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wandfarben wohnzimmer warm

an i say action?.. yeah ...mee maws rosemarybread take one action chef buck here and today mama redbuck isgonna cook up some tasty rosemary bread so what do we do to get started to makeyour rosemary bread go ahead let's get our flour sift it and get it in the bowland you're going to sift 2 cups of all-purpose flour in case you need ityou can add another 1/2 cup and it won't be any problem with it but we're goingto put it in a little separate bowl you know and only use it if necessary oki'll go ahead and get this sifted in here ok so you're gonna end up having 2cups of sifted flour that you're going to use in your bread dough we're goingto start out mixture and then you're

gonna have this for when you're needingthis yes we can add we can still add 1/2 a cup and it will be any problem withthe bread but you're measuring out a little bit too neat because you don'twant to use any more than that i don't want to use it if it's not necessary sothat's why we're put it in a little separate bowl and keep it to side youknow and use it if we have to so you're sifting 2 cups over here so that you canmake your own love we're going to make a loaf each we're going to add 1 teaspoonof kosher salt and get it mixed up add it to our flour so we got about 1/4 cupof fresh rosemary and you have gone ahead and chop this up so why don't youtake half a bet and put it in there cuz

believe me i wrote more rosemary you gotthe it doesn't matter now we can go ahead and get mix it up a little bit nowyou always use fresh rosemary for this holiday have you ever used a driedrosemary no i have never i always buy fresh rosemary you can go you can buy itat the market you can really smell it so much better than you do we want to trythe other kind let's go ahead and get our butter ready because the butter hasto be at room temperature we need 2 tablespoons for each bowl but you needto kind of try to cut it little chunks so it can be getting room temperature inthe meantime while we get our yeast ready set this aside sogot your yeast right here yes we got the

active dry yeast all right so you getyourself some hot tap water yeah you want warm water you want it should beabout 130 degrees if you have a little thermometer at home you can always checkit but you can more or less scale by the feel of it now we're going to add atablespoon of sugar to that kind of swish it around to kind of dissolve thatsugar you don't take them few seconds and then you need a tablespoon of activedry yeast put that in kind of sprinkle it all around this dish and take you alittle thing and swish it around where to kinda yes let it bloom and you wantto set a timer for about 10 minutes it takes about 10 minutes for it to beready and when you buy yeast always

check the expiration date on it that'svery important put a timer running for about 10 minutes and then you can comeback and check him and he should be ready so it's been 10 minutes looks alot different now so what's the next step we're going to take our yeast andadd it to our bowl of ingredients over here in our flour let's put our butterin add your butter to your flour now this is the butter you chopped up thisis your inside butter this is the inside butter but this is about 2/3 of thebutter you had before yes and then you're going to reserve this a littlebit for later yeah we're going to hold on to that sir when it comes out of theoven and we're going to take and add our

yeastyou know stir it as you go and pour it into your bowl all right are you workingalong with her sister this mix it up i want to get it moist you want to try toget it you know all of it wet you know so it will hold together you're justlooking for a consistent that you can roll out of your bowl yeah you can rollout of your bowl and work with with your hands and looking good sister all rightred okay let's go ahead and half a cup of flour you know extra we're going totake that and sprinkle on nice and coatedand we just gonna roll this right out on it all right sisters a little bit aheadof you now mimamsa ain't overconfident

that's good we're gonna take this floweri want to coat my hands a little bit and go ahead and work it work it a littlebit and kind of you're gonna get it in a little ball you want it you know kindayou want to make sure it holds together and it will it will come together nowabout ready i'm ready okay we're going to take this and we're going to need itfor about eight to ten minutes eight to ten minutes ten minutes this is yourforearm workout yes we're going to set a timer okay you know you just like workit just give it a nice little punch yes a little roll a half a cup of flour thatyou have you don't want to use any more than that any more of that then you haveto because the less flour that you use

the lighter the bread is you're doinggreat see it's a lot easier in it you justgotta kind of you know so you're just gonna periodically put a little bit offlour on your hands a bit on your board yeah and just roll your bread around soyou guys are just going to abuse your dough here for a little while accordingto the timer you gotta eight minutes and 30 seconds left you've been needing thiswhole time yes we have we're ready that bread is so dough is ready to put it inthe bowls to rise this is a special bowl that you use for your bread dough rightyes this is one nice sharing gave me and it works perfect it's so good and it'sjust a wooden bowl with a cloth over it

so you just set your dough in there forit to rise this is just the cloth then you put the little cover on the basketand you set it in there you're doing two lobes so what do you do with the otherone know what the other one i only have wannabes but i'm gonna use just myregular mixing bowl and i'm going to use just a little bit of olive oilget the bowl roll it around lightly coat it with some olive oil put it in hereand kind of roll it around and then we're going to put it in a warm place ilive in florida and it's like in the 80s today so any place is warm and we'regoing to cover it and it should take about 45 50 minutes all rightywe're gonna let him rise been an hour

