schrankwand weiß wohnzimmer

schrankwand weiß wohnzimmer

right there, oh. my little brothers are so stupid it's all right can't wait to decorate. there's so much we can make. how will it turn out omg we're coming over open up we're here. okay you're yelling like so loud. oh my gosh! wow you guys it's finally happening! dolan twins. this has been one of our most requested and most anticipated omg we're coming over's ever! what's up, everyone? i'm grayson and i'm ethan. we're the dolan twins we have a youtube channel called the dolan twins, i'm not really sure how to even explain it

yeah, i don't really know what we do you can go watch it if you want or if you don't you don't have to but you can and we would appreciate that but you should definitely watch the rest of this video first it's been a while there's gonna be like soap suds in there did you get it? that went in easy. no, it's not in oh it's not in!

guys. dolan. you ready for this? are you ready for this? oh my gosh, it's gonna be so cool. if you guys follow me on instagram snapchat, you've already seen a sneak peek of the new board so you guys already kind of know like the design vibes but we have so much to do, oh my gosh! dolan twins. here we go oh my gosh, you look amazing are you guys excited? i'm beyond excited the dolan twins had a good eye when they chose this house. it's a very true vintage home

so we are gonna make sure that we honor the mid-century style in the designs that we do while also updating it a bit and making sure that it fits with the dolan twins who are only 18 and were definitely not alive in the mid-century. this thing is amazing it's this vintage mid-century modern house with this awesome outdoor patio and pool area the cool thing about their interiors is they flow into their outdoors because they have these giant glass sliding doors so we're actually working on their dining room into their outdoor area. that's a big purple couch yeah. it is. and a tiny table. our dining room kind of turned into our storage space exactly

a lot of people have that room where they're like, oh let's just put in there for now and come back for it later. we have a lot of those rooms that's like your whole house i've been laying on the concrete for the past two months and eating on the kitchen floor sometimes i'll just curl up in a pretzel in the corner and i'll just put a bowl of cereal in my lap and eat it i mean you could all just like sit on the couch, i guess yeah. we don't really have that many friends, but we have family. yeah, we have family and it would be nice to have you know seats for grandmas we have family visit very often and we don't really have anywhere to you know, eat together. we have the floor but that's not good enough. i want to put my grandma on the floor. yeah cause then we have to help her get up it's a whole thing. it's a whole process. they also don't have any sort of like

office meeting space they do have their warehouse, but they do shoot a lot of their videos here in their house so i think that the dining room will be a cool space for them to gather around brainstorm about their videos, etc one thing that's interesting here is this. yeah, you guys have a valence. i didn't even notice that. it's actually cool. it is cool i've never seen it before, did you guys put that there? what is it though, on the real? i have a feeling that it used to house curtains behind it you're genius. yep. so that wasn't the reason you got this place? you weren't like this place has great valences. yeah. no i still don't know what a valence is. this room is just the tip of the iceberg obviously. obviously because you have this entire space outside which epic. yeah

so let's go look at that. let's go. yeah let's assess i mean this yard is insane, not this yard is backyard. this pool i mean like what? what, what is this? what are you guys doing with your lives? we really love the pool it's where we spend pretty much all of our time. was this one of the big reasons why you got this place? yeah definitely we needed a pool. with all the heat waves that come every once in a while, you know, you need some sort of cold water to submerge yourself in but it's not the best hangout area. so you have nothing except for some rocking chairs. i showed my mom this house when we first got it and the rocking chairs were back here and she hates them. okay, so we'll get rid of the rocking chairs. what about the big whatever that thing is?

trampoline it's a trampoline yeah, it doesn't really fit and it's kind of its kind of spooky. it's right by the edge we just use it to jump in the pool. but if you go the wrong way then. yeah you can launch over you're visiting you neighbors you jump into the pool or you could fall off a cliff so it's not really the best location. we can put that in the front for now and then move it back if. if you want. okay yeah, we're not going for like danger chic out here. yeah, that's not the aesthetic. like head crack no open

okay. danger chic sounds kind of cool though. yeah and tell me what's up with this thing? i don't really know honestly. i don't know what that is that is a very random fire pit it really is grayson's tried to make a fire a couple times there. and you know it's a gas fire pit right? is it really? yeah, that's what that is right there see, see right there on the ground. you guys been trying to do wood in there? yeah all right well we'll, we'll clean that out we'll get you some kind of yeah option learn something new every segment. let's go! all right you guys ready to maybe get slightly dirty or. yes!

