schlafzimmer und wohnzimmer kombinieren

schlafzimmer und wohnzimmer kombinieren

on today's episode of what's my aesthetic, sponsored by wix. we are meeting longtime creative weirdo. couple desiree and ruben, who are a year and a half into their relationship. omg we bought a condo! desiree and ruben are taking the plunge by moving into their very first condo together with nothing more than a tv and a wine collection. joey and i are going to diagnose their combined aesthetic. we're giving them all of our love. if that is all of our love in a jug buried in the studio. we got problems. celebrate their individual style. biggest challenge is the fact that you like all white. and you like dark colors and hopefully wow them with a brand new space that will keep them drunk in love because they love wine. get it?

hey guys i'm mr.kate and i live my life as a creative weirdo. i think people's weirdness is their own brand of uniqueness and it's my passion in life to help people define their creativity so that they can express their truest selves to the world. maybe 60% bohemian 30% minimalist and 10% glam, but whatever you are you're 100 percent you. so let's go on a journey together and ask the question what's my aesthetic? hey guys we're at desiree and ruben's condo we have to go meet them find out what their aesthetic is

individually and then see if we can combine them as a couples aesthetic. oh my god. what's up, buddy? how are you? nice to meet you it's really nice! so this is obviously your living room and dining room? yeah so it is pretty petite right? yeah all we have is a tv, wine and eating utensils that's all. and a mattress did you guys meet in napa or here? we met here.

okay you took the what's my aesthetic quiz? yeah. okay and what'd you get? mine was mid-century uh glam. yeah so mine is all white, pink, gold all that stuff. the struggle is just gonna be what we can fit in here right? mhm. and then right here you were thinking. the wine set up for him cool. and you guys have the bottles, you just need a place to put them and we're cool to take down that? yeah if it was up to me. everything would be white and if it was up to him it would be brick and leather. all right so get it in here yeah! one two three! what's my aesthetic?!

hi guys i am so excited we're doing a new thing called the creative weirdos spotlight! brought to you by wix because we have so many talented creative weirdos out there in our community and we want to celebrate them. so the thing we want to figure out is how do we really get across just how great wix is as a website platform because you can literally do anything and it's perfect for any creative out there. we're like, why don't we feature a new creative weirdo every time? first creative weirdo up today in today's episode because this will be reoccurring in other episodes is brooke from greensburg, pennsylvania sending her stuff her company's called hello brooklyn cupcakes hello cupcake and basically she makes these amazing. they are so gorgeous

i mean those flower cupcakes? look at those unicorn cupcakes! i mean crazy. during the day she's doing this as like a hobby, but trying to get it off the ground. so hopefully we're gonna kickstart this business, by giving her this awesome website. so we've already been playing around and made brooke's website, we used one of the templates off wix it makes it so easy because they have a ton of different ones we picked this really colorful beautiful one looks so good. oh my gosh, i'm obsessed. so the cool thing about wix obviously is that like this literally took us ten minutes and in their editor you can

just move things around you can animate things another cool thing on wix is you can add like any kind of commerce like, you know people can order her cupcakes directly online or because she's local she's not shipping her cupcakes yet. we can put like a custom order form on here. so that's what i just did here i love this template like the colors just really showcase all of her cupcakes and a website is really important i mean having a social media platform like an instagram obviously is great but having a website really establishes you that much more as a brand and a business. oh my gosh this looks so good okay, guys so go to to support brooke and also tweet me your profiles because you never know

you might be the next creative weirdo we pick for the creative weirdo spotlight. so tweet me your profiles and i will bask in your creative weirdness. let's go eat some cupcakes ugh seriously so thankfully desiree and ruben took our what's my aesthetic quiz? and we know that ruben got industrial and desiree got mid-century modern and glam, so since i was able to meet them in person in their space and ask them some follow-up questions i am able to really diagnose what they like and this is what i came up with. we've got 40% industrial for ruben we've got 40%

mid-century modern for desiree and since she really loves the colorway and bold accents. we've got to give them a 20% glam okay, so we are gonna go over the plan together now we are treating desiree and ruben to this makeover, which is awesome because obviously they're getting a lot of stuff i mean, they're a youngish couple. yeah a new ish couple a newish couple. they're moving into their first place together. yeah, and that's a lot of pressure so we're giving them a lot of help. yeah, because we're like sort of getting them like moving really quickly their main living space which is now empty we're gonna fill up with stuff that hopefully they both like okay, so we're gonna put the tv on this wall

