vintage einrichtung wohnzimmer

vintage einrichtung wohnzimmer

my trip to bratislava, slovakia was fantasticand one of the best parts was the food. i also made videos about what i did and where i stayedso i’ll link those in the description box if you’re interested but this video is all about what i ate. eating well is serious business,obviously, so i asked locals for tips on where i should go and what i should try. let me start with something i’ve never seen before:a cheese vending machine. yes, friends, this is the easiest accessto cheese i’ve ever seen. it’s at the bus station, too,so you can take some cheese for the road. the construction is so cute it looks likea quaint little timber frame log cabin

and there’s an idyllic picture of a man and his animals. there are different kinds of slovak cheese insidelike smoked cheese and garlic and paprika cheese. wait, paprika is one of those wordslike tomato/tomato i feel like. do you say paprika or paprika? comment below and tell me. let’s settle this once and for all. anyway there are other dairy productsas well like yogurt and you just insert your bills or coinsor whatever and select what you want. i personally love the concept of vending machinesso this was pretty thrilling for me, as you can tell.

and i want to know what is the weirdest thingyou’ve ever seen sold in a vending machine? we wanted to try some traditional slovak foodsso we headed to klaå¡tory pivovar monastic brewery – i hope i’m saying that properly – and you can see where they brew the beer. it was here i had my first taste of somethingi was so excited to try: kofola. there’s so much history wrapped upin this carbonated beverage. back when slovakia and the czech republicwere czechoslovakia kofola became extremely popular because similardrinks like coke and pepsi weren't generally available. and kofola is still super popular today.

you can find it everywhere. marc had a beer made at the brewery which he enjoyedtoo but the main reason we went to the brewery is because they bake homemade bread bowlsin which to serve slovak garlic cream soup. and after walking around in the cold all day it was so wonderful to tuck intoa comforting bowl of creamy soup. the best part was that the bowlhad a little bread lid to keep the soup hot. i don’t know if it gets much cozier thanopening up the top of a bread bowl and smelling the steamy soup. it's really good.

it was at this point i also realized i had boughthand cream with glitter in it by mistake at the local drugstore and got glitter all over everything. whoopsie! i can't believe i did that. what'd you do? i just bought hand cream with glitter in it. gold glitter. it's like it's 1990 again. we also ordered slovak national dumplings

which are little potato dumplingswith sheep cheese and bacon. i was less sure about this dish and but marc enjoyed it. we also shared a platter of sausagethat came with mustard and horseradish sauce and it. was. so. good. it was so full of flavour and it hada bit of spiciness that warmed us right up. food tells you so much about a place and its history and we found that to be especially trueat a place called skodovka. you know when it’s cold out and you walk by a place and you see people inside and it just looksso snug and warm and welcoming?

i don’t know if it’s the canadian in mebut i love that feeling and that’s exactly how this place drew me in. the interior dã©cor has mid century furniture that feels like walking intosomeone’s living room from the 60s. there are books, an old telephone and a radio but the most unique thing that dominates the space is a bright yellow car,which is where the cafã© gets its name. it's by the czech car manufacturer skodawhich was founded in 1895. it was really fun to sit near it while i pored over the menus and really took my time deciding what to try.

marc ordered a lemon tea with honeythat came with an adorable lemon squeezer so he could get every last drop. and i wanted a hot chocolate but couldn’t decidebetween white chocolate and dark chocolate so the waiter very kindly offeredto make me one with both! he topped it with whipped cream and a cherry. it was delicious! we ordered traditional slovak snack type food which was two buns stuffed with somethingthat we weren’t quite sure what it was. marc tried it and didn’t like it.

it more or less tasted like a tuna fish rolland since marc doesn’t like tuna or mayo it became clear why he wasn’t so into it. if you don't like it it's okay. not for me. i did enjoy it however so it meant more for me. at the end of our trip in bratislava we stoppedat a place called caf㩠verne on our way out of town. it’s named after jules vernewho spent some time in the area and i’m so glad we didn’t miss this place. it was totally worth dragging our luggage around for.

i loved the atmosphere inside. the walls were covered in art and wallpaper, flowers hung romantically from the ceiling, bookshelves, and an old-fashioned cash register. it was really busy inside and we were just luckyto get a spot to sit down. by this point, we were fully on board with kofolaso we shared one last bottle of it. for the record, drinks taste betterin glass bottles, don’t you think? i ate goulash that came with dumplingsand marc ordered a vegetable risotto.

risotto? risotto?risotto? again, clearly going for the comfort food as you can tell. it was quite tasty and was the perfect endingto our charming time in bratislava. i hope you enjoyed this video about trying slovak food. give it a thumbs up if you did and let me knowin the comments what your favourite slovak foods are. make sure you subscribe for more travel videosand thanks for watching!

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