handy or whatever. dirty, dirty. all right hey everyone really quickly. we wanted to tell you about today's sponsor, skillshare. yes skills skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes and design business technology and more. i love all the visual arts classes they have because i want to do some custom fabric and wallpaper. plus i'm always looking for bullet journal info so i'm into the classes on pattern making and various ink drawing techniques and it's so cool how it's a complete set of classes and how the community can share their projects and interact yep, and the premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes from experts working in their fields so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work that you love skillshare is also more affordable than most learning platforms out there an annual subscription is less than ten dollars a month and the first

1,000 people to sign up using our link which we'll put in the description below will get their first two months free guys get some skills to pay the bills okay, let's get back to the pool party. shall we? this room is actually kind of like an odd shape, right because it's connected to your kitchen i would say so you have this beautiful it's such a weird shape thinking about it now, who made this room? it's like a p, it's such a weird letter yeah, it's like a weird

it is kind of like a p maybe a d or like a q it's like a q. this with the little the little tail. no, no, no the tail it's like right here. it's at the end it's like, it's like a cursive. the dining room is connected to the kitchen it's like kind of an open plan, but there's the wall of cabinetry there. so i just decided to do the back wall as an accent to kind of anchor the back of this room. wait should we guess what color it is, or is it green? it's not green i thought it was green because the can was green, but it's not green apparently. i think it's a teal

i think it's gonna be yellow. yellow and teal. i'm guessing like a green gray. green gray oh totally what it is! you knew so this dark grey is perfect, it's a beautiful sophisticated color it's, it's kind of an updated mid-century color again we're trying to blend like the mid-century vibe of the house with the kind of hip, you know masculine vibes of the dolan twins style. i really like the color. i love the color. it's super classy and professional i'm kind of glad that it's not teal now that i saw it, even though teal did sound cool probably didn't match the aesthetic grayson and i actually paint a lot together surprisingly

we painted the foampit in our warehouse, the office of the warehouse, our motorcycles our that's probably it but we do paint a lot together. a decent amount. well that's good work the legs cause the next project we're gonna be, we're gonna be stretching the legs. squats it's very oh my gosh! did you ever do ballet? no you're doing a plie! really? well their moves man ethan is like plieing, i think he did probably had some ballet.

all right well i think that this job is pretty clear. joey two rolls he was just standing there and doing nothing watching. i'm a supervisor. dolan double rolls twin rolls. twin rolls i mean look how cute they are no the leg thing now, the leg thing. yeah, yeah, yeah they're very cute but very out of sync so maybe it's time for joey two rolls to step in no problem what was that? working our project with the dolan's. i'm so excited are you guys excited? i'm not that good at art grayson's gonna roast me the whole time. i'm very nervous because ethan is awful at art

and i don't want anything he puts his hands on that's related to art hanging up in our house well face it grayson neither of us are that great of artists and i just feel like we could potentially definitely not as bad as you. yeah but we're both not that good well that's okay because wait is this going in our house? yes. and he's gonna work on it? and i only have one of these canvases so i'm excited. so art projects you guys know, i love to do diy art projects with whoever we're working with it's a way of just really personalizing something that's going in the space it's something for them to feel proud of and it's also a way of having original art. that doesn't cost that much so this is a really cool technique. i've been wanting to do for so long

it's called a dirty pour and the key ingredient with this dirty pour is using do you wanna read that treadmill belt lubricant it's silicone who invented this? what weirdo put lube in paint but so what happens with this silicone is it reacts with acrylic paint? and it creates these cool like cells which make it look more like marble like stone. here's what we need to do we have this pouring medium so essentially this will thin the paint so it makes it easier to move around the canvas but it doesn't dilute the color so you guys can use this for your workout equipment after we're done with it

i have a variety of paint colors for the dolans to choose from because i want them to have their personal tastes going into this. so we're layering the paint and all of these cups are gonna be flipped over onto this canvas now you're gonna mix up the paint and the medium together, right? so a stir stick per cup just like so, okay. we are ready i think for the silicone, okay. so now this is actually a really careful process we're gonna open this nozzle just a little bit and i want you to do like four drops in each

