schrank wohnzimmer holz

schrank wohnzimmer holz

-previously on omg we bought a house. we have some really exciting news, we bought a house-oh shoot the master bedroom is where it's at. this is like why i wanted this house. it's big. it's got this really cool add-on -with these french doors-i hate the floors it has been raining non-stop ever since we got that driveway out. and now our yard is just one giant mud pit can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out? omg we bought a house -kate door-coming! -oh my gosh guys-omg, we're back -omg, we bought a house episode five million-five million and two

-we are doing a lot today -guys we have done so much in this house. we're like basically at the end -i know we've been saying that but we really truly are-but what we've learned about being homeowners is that it's really hard to end it there's always new and different things to do, right? yeah, and there's you know what there's a lot of redoing things -you make mistakes, especially when you do a lot of things yourselves you make a lot of mistakes. -we're gonna come clean today guys -we're going to come clean on our mistakes -we're calling this episode omg wtf -no, omg we did this wrong. -can you say with a little bit more?-well, no, i'm not omg we did this wrong i'm not excited about it i'm like omg we did this wrong, so as first-time homeowners, we've learned a lot and we thought it would be really helpful for you guys and

also potentially humorous to -witness some of our mistakes -you guys remember when we first moved in we had those red floors in our master -the floors are brand new they're nice and shiny. -i thought they were veneer i thought they were like fake wood floors because they're so darn shiny. they're solid hardwood. so the plan is to -refinish them. -i didn't mind them that much at first but i came to loath them with kate over the years and the reason why they're different than the rest of the house is because the master bedroom was an extension in the sixties so they decided rather than doing the small plank oak floors that are throughout the rest of the house they did these weird shiny red floors

and the mistake we made is we never replaced them we were just like, you know, it seemed like too much to tackle at the time budget wise whatever but we wish we had changed them we finally are changing it because we're finally changing it five years later we came across this company revel woods who we've been talking to they're sponsoring this and they are the coolest company actually the things so intimidating about doing your floor's it's such a process, right? you have to go to the flooring store. you have to talk to sales people who don't they're not really the nicest what is a good quality floor? like what should you spend your money on?

so the whole thing with this company is they're disrupting the flooring industry because you can buy it all online okay, get started. let's see here. so basically we take a quiz -enter our project name.-we love a quiz it gets to know you and then the i guess the little man that lives inside the computer it gives you some suggestions of flooring that you might like -we don't need radiant heating-well we don't have it well, we could put it in no, we don't have room for that

we don't have the budget for that either -what is the level activity in this space? -low, i'm gonna be sleeping and relaxing you get just like four different woods and they send you -samples of each of them. oh, okay -traditional american contemporary industrial rustic not american traditional because this is like an english storybook house, so probably like rustic i guess really? -let's see -light wood -medium or wide plank? i feel like a wide plank would be cool in there. -sure

-because the rest of our house is-highlight how big that room is yeah okay, let's see what they recommend ohh i like that one which one? okay, yeah, okay, so let's get a sample of that -that would be so airy in there-add to sample box. what else do you want to try to get? i like the nadi nadi okay, get samples, add to sample box

-although that's a little brown, right? -yeah. i don't want it dark -okay, that's great-okay, so then we've got four samples great they'll send us the samples we'll decide on the final we'll place the order it's finally happening i can't believe it see if we went to the store we'd now be like, okay we gotta go like find our car ew i'd be all sweaty -you'd be really stinky-the samples will just show up alright, i think i'm just gonna stay here actually and enjoy the nook wake me up when the samples arrive

i love all the samples that we picked so we got them all in our little sample kit and we had a variety of finishes we did some like darker ones some more rustic ones and then some really light ones because i have this fantasy of turning the master bedroom into just this like beautiful beachy really light and airy room because it has some of the best light in our entire house with the gorgeous french doors and i ultimately picked the winnipeg it's a whitewashed -look, it almost has like a scandinavia vibe to it. -so floors truck delivery

i'm reveling in this wood -get all these inside-okay great get all these inside -i'm gonna go inside-no i'm gonna go inside i called it i called it inside already -i called inside, no no joey joey-let me know if you need help -how's it going?-fine wow your shoe closet never looked so good my shoes are protected i emptied my closet kate gave up half way through

so i took out all of my clothing and put it in boxes. i figured that would collect more dust -shoes, however, i'm -oh you're making this sound like it was a calculated plan it's called a wrap job and not just you all of a sudden going you know what i'm over this i'm gonna take half the stuff out of my closet and put plastic over the other stuff not even just plastic i put like a big giant trash bags and cut them bigger and then you know, it worked. all right guys say goodbye to the red floors i found my floor installation googles its steampunk vibes guys because why not?

