sehr kleines wohnzimmer einrichten

sehr kleines wohnzimmer einrichten

guys it's starting. "the getting my life together diary" first step. you see - my skin. a few days ago my skin was so good. i've never seen it this good in months. and then i started to touch it because i couldn't resist myself and now it is what it is. now my skin is blemished again and in the next few weeks we're gonna

try to clear it up again. so as you can see .. here.. there all of this wasn't there. everything was clear. except for this part. this has always been my problem area. but now.. well my apartment is a mess. this my dear friends is a *autsch* this is way heavier than i expected it to be

this is a giant rain forest shower head. and this was really needed because since i moved in i used the one my landlord left in the apartment and it has always been broke. super. okay as you can see, a few weeks ago my apartment has been absolutely chaotic. i used the vintage wine boxes from my last apartment, everything was packed with stuff or rather even

when everything would be organized it still would look chaotic. imagine every box would have a door to close this would help my situation a lot. but a short time ago i decided to sell a lot of furniture i didn't necessarily need. and that's why i sorted everything out and stored it on my dining table. which certainly also wasn't very .. smart. this is my actual working situation

i think you can understand that i'm not feeling comfortable right? and for the extremely beautiful red glossy lipstick i'm using "slip tease" also from nyx cosmetics in the color "dexter". by the way i also started hitting the gym again regularly. i'm doing weight training and some light cardio. if you want to see more workout stuff. please let me know. until i got a gastroenteritis and threw up a whole night long.

so we came all this way only to buy a teddy bear. please buy me this michelle. please buy me this. i want it. he is so cute. i want him. and i also want this one. and i also want this one! and i also want this one! todays mission is to buy a huge desk. for my epitome huge. to give myself some working space in my bedroom. and we are at ikea where else. aren't there already writing desks? rafi was so kind and offered me a lift

or.. i think it's so weird when people call you by your channel name. like.. and this venicraft it always reminds me of youtube networks. look there's your desk right? that's my desk. there are more bears! there is one working! wait there are glass tabletops. - but rafi there aren't any glass panes at ikea. but they have this honeycomb print. we're gonna sand it off let's go. that's not for me.

but for real why is it like that? i don't know back then they had normal ones without print and know they replaced it. ah i wanted these. and this is where you want to place the tabletop ok. how do you want to attach it? do already you know that? just putting it on top. putting it on top? yes that's really optimistic.

i think that's the only way. but you want to get this one? yeah then take a picture of it on a long tabletop there's perfectly work space for two people. michelle needs this table for her own i was thinking about this table because i finally need some space to stow my things hey, i'm just cutting and want to explain at the beginning i wanted two tables first i wanted two tables but that didn't fit in the end i had the choice between two stilts

and a glass plate on it and a huge white table with drawers and i decided do take the white one oh no oh my god that's not legal at all it's 4:30 pm right now we were at ikea and after that we had to go to lutz (furniture store) because we wanted to pick up a shelf but it doesn't fit in the car

because the huge table plate is seperating the whole car in two halfs and i sit totally evaporated like i would be in a confessional box i'm super excited for my table and my working place and everything i want to do but i'm not excited about setting up everything because i'm really really bad at it it takes forever when i do that puh, that was super super exhausting and nobody helped me

people were passing me and instead of helping they just left comments like 'oh wow that looks heavy' 'oh wow thats heavy' hell yes it is heavy what do you think that am i doing here of course it's heavy okay, at this point i have to say that i'm unfortunately one of those people who are taking the laundry out of the machine after washing and

just put it anywhere favorably on my huge chair which you can see in the right corner instead of putting it back in the right way because it's to arduous at this moment which is really stupid because it only would take me 15-20 minutes maximum why am i so lazy at some points of my life i don't get it you are the representative of the screws so i'm building up the whole thing and you the drawers

am i doing this right? ehhh, nope well, i did it right yess, the new (used) couch is here but this pillow is dirty well done is there a trick?propabely there is a trick and it would be so easy buuuut

i just don't get it okay okay i just was really surprised oh holy .. i got this couch super cheap on willhaben and they also delivered it to my appartment i paid a small amount for delivery but still, they delivered it because i don't have a car and without a car it's really complicated and i think i wouldn't have buy

a couch ever because yeah as you can see i get almost a sweat outbreak because i'm trying to put the fresh washed covers on the pillows and it wasn't as easy as expected and that's the reason why i'm taking a small break in front of the window and tell you guys the story of my couch you are standing right now on my old couch which will be picked up today and the other furnitures which i don't need ..

-you can follow me on my instagram i insert it- ..i put them in my story i gladly sell my things there because i can reach many people fast and it's simple and eco friendly so feel free to follow me and take a look if you are interested in a few things this guy who sold me the couch had to empty his appartment and would have thrown away, it's from ikea it normally costs approximately thousand euros and he would have thrown it away

but, okay i'm happy! as you can see i'm excited i was thinking about it all the time if i should furnish the appartment how i like because it's really expensive and takes a lot of time but i thought i will take you guys with me and i have behind me here two super cool things for another project

and i also sold my commode and my carpet upstairs because the problem is that i moved out from my old appartment so sudden and that happened when i finally finished my room and so i had to take the furnitures from there with me because i spent a lot of money for that and moved in my new appartment here but the difference between the old and the new room is of course extreme i tried to buy any furnitures which were fitting to some extent and fulfill their purpose for example this table

actually really cool but the problem is that i almost have no furnitures with drawers generally furnitures with 'doors' and this looks messy even my things are well-ordered and i don't like that and i wasn't thinking about that when i bought this table - unfortunately this is gona be a big projekt because i also want to .. wait i will show you... please ignore the vodka! as you can see this is my kitchen

and i think those white discolored areas were white once, i think i'm gonna foiling it white here you can see it better that it's more yellow well, yeah i think this is because the people who lived here before were smoking in the appartment. by the way before you are asking, the pictures you saw on the walls in the video are from i will give you the link into the infobox it's non paid advertisement i got the pictures over a year ago

and i love them! well, that's how it looks right now i'm so happy finally i have more space here oh my god finally some space because the old couch was until here or something like that and when i would have put the table crosswise ahh it's gonna be so cool

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