ideen tapete wohnzimmer

ideen tapete wohnzimmer

wonder how to build a modern pegboard shelving system for your new living room? next, you are going to find the answer. along with other ideas that will make your eye glaze over. this is 5 diy shelving ideas for your living room by your home decor list maker rustic wall storage bins create extra space in your home for some handy storage bins on the walls that blend in with the dã©cor of the surroundings as well. distressing and staining is needed once you are done. 2.a modern pegboard shelving system

mark holes on the wooden panel with a pencil for drilling. flip panel over and lightly sand front. curl up some sandpaper and stick it in the holes to get rid of any jagged edges. measure depth of your shelves and add that to the thickness of your wooden panel. cut the dowels with a saw, or have them cut for you at the hardware store if necessary. stick some dowels in and try different configurations.

cut your boards accordingly. 3.popsicle stick hexagon shelf add drops of glue to 3 popsicle stick ends and lay them, and include 3 more as layers for the hexagon. keep doing it till the hexagon is as deep as you want. stain the sticks. you can alternate hexagons on each side on one row and create a second row above. make sure the glue is dry before layering and staining. ready to begin? go right ahead! that’s it.

4. hanging pallet shelves measure wood to the height you want and begin cutting. nail 1x4’s into place for the bottom and then sand them. apply a clear coat of poly, sand edges, and stain them. hang on a stud from the wall. 5. a comfortable shelf for your kitten sand and scuff an old tray, and then cut wallpaper for fitting inside, and securing to bottom using decoupage.

using left over fabric, sewed an envelope pillow cover for an old pillow to use as a cushion. drill a hole for attaching catnip stuffed toys on ribbon. loop ribbon toys through eye screw and add a pillow. that's it for now. come back again next time with more home, kitchen makeover and decorating ideas. like this video, comment it, or better yet share it with everyone in your social circle. don't forget to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you.

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