schlafmöglichkeiten im wohnzimmer

schlafmöglichkeiten im wohnzimmer

today's episode is sponsored by the lenovo smart display with the google assistant. hey, google play. mr. kate on youtube. alright, here's mr. kate on youtube. hello creative weirdos welcome to mr. kate decorates today is a special episode. we are working with a family of three mariana, daniel and baby daniel, they all live in a converted garage together daniel is a retired marine. he now works nights as a mechanic they've moved into this garage and it's their main living space they sleep in there all in the same bed but they have to sleep sideways in order to fit so we've got a big challenge on our hands to make that a livable space for them

give them hopefully some separate sleeping situations for baby and parents and we are not working with a budget today because we just want to make sure to give them the best possible result in this space. so let's go meet the family now. hi guys. we are outside of mariana cruz's house we're gonna go meet her and see the room they have a dog hi, i'm joey hi buddy joey. daniel and here's the bedroom. alright

oh okay yeah so it's petite in here i mean it was what a two-car garage? mm-hmm. so this is all three of your bedrooms gotcha. oh, so all three of you sleep in this bed here i'll sleep like this, this i'l sleep on the floor sometimes. hey whatever works and when she wakes up with him i'll finally be able to sleep like this oh because you get up early okay, so that's why you need the blackout curtains, you guys sort of hung those

thumbtacks. we use to have the rods but i didn't like them because the light would still come from the top how much does this space need to be like a living room and bedroom like you guys try to chill out here and the day as well what ends up happening is we'll be in here watching our shows, my mom will be in the living watching her own shows. we go out there but we want to see our own show not what my moms watching. i totally get it this is like your sanctuary as a family. so you come here you have your....that's quite a large tv as well are these your figurines in here? they're collectibles

kate! i'm sorry aren't they collectible figurines? yes you're a creative weirdo you've seen all the videos what are your like hopes and dreams for this space that you think that you would like to see us do? mostly, i feel like just storage space i would like my own little makeup and jewelry oh, yeah, you arrange your jewelry over here on these board but how cute your your a very even spacing you're attempting to organize yourself. i see. yes no, totally and then this is your little make up mirror and your makeup case. so let's talk about style wise like what? what do you guys like taste wise? well, i'm

very girly but i try to not be too girly just for his sake and his sake too but obviously this piece is kind of compartmentalize so like there's three people living in here so there can be areas, which you've already kind of done like you've got the pink sheets and the garland over there and then your collectibles over there you're kind of compartmentalizing it but it would be nice if we could kind of blend it together a little bit more create a flow obviously prioritizing organization quality of sleep for all three of you

that'll be great and some girly i feel you on the girly. i see the pink hair i see you i see you flower i got it. you guys want to upgrade it? can we all get our hands in one two three... upgrade! oh my gosh they're so cute. i'm really excited to just improve their quality of life in the space this is obviously a big challenge in there but we're up for it because this family deserves it a better quality of life in that space. it is possible i think.. we are giving them a bunch of free furniture and we're also giving them the lenovo smart display which is the beautiful device you guys just already saw it, but we'll get more into it later it's very chic so obviously we have so much to do. we've got to unpack a ton of furniture

we've gotta cram a lot in that room let's go find joey at the studio joey? are you in? oh, there he is we are here at the studio and we're doing things a little bit differently because we have all kinds of furniture that's already arrived for this project because we are so lucky we have ashley furniture who is giving us all of the furniture for this project. so i'm really excited to go through everything so obviously that means we're not really going to be doing a lot of in-store shopping

there's a few things that we need to pick up today like some lighting, paint which is why i have my paint pan deck here, but we've got everything here so this is this is like the vibe of the furniture that's going in dresser now for them. so this is the headboard that sort of matches the style exactly. so obviously the main goal in there is gonna be to try to give them like a long livable space where they don't have to share a bed and sleep sideways on it. so oh that reminds me. did we get those divider curtains? grey curtains these? yes!