now what we do is we create the actual cups and we're gonna pour so we're gonna pour in different colors like whatever we want to do we'll use the white to kind of separate them and then we'll have a bunch of full cups and then we'll do like a flip cup thing quickly go with all of them. i have no clue how this is gonna work i just feel like it's just gonna gloop out and get all over the place i don't even know what we're doing. so we don't stir it, so basically we're kind of like layering these. that's what the silicone's for? yeah, so this is kind of a one hit wonder just get ready cause it's gonna pour over the sides, you know that's why everything's covered in plastic. okay, the moment has come one, two, three

yeah! now let's start pulling up the cups and you kind of let the paint spill out, you know towards the canvas right you kind of tap, tap them off on the sides of the canvas cause we're gonna cover it up this is earth right there. i think i created the best color combination. mine. looks like planet earth look at it! oh my gosh, how cool does it look? they're like beautiful swirls of color, the silicon is doing its work the pouring medium is doing its work. and so now what we have to do is just tilt the canvas every which way and make sure that the paint has its moment to spread out all across. ethan is it bothering you?

yeah a little bit. ethan has this thing called trypophobia oh no! it doesn't look like that no it's not that bad that one sucks. oh i don't want to look at that one it's like trypophobia, trypophobia. however, you want to pronounce it but. it's just when a bunch of small holes are in a pattern around each other. don't like that. it grosses me out it makes my ears eat my shoulders. it's kind of like this these are a little

i still don't really like to look down that much but they're spaced out enough to the point where it's not making me cringe to hard you don't have to touch my tit. go towards grayson. we're moving it around. so those circles are getting more stretched out they think it looks like the earth from space which it kind of does, yeah. as we're moving this canvas around. it keeps getting cooler and cooler yeah there was really small circles right next to each other and patterns that i don't typically prefer so i was kind of nervous but as we started moving the canvas around they started spreading out and i was able to relax and enjoy the piece this art turned out so well i'm thrilled at how it looks so thankfully we are here all the way through tomorrow cause we have so much to do and this art needs ample time to dry

so you guys have to go outside and help joey because we need to create now like essentially like a frame for this whole thing. what's up? how was it? it was good. you guys get a crafty? yeah, and sweaty all right, so kate made the beautiful piece of artwork with the twins but we really want to take it to the next level. we want to create a sculptural moment around that art i really wanted something that mimicked the angles of this house the house has kind of an angled roof to it. and in a lot of the other rooms there's triangular shaped windows and so i wanted to kind of repeat that shape in a frame. we drafted up some plans. let's see here

like these are all your different cut legs your different angles for your different miters. you guys have ever mitered anything? i don't know what miter is. yeah i don't know what that means i don't know how explain this. i'd say your mitering an angle you have different types of joints, right like a butt joint is when you go right, but there's another way to make a 90-degree angle. oh you have to cut them at angles. angles. so miter two 45's so that's like the most basic but we're gonna go advanced today you saw joey with the chop saw saw eliza with the chop saw now you're seeing the dolan twins with the chop saw. so basically the way this works is

just you know, no pressure. just go through it. press it down. and then push forward? yeah right so that my friends is a mitered 45 are you guys done yet? what? are you done? we're getting there we got like. okay, so you have. six more things to do seven more things to do actually eight. sixty okay, cool. but is this something you can finish? solo. are we ready to kick them out? we have so many boxes to bring in and it's not for your viewing no more peeking. okay. bye dolan twins

we're kicking you out no more peeking we are going to paper up the windows and make sure that the kitchen is concealed because they have to stay here tonight cause they're eighteen and they can't go stay at a hotel cause they can't book a hotel apparently, it's been a while since i was a eighteen. should we just go sleep in the car that's fine bye, that was fun goodbye guys. see you tomorrow see you tomorrow i'm just excited because when i come back, it's actually gonna look nice and i'll be able to

not lay on the concrete anymore. okay. wow, okay so what. i got to finish the wood project your art is drying. so that you're just gonna finish doing then we need to stain it. the artworks drying. it needs like as long as it can take to dry so while i'm doing that. for like a 24 hour shift. you want to start figuring out where you're placing all the various pots yes. and then we'll unwrap all of this start figuring out the plan of the pergola we got so much to do. oh my gosh. okay so the pergola kit. we have to paint the wood pieces the pergola kits cool all right

