kleine sitzecke wohnzimmer

kleine sitzecke wohnzimmer

hello people! today a buy tip from clausthal-zellerfeld. super cool furniture and krims and krams, dishes,is there for the first stall and the wg course at alz. maybe i'll even bring the furniture! from time to time i'm allowed to do that a bitwork as a tug and i'll show now a few favorites. glasses for the small and big thirstthe coffee service is best looked for for each a own unikattasse, one isyes, finally, individualist and man do not get confused!

beds and closets! here you will find everything for the initial equipment. kitchen utensils come in the back of the picture. personally, i find such a couch ultracool, for the wg-bude. that's a very, very nice thing. and that's just the big stuff thatyou see it here sitting corners for kitchens, whole wall unitsfor a living room, just perfect here a bit to rummage. my tip is this couch!

gives armchairs. the color is of course ultra cool becausei would of course use that to help putting people on my youtube stuff,to film and build knipses. hey, alz is basically one big oneflea market, which is fun to rummage around. there is so much small stuff, whichwants to be discovered and against the background: if you like flea markets, you have tovisit the alz in clausthal-zellerfeld! congratulations! they did the video until the endwatch. do not forget to subscribe to the channeland i'm glad about a nice comment

me always. here are two more suggestionsnecessarily want to be clicked. and now and then look in the channel over!

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