one last floor cuddle on the red floors for good measure. i'm sweaty -we did one last rug cuddle on the red wood floors -wood cuddle -oh, yeah there there was no rug i mean look, we're hard on the red wood floors, but like it's time to send them to college yeah, we're gonna we're gonna rip them out you know sometimes you gotta throw the kid out of the house so you just demo out your old floors these floors were installed with just nails into the wood subfloor hey kate, ready for the big reveal? one......two.....three

your new floors! before we put in the new wood we have our moisture tester because you want to make sure with wood floors that you're not crazy moist okay so let that hang out for a little bit pick up the moisture reading it's a more humid day in la so it's gonna be a little higher but you want to in like between, you know, like 35 to 55 percent humidity percent moist?

you want to make sure it's just the right amount of moist ew don't get low with your voice when you do it, you're so creepy moist no, not with a lisp. no. sorry. i need a moment you like it low? no, you want to make sure it's not moist because obviously if there's moisture your woods can move but that's said move?

-this is a technical term?-yeah, because they swell. -ew moist and swell, no no no, they're engineered hardwood floors though so that's not as much of an issue. fortunately for us the subfloor is in great shape there's already a plywood subfloor. really. thank you homeowners in the 1960s you put a nice subfloor in it lasted a while. so now that we have the wood demoed out. it's time to dry fit it in so dry fitting is basically where you take your wood and you make a layout but more importantly you're cutting your edges from one wall so that you see like we have like our doorway you have to cut around all the yeah yeah the doorway molding you made fun of me for these and now you need them

safety first ladies and gentlemen they're comfy, huh? this part is gonna go around the where the room corners right there we just gotta cut it around the molding and when you're dry fitting just make sure that you're leaving, you know enough space for your boards to move a little bit because the board will sometimes go like this if the moisture is there. alright, so the way we're attaching these floors. we're using this sort of vapor blocking

glue, which basically is this really heavy-duty glue that forms a sandwich in between your subfloor and your new floors and it serves a lot of purposes so we're just putting that down. we're placing the wood have your soft mallet so obviously you're not damaging any of the wood planks as you're hammering them into place but yeah, they're all you know a tongue and groove i don't know what they've got like a little lip yeah, so you just basically puzzle-piece your floor pieces together put them into place and use your rubber mallet to get them in the floors look so good! oh my gosh

-they made such a huge difference in there right guys?-the floors look so good, you just have to do some finishing touches -yeah, i'm gonna redecorate a little bit in there. -should we welcome it into this universe though with our rug cuddle yes, of course. okay, so these floors are gorgeous. yeah, i didn't want to distract too much from them. i just want to keep things neutral right neutral bedroom neutral like an almost beachy vibe let's see it beachy vibe! this is really soft welcome new winnipeg

flooring, we will put a rug on you but not too big of a rug a nice small braided jute rug that's soft for bringing a little bit of natural element you know keeping with the beachy feel i might also do a matching one of those over under the bed but slightly bigger -but you know not too big to cover up your beautiful winnipeg. -let's keep the room simple, of course there was a story of a house -built in 1923-27 built in 1927 they had two creative weirdos move in and go

omg, we bought a house finally changed to the floors of your dreams. oh, thank you -unflattering. oh, no, not a spoon or the sort -this is how we sleep at night this is like a chip clip. you know, i have another one that matches that's a little bit bigger joey! -just enjoy the rug cuddle-just be quiet you need to take a second every once in a while to enjoy it another big thing that we like we're lazy on and in hindsight should have fixed right away is we never had blinds on any of our windows. yes

we saw in the comments. like how do you guys take showers? and the truth is is our backyard is pretty protected so except when the gardener's come over, so yeah yeah, there have been a few times where i've had to do the naked duck down you know, i see the gardener's out there as i'm getting ready to go and disappear down below the window ledge so you guys know we're extra so we couldn't just get regular blinds no, we got these nice linen roller shades that are automatic. it's like my i made it moment where i wake up and the blinds go all right, so obviously that was a big project we finally did it five years later, but you know what sucks guys we did something else wrong remember those beautiful floors we put into the garage

