wohnzimmer ideen mit kamin

wohnzimmer ideen mit kamin

sometimes, having a small house can be a little annoying if you are getting tired of its look. then, when the boredom comes to its peak, you will need to think of remodeling plans. these 5 clever small home modification ideas by simphome.com number one. grand great room you may want to remodel your uninteresting looking of your living room.

you can actually open the space up of your living room and combine it with the dining room. that is why the first idea is called as grand great-room, which features the combination of those two rooms. you can install few large windows to provide unobstructed view of your backyard and keep your room bright. also, you can paint the wall with white paint and add a dated brick fireplace to give the room a contemporary look. number two. improve the architectural detail

your worn and old furniture in the living room should be replaced as well because you must have gotten tired by looking at them. that is why the reason to make your living room feels alive again is to improve the architectural details. you can start by replacing those old couches with new ones that are colorful and more attractive. then, you can place a small table in the center of your living room with the matched color.

number three. inviting front door once you have done with the living room remodeling project, you can move to your front door. your front door should be more inviting to yourself and your guests. therefore, what you need to do is to decorate the surrounding of the front door. you can start with having the wall painted with white color, add some furniture, such as a small drawer with two cushioned chairs, mirrors, and other few furnishings.

you want to add large windows with minimal window treatments as well. these elements will create a large-home feel. number four. remodeled outdoor planning to make your small house becomes more attractive and feels larger can be done by remodeling the outdoor as well. many homeowners usually try to make space-saving design to give the outdoor a clean and contemporary look. you can start by replacing outdated entry lighting, painting the gate, and freshening up the landscaping

by adding a long bench and tending a flower garden. after you have done taking care of them, you can replace the heavy double doors for glass front doors to allow natural light inside the house. number five. conserve floor space the most common problem of having a small house is managing the spaces. if you find a hard time managing spaces, why don’t you start by replacing those doors with the new sliding doors? this idea will totally conserve a large amount of spaces in your small house.

besides, it will actually give a modern and fancy look to your house. however, don’t replace all doors with the sliding ones. it is recommended to replace those that make a room feels smaller or too crowded, such as your kitchen. that was 5 clever small home modification ideas you can apply in your own house.

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