schlafzimmer inneneinrichtung

schlafzimmer inneneinrichtung

do you have kitchen with small space and get confused of how to decorate it? just try these 5 diy projects for small kitchen space by 1.downsize the kitchen the first thing you should consider in decorating small kitchen is focusing on the function of the room. get rid of unimportant things you rarely or even never use in your kitchen.

just keep only important things you usually use every day. this is aimed to free more space for more important things and activities you usually do in kitchen. you can use the spaces for keeping basic cooking appliances, microwave, refrigerator, single sink, and stove. it up the next useful trick to make your kitchen looks larger than its actual size is by creating open area in the room. instead of putting all the kitchen stuffs on overhead cabinets,

you can leave the top space of cupboard as open storage. this trick will create better organization of kitchen stuffs and makes the room looks more spacious. you can also choose to use spice holders, pot racks, shelving, and magnetic knife for your kitchen. 3.mix and match the materials to trick small kitchen space and makes it look larger than it should be, you can mix materials to be applied in the room.

you can try the idea to mix metals and wood and then combine them with other surface materials. but just keep in mind that whatever materials you combine, you have to make sure that all should be in same colors to create harmony and makes the room looks less “crowded”. 4.look into it the next tip you can try to create larger impression for your small kitchen is by letting the stuffs visible.

you can use incorporating glass for the cupboard so you can see through the objects kept inside. this will help you to create spacious impression of your small kitchen. glass tabletop can be good choice. instead of choosing wooden door, you can also pick glass kitchen door to give impression of visual expansion to the room. 5.light the kitchen up the selection of right lighting can affect

the impression to every interior design, including kitchen. to give visual expansion to your small kitchen space, you can consider to picking up hanging pendant lights. not only that kind of lighting can give spacious impression to the kitchen, but it can also beautify the room. pick up incandescent hanging pendant lighting which comes with more yellowish colors and then hang it underneath of the kitchen’s upper cabinets. you just learned some of the cutest diy projects for

small kitchens space ideas accoording to my judgement. come back again next time with more home, apartment makeover, and decorating ideas like this video, comment it, or better yet, share it with everyone in your social circle. dont forget to press subcribe button if this channel is new to you. see you again later.. and thanks for watching

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