okay, so guys obviously, the biggest challenge in there is gonna be to try to like designate areas and actually maybe even create with a little sleeping nook, so that's why these curtains are gonna be really key because we'll be able to mount ceiling tracks, so the curtains will be attached to the ceiling. so basically, it'll be a florida ceiling wall of curtains. yep, he'll be able to draw those during the day have his little you know sealed off dark cozy sleeping nook and then the rest of the area will be for mom and kid to use

okay, so let's let's decide on a paint color so these are obviously gonna be a big patch of color in that room since we're gonna create an l with them so i don't want to ignore these going on when i'm picking the paint color. i do want to do a gray paint color in there so you're thinking the walls are gonna be gray and the curtains are gonna be gray. yeah. i'm trying to create like unity in there he has his like cartoon characters on display like she has her like little, you know like love of pink stuff. so like we'll have those moments going on. i want like a neutral background for all that stuff. i like this

mount sterling here, like see how that's kind of a really nice tone with this gray here. mm-hmm it's like a nice neutral. okay back to the color great, take a deep breath pillow show us what you're made up just breathe keep breathing. keep inhaling so this is like a faux fur with in these speckles of gold so obviously we're mixing the metals here but this is kind of like a subtle way of giving mariana like her like glam thing, you know yeah, this is gonna be like the baby's

quilt for his new bed. look at these board rackets. these are gorgeous. these are from ashley. oh, yeah those are great. it's so nice. it's a basket weave down below and then a little bit of that cotton that's like a jute and cotton mix right? all right, let's go to the office and just like figure out exactly what we still need to get what the plan is we can make a list. all right okay, look at this beautiful piece of technology, this is the lenovo smart display with google assistant, we're gonna gift this to mariana and daniel. oh i'm so excited hey google. show me my latest photo

showing your photos, okay so that's the floor plan. we're thinking of it. yeah, so this is a floor plan we're thinking so obviously like we talked about functionality is like kind of king no queen in this room we need to make sure that we somehow give them a better quality of life in there by just giving them sleeping options that make them not have to sleep sideways on a bed we're giving them a bed for the baby because they don't even have a bed for the baby exactly so we're bringing in a toddler bed. we're bringing in a full-size bed because right now they have a queen-size bed

but we do have to shrink it down just slightly to be able to fit all this in we'll do two wardrobes on either side and then the biggest thing that we're doing in there that's gonna like make it feel like there can be separate areas are those divider curtains that you guys already saw so like those are gonna go like boom boom yes, if we make that little an l shape here, yeah so basically the tracks will run along the ceiling they can have them open and then after daniel comes back from his night shift and he sleeps during the day he can tuck himself into this little sleeping area here

draw the blackout curtains and then the rest of the space mariana and baby can play and be in and hopefully not so we'll put the tv here and we'll mount it so they can watch it from the couch but then we'll also put on a swivel mount so they can watch it from the bed. yeah. okay. let's make a shopping list cause we still have crucial items we have to get to pull this together hey google add paint and wardrobes and

floating shelf and pink items and diy supplies for the necklace display to my shopping list thank you and we're doing the blown-up photos of the handprint and the foot print oh, yeah i scanned those in and there are obviously life-sized but i think if we blow them off like big for like a duo art so we need to get those frames

yes, so hey google show me directions to the nearest framing shop in hollywood hollywood great you know, what's the only left now. lunch! i knew you're gonna say. hey google show me recipes from the food network for chicken parmesan sure, here are some recipes who is making that right now? oh, yeah. yeah. i got recipes in the toaster oven. oh my gosh we're never gonna get this done. we're never gonna get this. joey we have so much to do in the space start cooking when? now we need the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit, no, google

ok, google. love you. bye really? wow, it feels good to be loved ok, we just got to mariana and daniel's house. we've been unloading because we have so much furniture. we're bringing in this place joey is already setting up to paint in there and yeah, i put on some beauty marks and lipstick because you know what, i mean business this is my business color. and of course crackle beauty marks are just always very serious i'm already painting. ok. well, i've already set up

don't bring those in no joey no. let's paint first. yeah, but you've already got a lot done though joey i have to set them down now what i'm saying, but take them back out no, i'm just gonna set him down over here here grab why don't you grab a roller and help me paint or actually, why don't we okay coming? wait, why don't we actually talk? let's talk. let's talk. let's just let's have a talk. okay, so we're gonna paint we're gonna mount ceiling track for those curtains to make that life sort of bedroom yes, and then we're gonna mount the tv out here. they're gonna get a couch here so they can watch tv from here yes, okay. oh my god. okay. so do you want to help me paint? sure, well let's just get this finished

i mean you got this wall almost done. so oh wait now that i got this roller nicely saturated for joey two rolls. i have a diy i can start that actually involves painting too, which i want to do now so that it can dry you want at least do like one stroke? no, but joey two rolls look at what i saddled up for you can you saddle that one up? wait, what why am i doing this? what everyone needs an assistant... - joey - two rolls! i just made the joey two roll dance go ahead and tweet me with that one okay, so we know that mariana is sharing that space with her little boy her husband and she tried

