jugendzimmer einrichtungsideen

jugendzimmer einrichtungsideen

hey guys and welcome to another video on my channel. yes, you may have noticed, the perspective is a bit strange, my camera is standing there, i have a clip-on microphone, everything is a little bit different and as you may have read in the title, is this not a normal vlog, but my first tech-video. beforehand: i was told more often and i know it, i'm not a tech-expert. so, i know all the specs from any computer or so. i don't know it, i can't do it but it is not, what i want to do here. i just want to show and recommend you products and tech-gadgets i also like and yes, this is a

small "like" test video. i want to see your reactions on that. and please write me, after watching this video a feedback in the comments below, it would help me out a lot. and as you may have read the title, todays topic is about the top 5 gadgets on my table and now, i wish you have fun. first of all we have the desk lamp from taotronics. this is a led-lamp and the coolest about this lamp for me is, that there are two small touch panels. so, you can directly with your fingers tune the brightness of the light and also the warmth or cold of the lamp. in any case, the touch panel makes the lamp more modern and the design of it is really futuristic. it exists, as i would say to 60

percent of plastic and 40 percent of aluminium, what gives the lamp a high-quality touch, as if everything would be plastic. what's cool is, that you can turn the light in every direction. you can change the height you can turn it, you even can move it at the top. and this is really useful because i can put the lamp on the site of my table. and then move the lamp, that it lights up my keyboard. all the links to the products are linked down below. by the way. you can take a look in the description and if you're interested in one of the products. the second gadget is my apple iphone aluminium-dock. it doesn't only look stylish, but it can also charge your cellphone - who would have thought it?

and the whole piece is made out of aluminium, what gives it a really high-quality stylish look. and because of the aluminium, it fits perfectly to every other apple product, so it has just the same design as my iphone or my apple watch and so on. what's also really cool, but i don't use often, is my own aux-input input or output. that it has a own aux-output, that means, during charging the phone, you can still listen to music. in any case very useful, but i usually often listen to music on my computer or via bluetooth. what gives it a very fat minus, is the price, the thing is so damn damn expensive. so, i have the package here, but i think you can see it how much it costs

60 euros. this is in any case a high price for an aluminium block. i thought about it a long time, if i should buy this and if it's worth the money, but i found the design to cool, to not buy it. and i haven't regretted it until now, it is a lot of money, but i use it every day. i plug my phone always in. without exception! the third gadget is my sd, mini sd and usb 3.0 hub i bought it, so that i don't have to grab to the back of my computer, to plug in my sd card or usb sticks. there are also other ones, where there is only a usb port for example, but sd was the most important because, as i told you, i can reach the sd-card slot easier.

also, what's super cool is, that there is also a mini sd slot, therefore it is good for people, who also need it from time to time. if they have go pro footage or so. it is super useful because you can plug in a mini-sd the same thing. for this you need no extra adapter or any sh*t like that and to that there are even three normal usb 3.0 slots. i don't use them

so often. what is a big minus for me, is the look because the thing is to 100 percent made out of plastic - i think so. and it only has this aluminium look. but you see, that it is a fake. because it doesn't fit to 100 percent to the other products, that are on my table. this is really bad, because for the high price, you have to pay,

they could have built a small aluminium into the whole thing, as such a ugly plastic. the price, that is to say, is my next minus because the thing is, if you want to have it with a sd-slot very, very expensive. although it was worth it for me and i use it every time, when i edit a blog or something else.

let's carry on with the forth gadget and this is my remote-control socket. i have made a more detailed vlog about it, therefore i'm not going to tell more about it, but a big plus is the installation because it is super easy. you take a socket, plug in the remote-socket and... you can start. what also was pretty amazing within my package, was, that there were too remote controls in it.

that is, i think, not always the case, but it is really cool for me because i can have a remote control on my desk can let all the lights on, then climb up into my bed, and with the second remote control i can switch off all the lights. sometimes it is a bit strange because it doesn't function the right way. the sockets sometimes search

for a own... own place on the remote control. that's the way it is sometimes for me. i don't know, form where it comes, but maybe it's up to me, i'm not sure. last but not least there is my apple- watch stand. the processing of the thing is super. it's totally made out of metal and what's also really cool, is, that the cable is guided long, so that you can't see it,

it's not hanging out somewhere. so, if you don't look to close, it sometimes looks like there is no cable and in any case, it's quite cool. but, as you already have heard, there is no cable included, so you have to use your own cable and that means, maybe it's a bit stupid, if you want to have a cable for traveling and a cable for charging it at home, then you have to

buy a second cable. however, i find it cool. it looks pretty stylish and cool. and so we arrived at the end. i hope you liked the video. as already said, any type of constructive criticism or feedback you can write in the comments, that i know, if i should make something better. and so on. as the video was quite a lot of

work for filming it and editing it, i would be really happy getting a thumb up or a sub. or both of it. thank you for watching and we see us again in the next video. until then, ciao!

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