so one of the big things we're doing out here is we're adding this massive twenty by twelve pergola, and we we're trying to figure out the best way to do this because a we don't have a lot of time b we're not trying to like go crazy and buy some $30,000 pergola, so we were able to figure out a really cool solution. we found this company that just makes the steel brackets to hold four by fours in place. you basically order all the corner and center pieces and the base pieces and then all you have to do is buy the wood and it's really nice and minimalist very clean lines which is perfect for the style of this house it's actually genius cause now all we need is a bunch of four by fours. and so this is the whole kit right here no, i got like three boxes of it

oh okay well, good luck finding them can we do this? i hope so, this is a lot i have faith in you i have faith in you, it's very hot out here that was a slimy kiss. okay i got work to do there's a really interesting flow to this yard cause the pools kind of catty corner placed within it. so these planters are really helping the whole yard feel cohesive

it's just a way for your eye to see something similar happening throughout the entire yard the pergola is painted white on purpose, even though the house is black because we are playing a lot with black and white okay you guys so we are going to quickly run and see if we can find something cool and antique and like 1960s but funky and weird for the dolan twins. cause they're weird and funky, but they have a 1960s house and we're going there which has a ton of random ass things let's go oh my gosh, this is literally a sea

a sea of abc's what if we just did a bunch of like dt's, dt's? the fact they're even letting me climb on this pile and search through all this is crazy, but we are finding so many gems dolan that's a good one see i like the mismatch thing joey where are you? oh my gosh, you're in the pile. how'd you get in there? oh my gosh, i see you

all right guys day two. we are back at the dolan twins house first things first. we are gonna get the curtains installed under this valance. so we're just installing these minimal tracks that go along the ceiling and then floor to ceiling curtains we got them hemmed to the perfect height so one of my favorite lighting fixtures that is such a cool solution for anyone who needs a quick change in their recessed lights is they sell these conversion kits that basically convert your recessed can into a pendant light so we replaced the two center recessed lights with these cool cage pendant and it's just totally transformed the space go buy recessed lights, even though there's still two on either side but it looks way better with the pendants now in the center

we match it joey. of course a dining table needs to be anchored by a rug and this is just a beautiful nice cotton weave we have a rug pad underneath to keep it nice and soft and it looks so cool. you know, rug cuddles rug cuddles on day two it's like why don't we do rug closer we should just do bed cuddles. so we can just take a nap this is actually my favorite time of the day because this is when i get to you know take a load off lay down try to get my relaxation on unfortunately it doesn't last very long okay, great rug cuddle done check. five minutes dining room table, no no dining room table. joey so much to do still. get me up get me up

this is my least favorite part of the rug cuddle is helping you it's like i get all relaxed and then now i have to strain my lumbar. you know, i'm not asking you to do that oh break dance stop making me dizzy, get up this table is epic you guys. we got it right center center this table is massive this is a giant, beautiful warm wood table look at this tone of wood. my favorite part is these legs i know. the dining room table is kind of like almost a little bit more like rustic farmhouse

which is cool to keep the mid-century vibes going though we're gonna juxtaposisize it juxtaposize? juxtapose it? if i'm adding it to it it wouldn't be juxtapose it so to keep with the mid-century vibes, we're gonna juxtapose that with some more mid-century chairs. these are cool. i am obsessed with these these are made in italy, okay, these chairs are so rad. they're this really kind of like cool pattern to them how cool are they as a pop of color? and there's

eight of them yeah, grandma grandma will have a yellow chair so many chairs to choose from which i think i'm just gonna style six chairs cause i don't think they need all eight right now and just sort of everyday life no matter what, it's an upgrade from the floor top they had yeah, the counter height too like that is not comfortable for grandma. what about this sports bar. yeah. no no, where's the tv in the sports bar? there's no tv speaking of beautiful things on walls which tvs aren't that. the artwork. you want to put that up right now? yeah, it's dry. i checked on it. i have been babysitting that painting like a hawk. do hawks babysit?

