wohnzimmer ideen mit holz

wohnzimmer ideen mit holz

lampshades made of papier mache -diy i'll show you 2 ways how to make papier-machã© lampshades in concrete look materials: 1-2 rolls of toilet paper black acrylic paint wallpaper glue gold paint, sponge hand blender bucket and sieve

dish towel balloon or large bowl here we go: put the toilet paper in the water remove the inner paper roll tear roughly mix thoroughly squeeze out most of the water add about 3 tablespoons of wallpaper paste per roll

add black paint knead everything properly leave to rest for 20 minutes and knead it again spread and smooth the grey pulp over the balloon the layer should be 5-8 mm thick here i left the edge fringed leave a hole for the lamp socket leave to dry well for 5-7 days as time goes by the bowl becomes brighter

remove balloon and let it dry for another day now you can gild one side of the lampshade with metallic paint it works well with a sponge it works well with a sponge dab gently, do not take too much paint at once you can also decorate the lamp socket with gold paint this is what it looks like with the second lampshade we need a big bowl instead of a balloon

grease lightly from the outside then put the gray pulp evenly on the bowl again this time the edge should be straight do not forget to leave the opening let it dry for 1 week it is normal that the lamp becomes brighter and shrinks if it is well dried, it easily detaches itself from the bowl this time you can decorate the outside with gold paint second lamp is finished now

have fun trying it out if you like the tutorial, you can send me a like ;-) my book about paper mache - in german

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