to set up a space for herself that was like special had her little girly things her makeup her jewelry so i want to embrace that and give her some little special moments obviously, we're not working with like a ton of space in there and we're trying to cram in so much stuff but remember she had her necklaces hung up on the wall on thumbtacks she had them very neatly arranged on thumbtacks but i want to give her something a little bit prettier a little bit just cooler to display her necklaces on so that is what i'm gonna diy right now i have these supplies in front of me i've got this beautiful copper tubing because mariana does love the color pink

i'm trying to bring in some pink accents for her. i know daniel doesn't love that color so i'm not trying to like overload it but, you know have some little moments of pink so this copper obviously is a beautiful pink tone this is just copper tubing. we got at the hardware store and then this nice two and a half by two and a half solid wood piece, which i'm gonna cut down into little wall mounts that i'm gonna attach these etc but anyways, i thought this was a perfect opportunity to use lenovo's smart display and just get some inspiration and also just some ideas as to how long i want to make these so

hey google, show me images of necklace displays. these pictures should match this is very helpful, so basically i just want to see around how long those like t bars usually are on the necklace displays and i actually want to mount these on the wall because we don't have a ton of surfaces in that room. so i think that these mounted on the wall is gonna be cooler, but i definitely think that if we cut these yeah, like around like probably 12

inches each like maybe just like cut it in half alright so i marked my halfway mark here, this is just this copper tubing pipe i have this pipe cutter here, which these are pretty cool so basically you want to use a pipe cutter when cutting pipe instead of like nippers because those will clamp down the end you know make like a really aggressive not so cute cut, but this will give us a nice clean cut so you keep tightening this and you spin it around right and once it starts going smoothly you tighten it again, i think i'm getting close

there we go, and it happened and look a nice clean break there so now we've got our two beautiful pieces of this copper tubing. so now i've got to cut the pieces of wood amazing oh my gosh. okay. so this is then gonna be mounted on the wall and then she can hang her necklaces here so cute. so next up. i'm gonna paint this a pale pink i'm gonna sand it first then paint it let it dry get up on the wall necklace display my god, these are so cute. okay, so these are baby daniels first footprint and

handprint. remember they were just on those like little tiny pieces of paper that mariana had just kind of tucked under the glass of their old dresser i scanned them in on my phone and then blew them up to be beautiful artwork side-by-side like look so cute. and so meaningful. i love it in these frames look amazing nice and chic and look something pink for mariana okay, this is going to work over here we're gonna give her her little sanctuary over here joey i am so thrilled with how this is coming together. like the functionality of this room is

oh, and it's beautiful, but i'm building the bed still a little privacy, please a little privacy, please is it nice and dark in there? i mean how cool is that? we created a room within a room a tiny room within a tiny room. all right well, let's rug cuddle and celebrate. rug number two because we didn't get to cuddle in that one i like how it's like a sister rug to the one under the bed. yeah, it's like same color ish but it's got like a different accent color. oh, this is such a creative way to make a functional space i know i really think that it's gonna just improve their lives in here so much. cuddle cuddle cuddle. okay break more furniture

the lion, the witch and the super cute bed nook you guys wonder where i get my ideas from sometimes. i just have to go into a into a wardrobe and get inspired and eat some turkish delight alright, so guys i am so excited about what we've created here like think about what they had before just a mattress shoved in this corner we've now taken a couple items that they had a bed and the exposed clothing rack that they had over there and combined them into this really cute bed nook over here so these are two nice tall wardrobes with

rods inside we've got tall rod the middle rod and there's drawers so so much storage for them on either side of the bed but obviously that takes up the space for the side table so the solution there was doing this floating shelf above the bed so that they can put a glass of water up here if they're reading a book they can tuck that up there you know it's just nice to have some kind of surface near the bed and then obviously having this light fixture overhead is now the reading light so no need for bedside lamps. i love it and like with the curtains like literally it's totally different in here

so now we just got this nice bedding this beautiful comforter gonna make the bed okay, joey secured this so well guys look a small bed for me finally finally a bed my size okay, this is so cute i need a bed this size but more importantly how good does it look in here?! okay, so let's just discuss what we did in here because functionality was key in here i mean, let's just remember there's a family of three that is living in this room, right? i mean they use the kitchen elsewhere but everything else they do in here and with daniel working nights and needing to sleep during the day this is now his bed nook. he can draw these curtains

