schrank weiß hochglanz wohnzimmer

schrank weiß hochglanz wohnzimmer

easy to handle! the patented modular display casesof the frank system opens up a world of new possibilities forthose requiring a high quality protective solution. for the first time it allows anedgeto surface flush finish between the acrylic and frame profile with an incredibly frame thickness of only 8 mm. franks practical system can be simply installedwithout the need of specialist training or equipment cutting down on installation time and cost. the unique patented designrelies on its precision aluminium frame

that can be easily levelled for exact alignment. just a few simple actionsand your ready to display. the frank showcase system is 50% lighterthan a glass equivalent, has superior clarity and due to its minimaljointing method provides a better and more aesthetic showcase solution than glass. assembly consists of first levelling the base plateusing the adjustable feet. each panel is carefully positionedinto the base. the unique aluminium profile is thenapplied locking the two panels tightly together. simply sliding the showcase base plate into place

these can be produced in limitless differentcolours, materials and finishes. now just add the top profile and tighten the concealed screws. place either an acrylic top or led light panel in placeand your open showcase is ready for display. then its time to close the showcase,adding the last panel, slide the third and fourth aluminium profiles in place. lock everything together withthe special corner piece and key and you have the finished showcase.

and don’t forget frank’s unique profile andedging provides a more effective dust and airtight seal than glass,with none of the messy seals or silicone.

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