we're gonna do a median unit under it obviously our conversation area then follows so the key here is balancing his industrial with her mid-century modern slash glam so we're gonna do a couch. it's kind of like a neutral territory couch, but it is like a very light gray it is really petite in there so we can't do two chairs so i'm thinking just one chair in the corner dark leather wood arms, but the shape is very mid-century and get some little stools so those can kind of be floaters and see if we can have them around there for some extra seating then over here in the dining area they have that ugly like lighting fixture

let's change it out. yeah and then a small table under there with two chairs because i know they also want to be able to use their countertop yep, so then do two stools there. so they have those options. what do you think? she says you design i install i sleep. i sleep, and then over here this is where you're gonna really shine because this is sort of ruben's wall of industrial because we're gonna paint this walk dark and then we're going to do a sideboard. but then on top of the sideboard do like pipe shelving, wine storage. so like iron pipes. yeah like that real industrial with like stained wood shelves. no, i actually want to paint the wood shelves white. that'll be like the one compromise

same kind of thing with the media unit it's like we've got the element of wood, but it's white and very mid-century in shape and then also remember how we collected all those wine corks, like we just had that bottle that jug we just kept yeah, all of our best dates all of our fondest memories shut up! that's what they were well we didn't write on the corks we don't remember which ones are from our dates your trying to give them our wine corks. yeah. well they're just sitting, they're sitting in the studio we're not doing anything with them i've been saving them for a project. i feel like desiree and ruben. we're giving them all of our love

shut up if that's all of our love in a jug buried in the studio. we got problems. we're gonna have to refill our love jug they're getting free furniture and free love hey okay, i get the plan. i need to go find all that piping yes, i need so i've shopped a lot of these things already the big items but i need to go get some like gold and white accessories. i think it'll work this is a challenge this combo. it always works.

knock on a cat right now for goodluck roxanne it always works we love you okay, let's go. okay you're here. mr.kate studios how does it feel? so i diagnosed you guys as 40% industrial 40% mid-century, but then 20% glams okay. biggest challenge is the fact that you like all white and you like dark colors. that's i know why do you think i'm like submit video now 911 mr.kate

and this is your first place together. yes, so we have to get this right okay, so let me just pull up this jug here, which don't worry this jug used to be more full of wine corks this was actually the jug that joey and i had in our apartment and then in our house and every time we open a bottle of wine, we put the cork in here. i love that. i've already pre-cut i'm just trying to tell you that i didn't only drink this much wine over the course of our relationship it was more full i wouldn't judge you well anyways, but i thought it would be fun as a couple obviously joe and i have been together now 11 years wow, you guys are together one year

a year and a half. okay. yeah goals, exactly so i thought it would be fun to pass these corks on to you guys bless us. bless you with our years of wine drinking but i can't just give you the raw corks, of course you gotta do something, you know creative weirdo style of diy so i want to do what's called a diptych. do you guys know what that is? nope definitely not. never heard of that one. i know it's a weird word not dipstick a diptych and it's basically when there's two panels of art. something together. so there's two of you. we've got these two canvases coming together over the love of wine represented in the wine corks. bam

personality project. i want you guys to weigh in i was thinking some kind of almost like wave pattern and i will hot glue them down but at the end once we're done with all the whatever shape we do, we've got a beautiful white paint we're gonna paint the whole thing so then it'll kind of take on a 3d awesome. okay good. i'm just gonna kind of do this as our like center line, i mean also, it doesn't really matter if i mess up and we decided to do something else because we're gonna paint over with white true

it kind of looks like the hills of like valley yes! yes! ruben your speaking my language i think that this could maybe use another coat but i'm gonna see how this dries and if i need to i'll just put another coat but i'm gonna kick you guys out. so we'll just be having fun at your place setting it all up and we'll see you tomorrow. i don't wanna leave give me a hug it was so much fun. you guys are great. thank you so much all right, so goodbye. i gotta clean up and go shopping. okay i'm gonna call joey and check in on him. see if he is working hard.