anyways you don't want to have a fan blowing on this type of artwork because it will create a weird film that kind of wrinkles on the top because the top layer will dry too quickly. oh my gosh joey and the boys did such a good job on that frame like i really really really hope that they love this whole combination because it is one of my favorite things we've ever done so now we need to lay out the dts on the wall and you guys know whenever i'm doing some kind of like gallery collage i like to lay it out on the floor first and then put it on the wall. basically, these are all signs that would be installed above like restaurants or stores. so the front of them all come off because they normally have lights in it

we're not lighting them up so you just pop the fronts of the lights off and you can just attach them to the wall and then put the front's back on and i think they look really cool. especially now that they're punctuated by these plant stands. i mean how cool rug number two no, it's like i'm obsessed with this thing like this is the coolest kit for people very simple, is that thunder? oh my gosh we gotta get this done and reveal it to him soon. it is

thundering in los angeles in the middle of the summer this never happens. i know summer storms are a thing elsewhere. a sun protected rug cuddle. oh, yes a shade protected a thunderstorm protected thankfully, wait i'll go here, the post are wood and won't conduct electricity. no, but i will no, no, i don't like that. he always conducts to annoy me. when a song comes on that i like no, no your pinky. kate, i went to music school. i took conducting class. it's okay you always torture me with your conducting yeah, i think it's pretty cool to be conducting

no no no we got the thunder we've got the dog the storms rolling in the pergolas up the drums are going kate's grossed out. i'm conducting. this is when i actually fall asleep with you flailing like that i can't take it, i can't take it oh my gosh, i can already see the instagrams. here get that side. do you think that this will fit both of them? hmm i think this stand only holds like 360 pounds. all right. so the dolan twins are like, you know, they're fun guys

they don't want just like a normal seating. so we got them this super rad egg chair what's so cool about the fact that we're bringing this egg chair is it was a style that was established in the 1960s which was when this house was built. okay, i'm trying it out oh joey the sun's coming out yay, i told you i can still hear thunder but the suns coming out so like where do you want this like?wait, this so. just at the start of the door? yeah, that looks good is that your sweeping? okay. okay good in the middle of the pergola we're hanging a light and this is a really cool light because it's just an led bulb that's battery-powered

so like we don't have to worry about running in the electrical here we're using this really cool modular outdoor couch system which essentially modular means you can kind of piece it together any way you want because it comes with a couple different end pieces and corner pieces so we're gonna do a nice inviting l so when you walk out of the dining room, you look into the couch with the l facing you firepit essential moment outside. i don't know. we're just playing with the elements. they got a big body of water here

let's give them some fire. fire wood is heavy-duty. it's like a cement base. it's gonna have lava rock in the middle it's gonna be awesome. the throw pilows that are going on the couch are a mix of black and white and white stripes, etc i just like to play with contrasts especially outside when it's super bright out your eye will love to see the contrast especially against all those white cushion i found these really cool like round ball sculptures they're meant for outside. they're actually lightweight, they're kind of like a fiberglass and they kind of have that mod 60s look to them between the two lawn chairs. i'm placing a yellow side table you gotta have a side table when you're lounging on a chair because you know

you just want to reach over and place your drink you don't want to put it on the ground. a side table is also essential between these two chairs again another place for them to set their drinks on top of the dining table i'm styling these two wood candle stands and just a cute little bud vaz with a little snip of one of the succulents inside that they can replace a credenza or a sideboard is a great piece of furniture to have in a dining room it just kind of anchors the dining room, it makes it feel more full like it doesn't just have a table in the center of the room styling on top of the sideboard

i'm keeping pretty simple. i'm placing this really cool white vaz with a subtle lotus guys i don't know. you'll correct me in the comments but i think it's a lotus flower and isn't that the position that ethan likes to sit in in the corner? does he call it pretzel anyways in the corner, i'm styling two indoor plants, you guys know i love my indoor plants and this corner doesn't really need anything furniture wise okay, guys these spaces are done, oh my gosh, this was so much work let's show the twins alright we're gonna put you right here they're so nervous! okay we're going to put you into position

i'm very excited and i never thought i was gonna be this nervous in my entire life to look at furniture i fully trust kate and joey to make our house look amazing. they do amazing work i love every single thing i've seen them do but i'm just nervous for some reason just the anticipation i wanna yeah, i know it's gonna be amazing. i just want to see it already okay just remember how it looked before okay on the count of three give us at least a count of five. three seconds is not enough. i can't i need to collect myself we need at least like five. okay for you guys, we'll break our rule and do five yes please i'm not ready

okay one....two....three......four....five whoa!! sorry oh my god this is amazing! this is one of the tables this is what it feels like to be speechless yes, they love it! this is the table you wanted we have curtains, the light fixtures they're behind what is that thing, i don't know what that things called

