moderne wohnzimmer einrichtungen 2017

moderne wohnzimmer einrichtungen 2017

hey! welcome to my apartment and my delayed 1.000 subscribers special! behind me you can see the room in which i used to record my videos and now in front of me is my new office, which i am going to show you today. so now, enjoy! okay, so this is my new office! maybe you noticed, i'm not done with the sound absorption jur yet. although i already have some absorption panels on the walls i am not completely satisfied yet. so i'm going to work on that a little more.

so i wanted to show you my office interior today because at least i'm almost done with that. the room has a little bit of a 60s / 70s vibe i personally love it but i guess it's not everybody's taste. let's start off with my furniture: the most important thing i guess is my desk, which belonged to my grandpa and in the past days i completely sanded it down and varnished it. i like it a lot better now. then i also put in a green sofa bed from ikea

because i liked the design a lot and also it was on sale. and then just a small table, also from ikea. i plan a putting a dresser where the table is set now. it'll also be in a kind of 60s / 70s style. unfortunately it didn't make it here in time to be included in the video. now let's have a look what i put on the walls so far: behind me i put three images of paris, rome and berlin berlin, just like hamburg, is my favourite city in germany. and of course paris and rome are the cities in europe that simply everyone should visit

if you're interested in arts and culture. and of course if you're into photography and filmmaking. so you should definitely go there sometime. and as i said alreay, i put some absorption panels on the walls. they're not enough yet, so there'll definitely be some more at some point. what i also think is essential for any room are indoor plants! plants just add a really nice vibe, so i have them in every room. now for the interesting part: electronics! first of all i have this polk bluetooth speaker it's a little big and heavy, but it just has such a nice sound.

i decided to buy this one because the sound was supposed to be real nice which i can now confirm and of course i extremely liked its design. like my desk its white and mahogany and just fit perfectly in here. on my desk i have the imac late 2014 with retina it's the basic version which back then thought was sufficient since it was expensive enough. i upgraded it to 24gb ram which is enough for my videos. 1080p videos work smoothely but with 4k videos, if you put effects on it, it get's a little slower but i guess that's just the way video editing works, you can never have enough ram.

so for the moment this one is sufficient for me. next to my computer i have this iphone stand which i liked a lot because of it's similar design to the imac i can charge my phone with it, transfer data and it looks good. i guess that's already it, my new office is not that crammed yet. it's gonna get cozyer over the next couple of weeks these are only the essentials for now. like i said, the sound can still be improved and i might eve move everything around again. in order for it to look nicer in my videos. i hope you like it and you can give me feedback in the comments!

until next time, ciao!

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