they are blackout curtains and then we've got baby daniel his own bed, so no longer does he have to sleep with his parents i'm sure there'll be some transition period there since he's use to sleeping with them but now they won't have to sleep sideways on a bed. so that is just really key. and i love that we kept the palette nice and neutral in here. it's just really beautiful and classy in here and very relaxing and that's totally mariana style with the kind of a little bit more glam accents but then we have some more earthy tones of the wood

playing in and then of course we gave mariana her special little altar to herself over there the vanity which is so awesome with her necklace displays no more thumbtacks on the wall and her pops of pink her favorite color so that's her little sanctuary daniel. the dad has got his you know figurines now nicely arranged over there on the dresser the gigantic tv is on a swivel mount so they can watch it from the bed or from the couch we gave them a couch guys. how do we fit all the stuff in here? i don't know but we did and there's room to spare there's room to move around. there's a coffee table

i also just love this artwork that we did so those are baby daniels handprint and footprint from when he was first born and now it's all blown up and it's basically like human size so maybe when he's older, they'll actually fit his hand i don't know and then we chose to do the shorter curtains over here on this window on purpose because this is the main walkway in here right so we've got this door coming in and now there's this area

here where we can put the toy basket and stuff like that so rather than the curtains dragging all the way to the ground i think it's a much cleaner setup like this then of course we have the full-length curtains over there by the sliding glass door and full-length curtains here and the ceiling is amazing i mean, it's just so great in here. i just be together. oh hey literally on cue. you ready to bring them in? yeah, but this is my shmall bed

i think i need a bed this size. look at it. you need me to buy you a crib? no, not a crib, a toddler bed toddler. ready to bring them in? yeah looks so good in it. it looks so good in here i think we should bring them in on that side, though cuz like then they get the view of this when they open their eyes okay, i'm just fixing okay ooh you feel something? oh she sneaking a feel atmosphere feels way different really? yeah. remember what it looked like before i do. yes. this was a challenge multi-purpose

we got to give you a place to sleep. we're gonna give you guys a place to hang out and and it's got to be beautiful. yeah ready open your eyes on three one......two.....three! oh my god i'm lost for words. happy tears are good we love them they're blown up maybe when you're all grown up you'll match that size and so this is daniel, you know, you're you you work night so we thought all right blackout curtains or enclose the bed

right? so cool, huh? your tv's on a swivel mount so you can swivel it to watch from bed if you want yeah, so it pulls out and these are these are also blackout curves as well on both the window and these guys i'm so glad you love it. you guys thought of everything. yes it so beautiful daniel has his own bed now i know it'll probably be a transition because he's so used to sleeping with you, but it's right next to you you can keep the curtains open for now. but if you guys ever want privacy, there's curtains for parents oh also you guys so you have that open storage rack. so that's the whole thing with these is now you have

wardrobes, two levels of storage you've got drawers obviously tons of storage down there we wanted to give you mama your special spot right? we talked about that your necklace are no longer on thumbtacks i made those for you you can store your makeup in there that top flips up and everything and there's drawers and those boxes you can put stuff in we're hooking you up with that sweet piece of technology. that's the lenovo smart display hey, google what do you do? i have lots of powers and they are growing every day. oh, so

yeah, so enjoy it and obviously, this is your conversation area now like we just tried to maximize the space as much as possible it was a big challenge obviously to make sure you got everything in here and we got two beds this was puzzle look at already the services. yeah that's your plant. it's faux, look you guys have been on you guys have been on a journey obviously with daniel in your life now and and you for your previous service. thank you for that and also working nights you know, it's a lot that's a lot for a new family we are hopeful that this just helps you guys have a little bit more peace more comfort

like you wouldn't believe that's how he says thank you he leans in for you give him a kiss. enjoy. oh give me a hug daniel you guys are lovely. no enjoy enjoy we wish you all the best yeah sit on the couch! try out the blackout curtains. bye! happy tears. oh my gosh, like i started crying they were so grateful like that just guys don't we have the best job ever? like that we get to do that that we get to take a family's situation and just like improve it for them improve their quality of life and like they deserve it

he was a marine. he served our country they're raising that young beautiful little boy little boy they deserve to sleep in there own bed sleeping in the bed together like in sideways, so i think that was a job well done. good job huge thanks to lenovo smart display for sponsoring today's video couldn't have done it without them obviously yes thank you so much and thank you guys for watching our videos we really appreciate it thumbs up for this video because like this one had all the feels like that family is just so sweet. i'm so happy for them

mariana's tears. oh my gosh. i was wearing these glasses. you guys probably couldn't see my tears thumbs up for kate join the creative weirdo family hit that subscribe button. yep follow us on social media. and stay creative, stay weird, stay you, we'll see you next time. bye!

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