-remember that big pond that we had back there at that point where we were fishing?-the monsoon when our driveway flooded yeah -so here's the thing. -so here's the thing about water you move into a house it's 100 years old and you kind of just assume it's got all its kinks worked out we were like, you know this worked before so like let's just put the driveway back in and slope it to the street and yeah, nice little downward slope to the street little drain out so don't do that because it didn't do that and instead what happened is all of the ground got so soaked underneath our beautiful finished gym and that

made the floor that was in there buckle -where's your broom? -oh my gosh, i can't believe we're back to this. i mean we had such a beautiful gym and then we did it wrong so what are we gonna do differently this time? what are you my teacher? or my parent. what are you gonna do differently this time joey what'd you learn from your mistake? moisture is your enemy the problem was we didn't moisture test before which was stupid i will take that. we thought our concrete slab was dry

we put a self-leveling concrete on top to just level out those old floors and that didn't bond correctly because there was still moisture in the concrete. so we had to completely redo a lot of things the biggest thing we do is we have to rip up a lot of our yard and put in proper drainage so you guys remember we landscape and put in all that grass and plants? well, we had to rip it up in places we didn't have to rip it all out in places we put in 16 drains throughout our yard and our house is not that big and it all

correctly flows out to the street -which is where you want your water to drain to -not under your new pretty gym and we've moisture tested the concrete now that we've removed the entire subfloor. we have our whole garage now on our driveway yeah, we had to move out everything that we put into the gym previously -it's all piled up in the driveway covered with a tarp. it's also now currently 110 degrees. -so all of our equipment gotta melt we're gonna match the flooring from the bedroom, which is a good more winnipeg it's a good win and out of all of the losses of that and then we'll have a finished gym. i know again round 2 finished gym. we'll be back in business in no time

i promise i think the lesson there is like when you see symptoms don't ignore them, right? we thought it was fun to just like go fishing in the pond while it dried out. we should have been like why is there a pond back here alright we've learned a lot of little things also along the way one of the things that bugs me kind of on a daily basis but we're still too lazy to get the ladder out is when we put up our chandelier in the breakfast nook we used a beautiful ceiling -medallion, but we didn't paint it. -well, it was white but what happened is whatever material it's made out of has sort of a yellowed over the floor. no one told me

four years ago that you had to paint ceiling medallions paintable ceiling medallion. it's white we'll just put it up there and that is the highest peak in our house we need like the extra tall ladder to even be able to get up there so are we gonna take it down and paint it? sure. yeah we should or just get up there with a paintbrush you get up. get up there with a paint brush your arms are longer -anyways paint your ceiling medallions before you put them up there-a big journey of trial and error in this house has been the cats -because everyone who has pets-very very precious -members of our family.

yeah, if you have pets the struggle is real, you know -the struggle the struggle is how to not have your house smell like them-right you want people to come over and not know that you have pets so they just like appear and they're like, oh my gosh you have a cat, i didn't even know how did you disguise the smell? because they're either going to the bathroom or they're foods out or whatever. there's just all kinds of things to deal with yeah, they're either like right going to the bathroom or eating fish so you guys remember that we our first solve was to put the litter in a fake closet that we built then we upgraded it to the cabinet which the solve there was

we actually put a hole in our wall to the outside and gave them their own personal vent. yes. this is a game changer you guys so now they have a vent that goes out to the outside world so whenever they go in there and do their stinky duty this smell just waft out into the outside world the other big thing we got them were these really cool high-tech microchip feeders yes, because we've had to quarantine winston into the other room while he eats because he tries to eat roxanne's food so we found these really cool high-tech feeders that read the microchip that your pet should already have, microchip your pets it's just a tiny little bead of rice. they put in their necks

it's not a rice it's the size of a rice yeah, so they have feeders that read those chips and also when they're done eating they close automatically so they keep the smell in all right guys the moment you've all been waiting for the final house tour! ready? close your eyes -mr. kate experience-open your eyes on three, one....two....three sike we've already done too long of an episode

yeah, you guys don't want to see any more episode. no, no. sorry next time we will be bringing you an epic final house tour. it'll be the last video in this whole series omg we bought a house we've been living in it -we got to end this series once and for all with an epic house tour. -oh man get excited for that subscribe so you make sure you know when that video hits your inbox. that's a thumbs up thumbs up as well -thumbs up to subscribe -leave us a comment below and let us know if you're a homeowner and you've learned anythings from your mistakes, we'd love to know right? share the knowledge and i might need to order some more floors so we can redo the rest of the house for the final house tour

yep, it'll be so fun. you already know how to do it. we've got those goggles it's gonna be great see you later guys

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