the mediterrania school, and about 15 vans of national police arrived, they all came out suddenly, and without giving any warning or anything, or asking us to leave, they pushed us back, throwing people to the ground, i have been hit on my face, i have been hit with the stick directly here i have been beat on my back and still have a wound, i have been hit on all sides. my father was thrown on the ground, he was kicked in the ribs once he was on the floor, some people have wounds on their face. they had no mercy. i've seen how a man of 70 years was hit on his chest, they took off his shirt, it was so violent.

punching without looking who was in front, if you are bigger, smaller. i saw older people on the ground, i was hallucinating. older people on the floor, being stepped on and kicked . the people fell and once on the ground they were kicked, they used sticks, then threatened with the rubber bullets, it was disproportionate in the end there has been screaming and insults and such, but at no moment has there been confrontation with one another, they were the brute force, against some people who wanted to vote,

and who positioned ourselves in front of the door to block the entrance and without a word, they came in, took the ballot boxes and left. even more, when they were already inside, they kept on beating people outside. they already got inside and they continued and there was a moment when the mossos (catalan police), seeing this, had to defend us. they stuck with the spanish national police to defend us. the catalan police tried to put themselves between the people and the spanish police, to separate people, but the spanish national police beat them equally. they were also kicked i got kicked here in the ribs, nothing was broken,

but above all i have a broken the soul, the impotence of not being allowed do something. the feeling is, after seeing the images that run through social networks it seems that at some point in the day the police will come here. we are waiting quietly until 9 in the evening. i have always lived in peace, i wanted peace for all and for the families. and it seems strange that they do not let us live this way. we are protecting schools throughout the day, so please when you finish voting do not go away,

we must continue to protect the polling stations in a peaceful and enduring way, we have to defend the schools and the ballot boxes until counting the votes is finished. so, please do not go. resist in a peaceful and quiet way, as we have always done. the civil guard prevents the voting in some schools using force against our peaceful and democratic will, against that, please, use peaceful resistance. thank you very much and we are moving forward. live catalunya! i've come to vote, first because i am a democrat, and also because watching what is happening on tv, this is incredible in the 21st century, in a supposedly democratic state this shouldn't happen.

and i was not in favour of independence until some years ago. but seeing this, the only option left for us is to go our own way. of course we could expect anything to happen with 10.000 policemen at the port, so what they have tried to do is to generate fear, and from what you see, people are not afraid. it is indignation that they provoke right now, i believe. (people who already have voted, please move towards the door please) (we will not leave) the actions of the central government, and above all the police, are changing the attitudes of people.

last week i was talking with some neighbours about the voting, yes or no, let's see, this can be done, or not, and suddenly today i found the same neighbours who always told me that i was a radicaland that the voting should not be allowed, they were hanging posters with information about where to vote, even to vote no. but repression that prohibits the freedom of expression is unacceptable. this morning we have arrived very quickly, we haven't had time to talk, but we greeted each other, they told me, "well, we'll see you there at the polls." i feel like going home and finally being able to talk to them, to really see why they changed their mind. we have been here since 5 in the morning at the door of the electoral college

and now we are here to protect and help friends and neighbours who still have to vote. seeing grandparents coming to vote, they have difficulties walking but they want to come... it is very emotive, very much. but we are not afraid, here we are. look, if we get hit, so be it if it is necessary for independence. our parents and our grandparents received many more than we can receive here today, so in their name we are here today, also in their memory. in this voting station, it was with compplete dignity; peacefully, it went very well. tenemos la sensaciã³n de que aquã­ todo ha ido muy bien, and we check also the app, that everything works correctly, and it is.

we have seen things through social networks that are completely out of line, i mean, it is oppression. taking away the voting boxes, taking away people, even taking away an accredited professor of our organization, and mistreating. emotional moment i had some emotional moments today, people finally have the right to exercise their vote, which is an absolute human right. but apparently this is not so obvious in spain, it's strange. if they move one of us they must move all and we will be stronger, si llega el momento intentamos cogernos juntos, para ser una misma persona.

with what happened today, it became a european affair, without any doubt. what happened here is an oppression of human rights, it is the feeling we have. take out the ballot boxes! rumors of impending police intervention circulate at various times of the day let the baby cart pass! (without our grandmothers, there would not be a revolution) then we went to vote, there was a queue of 5 to 6 hours , because the spain cut the internet servers. every hour or so we had a half hour or 45 minutes when we could not vote, there were many difficulties but after 5 or 6 hours we were able to vote.

there were three different rows to queue in that went around two blocks of houses. here we are hanging to keep the ballot boxes at least. they are increasing the independence movement like this. certainly more people are here to defend democracy, i'm absolutely sure of that . regardless of the political ideas, if you want to leave or remain in spain. but democrats must come out from under the stones. because this morning has been impresing , older people being beaten .... incredible. i thought i would never see this. my parents explained me these things but i hadn't seen it yet. now i have. it's stunning.

if you could talk to the home secretary what would you tell him? i don't have anything to tell this man. i consider that we are no longer inside spain and that we are creating our country. i have nothing to tell him. he (minister) has spoken to me, no? he came here to do what he thought he had to do, and i do not agree at all. it is a very exciting day, very exciting because, today the catalans can express how they want to relate to the spanish state and the rest of spain. and being able to be here is something very important and at the same time very unfortunate because . there has been repression and senseless violence. because what is happening is an expression of the incapacity of the spanish government to have a simple dialogue,

about a civic and popular desire. the spanish state has tried to set people against each other, but we aren't like that, we have a conflict of power within the spanish state, in relation to a part of the country, what the spanish state has to solve is this, when a minority proposes a change and you only have majority mechanisms, how then can you respect the rights of the minority. that is what the spanish state has to solve and therefore we need to change the rules of the constitution of 1978. people know that the way to do this is in peace, and civilised behaviour and in no case use any form of violence, that some would want, to justify authoritarian solutions. this is the most important value of what people are doing,

i've come from the basque country, and i have come to support the catalans in their right to vote on self-determination, so they decide on their own future but also the future of the next generation, which is very important. during the day, we saw how people lost their fears in despite of all the repression and i think more people than expected were on the streets. and the end of the day has been precious, being here, and seeing the schools close after being able to vote. people have been able to decide their future, i think it is very important for all of us. i think that we can learn a lot from the whole process because you have been very intelligent (singing national anthem “els segadors”) at 9 am they opened the schools, and at 9:05 am you had already won , this has been the collective effort of all catalans, and i believe it is a historical moment.

history; i lived through a historical moment. i'm very pleased and proud and happy. we were able to vote in spite of all the difficulties and impediments, but in this polling station there hasn't been any kind of tensio, because the occupation forces didn't show up they said we wouldn't be able to to it, but we did! (we have voted) 5.558 yes / 395 no / 55 nulls / 215 blank vice-prime minister soraya sã¡enz de santamarã­a /today, the citizens have seen how their rights have been restored, their coexistence guaranteed, and their freedom protected.

because all this is about defending coexistence and democracy. king of spain\we have all witnessed the events that have taken place in catalonia, they have broken the democratic principles of the rule of law, and they have undermined harmony and coexistence. prime minister rajoy we have seen a behaviour that is unacceptable for any democrat and that should never happen again. these authorities have put themselves completely outside of the law and democracy in an unambiguous way. some have tried to suppress the voice of those who think differently. they have violated the most fundamental rights , and have crossed the limits of the most basic democratic order.

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