schrank holz wohnzimmer

schrank holz wohnzimmer

creating a panga panga coffee table all materials and tools used can be found in the description hello and welcome back to my woodshop that today we're going to start with a very small project. it's a coffee table for a friend of mine, livia and she asked me for a small coffee table for her small apartment and this is a piece of lumber called panga panga panga panga is a tropical wood, and it's actually a leftover. i bought a couple of really large slabs to make a large table and one of these slabs did not fit in my car

and so i had to cut it, but still it was mine i had to pay it and i didn't know what to do with it until livia asked me for a small coffee table and so i'm going to use this, transform it into a beautiful coffee table and also it's like the first trial round to do something with panga panga, because that never worked with that lumber before so it's kind of like a pilot study for the large table.let me show you how that lumber looks like here we have it, you see it's really dark

we have here on the outer side like white stripes that's the outside of the tree, so you see that the inside once the tree grows gets dark and the outside stays white so it's like the younger lumber it's going to be a pretty dark brown. that's at least what i've seen in the internet. i never used it myself before and you see what we have also here is like a large crack through the entire center of the lumber so i'm going to apply a couple of bow ties here maybe special ones, because like this is white so i'm going to use some white woods may put a dark stripe in between the bow ties, like make something special a couple of these that's going to look rad

and then it's going to have some steel table legs that livia already bought and sent me so that's what she wanted to have and so it's going to be a neat small table just for two beers or two coffees, you can't have like a full meal on it. and so first thing i'll have to do is to run these through the planer. you know the story. its really flat i mean, it's not really i don't think i'll have to do a lot of work on this one but i'll run it through still, to make sure it's of even height, like the thickness is completely even

in case you're wondering, these are the large panga panga slabs, i have two of these, so you can compare this here is black walnut so see, it's a little bit darker than black walnut. here in the background, that's sucupira that's another tropical wood, which we'll work on another time first i run this slab through the planer then i cut pieces of elm to prepare bow ties and some thin pieces of panga panga scrap wood now i glue the pieces of panga panga in between two thicker pieces of elm here i cut the ends of the slab with the circular saw to get straight edges

once the glued together pieces are dry, i run them through the planer with a miter saw i cut these pieces in two with a pencil i draw bow ties on the wood and cut these with a bandsaw now i clean the bow ties with a belt sander i toy around with the bow ties to figure out where they will look nice with a pencil i mark them onto the tabletop i use hand carving knives to cut the bow tie holes into the wood i put wood glue on the bow ties and hammer them into the holes once the glue is dry, i remove the excess with a hand planer and an orbital sander

now i tape the bottom side of the tabletop with water resistant tape to apply epoxy resin i prepare a cheap board with finishing wax to prevent leaking epoxy resin to stick to the board i mix my epoxy resin and add some white coloring to it i use the white epoxy to fill all cracks and holes with a heat gun. i remove air bubbles once the epoxy dried i remove all tapes with a circular saw, i cut off a small piece of the edge now i use the orbital sander to remove epoxy excess.wear a mask so you don't inhale toxic epoxy dust i now sand both sides of the tabletop with a hundred grit paper

and the same for the edges with a router i make the edges round now i use a brush to clean up the live edges turns out the panga panga live edges have tons of splinters, so i decided to sand them carefully now it's time to figure out where the table legs will go and drill holes for the screws i will name this table michelle with a router i carve out a hole on the backside of the table for the name tag and i pour some epoxy resin on the name with a hundred eighty grit paper i sand all edges to remove rough spots

then i sand the upper side of the tabletop with 120, 180 and 240 grit paper now i clean the backside with mineral spirits and i apply one layer of mineral oil i do the same for the upper side of the table watch how this table comes to life that's it. i'm pretty happy with how this turned out. hope you like it too and certainly hope livia likes it. see you later. thats it! if you liked this video, please subscribe

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