schöne wohnideen wohnzimmer

schöne wohnideen wohnzimmer

are you searching new diy challenges to prove yourself that you are creative genius? here i have 6 diy furniture haul and woodworking project you can customized by good luck with these next challenges. 1. a charming antique piano stool haul stain a stool with rich brown color. it should be consistent to stain the bread board with the same color and finish with linseed oil for some shine. to attach the board to the stool, use a few drops of clear silicone.

this holds it firmly in place while allowing for easy removal. 2. diy cage light sconces drill three holes in your bracket. there are two pre-drilled holes at the top of the bracket so just widen them. cut off the plug end and the switch portion of the pendant light with wire snips so that you can thread the cord through the bracket starting at the outermost hole and going up over the top of the bracket and down through the bottom hole. get a professional to install a new plug at the end of your light fixture. after wiring, simply plug in,

and enjoy the difference your new sconce makes to its surroundings. 3. diy floating sideboard use ikea kitchen mounting rails for mounting 36" x 24" ikea cabinets. level the rail and the cupboards automatically become level. fix cupboards to each other from the inside and you are done! 4. beautiful diy honeycomb armoire you need a simple melamine wardrobe and ensure it is clean, taken off doors, with drawers pulled out, and any other hardware removed.

to give the hexagons a nice frame of sorts, add a new over-hanging top and base. look online for wide raw ply hexagons to get the pattern right. hand-stain them, dip your brush from colour to colour and coating each shape to achieve random tones. finish by installing handles. 5. folding chair makeover turn the underside of a vintage wooden folding chair into a chalkboard

by mixing chalkboard paint using unsanded grout and black paint. tape off edges with painter’s tape beforehand. use hooks and tray to include your organizer in the design. 6. manoteca reincarnates a vintage door as a rustic desk from “manoteca” a bologna-based studio. named indoor, this is 78″ long by 31″ high and 40″ deep multifunctional desk or table. when it is opened, the door panels have convenient fabric pockets, while a drawer is included for holding items. that's it for now

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