hello? hello. how's it going? it's good. ruben and desiree they're so cute. they loved it. they totally got the vibe of the corks and everything did you get the pipes and all that? yeah i got the heights pre built so basically it's just going to go in the wall and then getting ready to paint the wall. put the couch up got the hutch thing up. we gotta switch out this light out here yeah, the chandelier with the with the gold. desiree loves her gold accents, oh, okay, you know what you're doing yeah i have a lot to do yeah, i actually have a lot of shopping i still need to do because i need to find accessories that's gonna blend the two styles so i'm gonna let the diy dry here go shopping and then i'll see you over there

alright i love you these look so good! yeah, this is such a good job this is actually a surprisingly easy diy because they sell so many different lengths in the store so you don't have to cut the pipe at all. yeah, it's really good you don't to cut the pipe because you gotta have like a whole special tool to cut it, right? yeah. look at this fits, with room to spare yeah, right great. so this is so cool. it looks connected but secretive it's not connected

it's secure on the wall good thing about not connecting it is you can move this you have to clean it, right if you're moving never want to and they want to happen. right and what's great about the depth of these shelves being shallow is they can still use the top of this as a buffet since their kitchen is petite. so like when they have friends over they can have food out here and we compromised because this we've got rubens dark gray color with the industrial shelving but we painted them white normally you would see this type of shelving looks like natural wood shelves and this is mid-century and this is mid-century in lines but then it's the dark wood tones the darker top. i also have, wait i got this

nice big tree to fill in this section so we've got the green, the industrial and then over here is a good compromise too because we have the dining room table which is the galvanized metal. thank you for setting that up. then these beautiful white chairs are very mid-century and a little bit of glam i mean that chandelier is pretty glam i mean the chandeliers is so glam slash mid-century though - and the brass color is so pretty i think desiree is going to love that so this is a good compromise area let's go over here it's a rug slip and slide. this is so cozy

okay, so let's talk about this is like a mix of mid-century because of the shag but then the sheen to it is very glance i think that desiree's gonna be obsessed with this rug yeah. this chair. can i get a... oh right sorry it's a chatty rug cuddle okay, okay, okay. this is my favorite piece in here. this? yeah oh, well good cuz i think reuben will really like this. this is the chair for ruben. so this is a nice club chair exactly and it's like the dark leather which he wanted yeah, also the dark wood, but then the shape of it is very mid-century, and this looks great. so this is our cute little mid-century media unit

we needed it to get like a mix of larger and smaller items in here because this is a petite space. it's a small space. i mean it looks good though now we have stuff in here the curtains look good. this is like a nice linen weave this is very mid-century. and this is cool because these are just actually store-bought but they match. they look industrial yeah. okay, cool. so let's bring in the cam these guys you know, they get to just come in here they come in here to a fully furnished apartment. i mean what a treat they left it empty they walk in and they have all this new stuff wow

okay, you're really testing the quality we need we need a coffee table. yeah got it! i'm watching actually i might need help joey. this is a whole piece okay, so look look at how mid-century this is. we've got the gold we got the white we've got the wood great compromise and a perfect-size let's try that again i don't think most people get on the couch like that

joey channel change channel volume down volume down volume down you wanna see my art work? yes, bring in the artwork i wanna see what you guys did. wow we've got the industrial texture of the cork. like an elephant trunk it could be it's up to interpretation it's either the rolling hills of napa or like a music staff or sound waves or an elephant an optimistic elephant. you only want an elephant with the trunk up. i like the rolling hills of napa yeah, you want to hang them over the tv for me? yup

all right styling at this amazing shelf that joey built is gonna be so fun we are going to hero their wine collection. this is obviously they've got a lot more than this they've got some of the bottles on hand here because that is really the thing that they've bonded over as a couple too you know ruben's from napa so we're definitely gonna make sure that we've got like the wine beautifully dispersed on this shelf but then i also have a lot of these really pretty styling elements like hello gold and white for desiree boom, right. we've got some pretty feminine things i've got like these white flowers like this will be so cute on one of the shelves so making sure that desiree with her love of white her love of gold is

represented on this shelf as well. and then thankfully they both love wine. so that's a great compromise i also have this cool gold and white frame i'll do some kind of little quote maybe something about wine or dancing or love i don't know. i have to think of something i'll put it in here and style also the top of this i also have more of these beautiful plants because you guys know i love styling indoor plants and also ruben loves the color green as well as industrial look so that's how we're getting the green in here. i've also got wine glasses and this really cool vintage decanter

so you guys see we're telling the story of people who love to drink wine love to entertain this is their place together to celebrate as a couple invite friends over. so this is gonna be an awesome bar station for them okay, let's do it alright guys, so you are well acquainted with all the big stuff so now we're doing the little finishing touches over here. of course throw pillows are a very important part and look what i got because i know desiree's very specific about her color palette so this couch kind of compromise, but the pillows are all desiree and i've got this cute little pillow probably i'll put over here. i always leave the tags on things until i'm sure that i'm keeping them this cool side table. this is obviously an industrial moment. for sure. i think i'll probably put it over here by rubens chairs