it starts with a v a picture frame! isn't that awesome? look at the art work look at this. oh it's so nice this looks amazing there's also, there's only six chairs here but we have eight of these so you can fit eight people yes! this tables amazing! they're made in italy? yes. imported chairs? these are amazing, what'd i tell you? how great was your carpentry right? we're totally gonna ruin that but it actually looks amazing

we got this amazing art sculpture that we created somehow somehow we did something that didn't look like complete ass but it feels good that there's a little piece of us in this new dining room. so proud of how that turned out do you guys love it? you did that i love it! and this thing i didn't know we were getting one these what is it? i don't know! i didn't we were getting any of this. i don't what this is called it's a side board. it's amazing, sexy sideboard. i love this it's a vase a sculptural. yes, or a piccolo. whatever. we're attracted to shiny things. like your forehead

you guys ready to go see the second part of the reveal. yes. i don't know how i'm gonna handle any more than this this this surprised the sweat out of me and there's a whole next thing to look at the whole next thing because i'm not really sure exactly what it is, but i'm excited for it i know that. keep your eyes closed i cant believe this. all right okay keep your eyes closed all right ready? we're gonna lead you out a little a little step down. there you go. got it. close your eyes. we need at least a count of seven this time let's do seven one two three

four five six seven!! calm calm down what?! the letters! they're old sign letters the pool chairs! your lawn chairs what is this thing? a egg chair. i've always wanted a egg chair and i didn't even know it. it's authentic 1960s vibe we have somewhere to sit somewhere to sit in the back somewhere to lay in the backyard there's a fireplace i didn't i know you can just

make a fireplace appear. what what are they wizards? this looks amazing! guys these are vintage sign letters. this from denny's. this is from cvs or something just sit that chair there real quick just just go five-second moment. i mean yeah, look how good that peugeot looks from here and it's shaded so you can like chill in the sun. the best pergola i've ever seen in my life i never want to leave this pergola. prior to this i didn't even know what a pergola was this makes me feel like an expert on pergola now

cause i got the best one you called it a pergola i say it the fancy way oh i didn't even notice we got a hint of yellow the yellow touches are so nice look inside from outside that looks amazing it goes so perfectly yeah, it's the whole indoor/outdoor feeling. oh my gosh. you guys are california living now. oh my gosh

this literally just changed my lifestyle when we got this house. we were really looking for a place that we can relax be outside be with nature whenever we're stressed out or need a breath of fresh air we have a more than perfect place to do that now we can't get enough pineapples can never get enough so you guys love it? yes thank you guys for letting us invade your space are you kidding me? you guys were troopers you guys were excellent artists yes! oh thank you are you guys gonna do more pouring paint jobs?

probably not. no we had a lot of fun we're gonna leave you guys cause it's been a long 24 hours. yeah, and just so you know, we don't have a pool so, you know, if there's ever a hot day feel free to keep the group thread going oh, yeah whenever you guys want you have free pool passes. invite the old youtubers over whenever you guys need supervision for your parties yeah, parental

supervision. enjoy thank you so much wow. i'm going to enjoy it a lot give me a hug thank you. no more concrete laying thank you, thanks, buddy, thank you. okay now just enjoy all the spots test out all the spots find out your favorite one oh my gosh you guys that was one of the most hilarious reactions we've ever gotten that was so much. they were so hyped just a little bit lots of yelling they loved it, which is the most important thing like they totally

soaked in all of the stuff that i was hoping for the seating their art project. they learned so many vocab words today yeah, a bunch of other things guys club dt is in action pool party at the dolans you guys if you're not already they're hilarious, right? and they're good dudes yes, i mean, i'm sure you guys are already subscribed, but if you're not go subscribe to the dolan twins because they make hilarious. i can't get enough of their sense of humor they're so funny and they're such good guys. and so i'm so happy that we were able to do this for them they deserve to enjoy this beautiful, california house so now they got the whole indoor/outdoor vibe happening and yeah

thanks for watching. hit that subscribe button. join the creative weirdo family i always do that when i say hit the subscribe button, but that's a thumbs up you do that as well joey likes to subscribe with his thumb yeah, join the creative weirdos, we love to have you guys, it's all about just being authentically you and expressing your creativity. so join our fam and don't be ashamed of your beautiful weirdness. you did such a good job good job love you as always oh my gosh guys. stay creative. stay weird. stay you. we'll see you next time bye

might get in the pool no joey don't! i used to be a groupie

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