schlafzimmer im wohnzimmer

schlafzimmer im wohnzimmer

hello tina hello lisa, how are you good. thanks. and you? also good. yes. why do you ask? i am shopping at the moment. your new apartment is near the supermarket. not yes i would like to visit you

do you have time? yes. good idea. when are you coming in about 20 minutes great. i'm preparing something to eat. see you in a bit. bye bye 20 minutes later come in. tina this is my new apartment.

wow. so beautiful! put your groceries on the table. the living room is big and bright. yeah. there's two big windows. the couch is comfortable. the tv is modern. the table and the plant are from japan. the lamp too. not? yeah. and the pillows here, too.

come with me. i'll show you the kitchen now. this is my kitchen. she's small. but practical. there's a table and two chairs. there's a stove with an oven. there's a fridge. i like the kitchen. shall we have sushi afterwards?

yeah. but come on. i'll show you the bedroom and the bathroom. this is my bedroom. there's a bed. i have a dresser, but i don't have a closet yet. the picture is beautiful. yes. it shows my hometown in japan. here's another carpet. come with me. we're going to the bathroom.

this is my bathroom. there are two mirrors. a washbasin and a shower yikes! i've put on weight! no, no, no, no, no, no, no. the scale is broken. whew. i am relieved.

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