so cute, but i also have these glam mid-century kind of combo stools the lid comes off you can turn it over and it can become a tray extra surfaces for their wine glasses and then not only that there's a smaller stool inside, you know, it is a petite space they do only have the couch and this chair for like permanent seating but then they've got these spools with another stool inside and it's two of them for when their friends come over so i think these are really really great options for people that live in a more petite space. oh and i have this lamp here. hello. this is so mid-century, obviously, that's kind of like ark shape here with this simple globe shade

those are the small things. let's put them in place you like it? looks so good, right. so are these real? yeah we can bring them in now. good job. don't you think it looks so good? is it mid-century and industrial and a little glam? i think it's exactly that mix eyes closed eyes closed. closed eyes closed eyes joey lead them in. are you guys ready? think about what it looked like before we've got the challenge of mid-century modern with a little bit of glam for desiree, we've got the industrial for ruben let's see how we did on a count of three my hands are sweaty

they're so sweaty one two three! i love it! i love it! oh my god! aw babe. come here. this looks amazing you see the industrial vibes there's a lot of glam touches that's the ruben chair overthere look at our artwork. i know! your artwork it's your guy's drunk memories. yes! our loving drunk memories for you guys

aw your so sweet. i'm like legit tearing up. that's so crazy. that's dope right? that's so dope oh my gosh that's like everything everything yeah with your with your buffet to that piece right there. super awesome so you can see this is this is obviously a little bit more of ruben style on this wall right because the darker gray. yeah the industrial shelving, but we painted it white and in honor of you normally you would do that with like the rustic wood yeah, but then i styled it with some, you know, flowers and girly. we brought the industrial pipes in for your curtains so dope

also kind of with this lamp back here. it's kind of got the industrial slash mid-century yes that's mid century and the gold. we've got a nice gold tray there i mean look at this piece. yeah wait wait wait. did you guys rug cuddle on this rug? oh, yeah living the dream! joey actually did a rug slide. i did a rug slide. nice oh my god i didn't even see this isn't it cool? it's amazing

this is ruben your chair here. we got a little bit of leather going on. this could be your chair as well just felt like ruben's vibe well yeah, i mean obviously all of this is both yours community property but i'm just saying the style how cool is that new chandelier?chandelier is so dope. that's like that's a good mandelier you got those cool bar seats over there that are like industrial with the swivel tops that can raise and lower and then you know we got everything in you've got the stools and then you've also got the table with them two chairs and then those stools over there you can move in and be part of your conversation area, but they open wait take out the little stool inside all your wine drinking buddies. little butts big butts. yeah exactly

do you see what it says? because wine not! he's like the king of puns yeah i love puns. that is so perfect! this is like for sure like fifty-fifty this is like desiree and i right yeah. oh good hopefully, this is a good i know i know you guys are early in your relationship right a year and a half. yeah, you know we have we have 11 years now, i think so hopefully this is the jumpstart into a long and loving relationship you guys already seem like you have the ingredients for it so enjoy the space with this as well

you just need uh. you can have a wedding here i think it's a great color palette. yeah why not? all right, well you guys pour yourself a glass of wine. feel that couch it's comfortable. yeah, we're gonna go all right, get some of this rose going baby. fill me up all the way to the top oh my god and the pillows are soft too cheers my love. to creative weirdos that was pretty awesome. those were tears of joy for sure ruben cried, too. i saw just a little in the corner of his eye. oh, oh, really?

you were closer to him i didn't see it. he loved it. i think we got the balance really well guys we got the 40% industrial 40% mid-century modern and 20% glam i think you think we got it? you're a hundred percent beautiful. oh, wow, inside your mind and outside guys, if you want to know what your aesthetic is yes, go to our website. take the what's my aesthetic quiz? and let us know in the comments what you are cuz we just wanna hear from you created weirdos all the time and also, make sure to submit for the creative weirdos spotlight too because we just love seeing what you guys are creating. yep go check out support another fellow creative weirdo thumbs up subscribe we'll see you next time

bye guys. bye. oh our trucks here beep beep that's for me. hello what if instead of watching tv, i just got to sit here when you just like performed for me different scenes next time absolutely not. next channel. your being a bully. kate yeah. what kind of cable package is this? what do you mean what kind of cable package is this? this is premium get off your ass i'm cutting the cable. i'm cutting the card

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