now how long could you leave this youcould just do it for 45 minutes you either do it for 45 if you think youthat you know that it looks good enough at 45 you can do it at 45 if not youleave it for an hour you leave it for an hour and 10 minutes it's not going tohurt because you're just looking for it to rise yesall right so what are you gonna do with it now now we're let's take it over tothe table it's definitely risen so it's full of gas huhyes i'm going to punch it down get the gas out of it so i'm going to do thisjust to put a little bit of flour on my hand see that that's all you do that'sall you do

then you just bring him out and you justkind of punch him around a little bit like that you know just to get the gasout of it because it's been rising just kind of rolling him up a little bitbecause we're gonna set the timer let him rest for five minutes then we'regoing to reshape him and put him in the pan this is so simple a child can do itvery simple and he enjoys it look don't that feel good all rightyyou can feel that air don't enjoy it too much con man yeah sounds like verydoughy yeah so the dough is doughy well you know rolling around a little bitfine with your knuckles like me my dad guys yeah let me picture a little bit offlour on there you're too much of a

pacifist con man punch it like me momokay that's good we're ready all right you don't have to get you don't have toget entirely aggro now roll him a little bit and then we're gonna tell mom to setthe timer for like five minutes then we're gonna put them in the loaf pans wegot some olive oil no breeze around the side and i cut a piece of parchmentpaper always put a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of them alright sonow what you gonna do there okay this is our second loaf here and you see he'skind of puffy he's been sitting here for five minutes and let's just punch himdown some and get that excess gas out of himand you can just even like folding

because we're gonna try to shape himinto a loaf and sit on the pan yeah no loaf pan i always bake them in theloaf pan because they're they come out nicer and they're easy to cut and youcan make sandwiches gives it that classic bread look yes okay we got tomake sure that he's good and sealed you might look kind of ugly now but he's notgonna look that way when he comes out i don't know pretty nice right now i meanlook at that how about that conor what you think that loaf looks pretty goodpretty good let's putting 30min here kind of thingkind of shape eamon okay now we're going to cover them again we're going torecover them leave them in the pan and

they're going to rise again for about 45to 60 minutes usually about 45 minutes so don't stock them take that long onthe second rise and then you'll be ready to put in the oven this is a longprocess me mom well bread it takes a little bit to make bread but it's worthit once it's all done and you can make a couple of loaves at a time and put it inthe freezer and freeze it and cut it and do you know what if you if you likehomemade bread you'll do it so you're gonna take them back to the warm spoti'm gonna take them back to the warm spot well you know if you really wantedto rise quickly and put it by the warm spot then you'd probably want to putthem close to your heart come on

well maybe another day boy it's risingquite a bit so there's a saying arise rise you're ready for the oven okay wegot the bread train go right here this is uh seems kind of strange got us afamily affair alrighty we already got a preheated 375degrees we're gonna let her bake away your later bake for like 30 minutes andcheck him and see if he's ready to come out all right all righty so it's been 30minutes how does it look it looks great and itsmells delicious it's nice and brown smells good they get a good job risinghow can you tell that they're done they look golden and perfect on top sam youhere yeah we're gonna bring them over

let's go ahead and pop them on thelittle rack and listen thank you if you're not sure you hit the bottom ofthem and it sounds hear that hollow sound yeah okay you can always tell likethat if you're not really sure okay now we're going to our little pat's ofbutter okay they've been sitting out since way back when so they're very softyeah it's been sitting out so you're just gonna paint this hot bread with alittle bit of butter you know you can tell the breads hot see it just meltsright into it what if you don't have a fancy-pants a little paintbrush like ithink everybody does if not you could just take a little knife and just spreadit all over put it on the sides smells

so good yeah it smells hot bread rightout of the oven you can't beat that you're like the van gogh rosemary breadgo with two ears you're putting this soft butter on this hot bread so itspreads very easily over this hot love yeah you want to do it well it's hot youdon't want to do it when it's cool i'll write it well thanks meemaw looksperfect okay i hope it tastes good all rightyyou have an ax sandwich with rosemary bread yeahi couldn't wait to start eating the red so part of the breads and this thing'sbefore i started my sandwich which only helps me open my mouth wide enough totake this through some thick slices but

this bread is great for sandwiches orall on its own what do you eaten yours with meemawi have a piece of mozzarella cheese and some parmesan ham and con man hasgraduated to ice cream yeah i just designed it's rice cream yeah but thereyou go a little rosemary bread and if you were to print this recipe go to myfoodchannel.com you can print all ourrecipes over there thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and we'll see inthe future

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